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how's it going guys so today is maintenance take so I thought I'd take this opportunity to show you guys out there what goes into keeping this tank happy and healthy stay right there

how's it going so in this video we're going to perform some maintenance on this tank we'll get it give it a good clean and a good water change now I'm going to show you step by step what I do to make this tank look the way it looks first of all what we do is we remove all the board's from the lower level of the tank don't remove the board's it's going to give me better access to everything down in the engine room next what we're going to do is we're going to empty the carbon reactor we're going to get rid of that I'm going to put some fresh carbon in there and then we're going to start our maintenance on the display so now we're going to do all our preparation ready for the water change the water change is going to be the last thing that we do so we want to make sure that everything is done before that so I'm first of all we're going to get the carbon reactor and I use just a little bit this is my own waste bin and I just throw everything in it and then it goes out into the proper main bin outside

so I'll just screw the lid up this up

pull all the sponges and put the bottles out of the way and literally throw it all the way and then what I do is I'll give this a rinse in all of the water I'll give this rinsing all of the water that comes out of the display once we've done that what I do is I'll take the skimmer cup and I'll throw and clean all of that as well now if you watch one of my videos a while back I stopped using the skimmer for a couple of months to see what difference it made within the tank now my findings were my only is my personal findings I didn't see a difference in my tank with the skimmer on or off there was no real difference so the reason why the skimmer is back on is because I've got a skimmer so I may as well use it and obviously it is pulling stuff out of the tank so I think it's worth using at the end of the day if you've got it why not use it so now that we've melted the carbon reactor we'll take a skimmer we'll just pop it off the tub absolutely folder look good all right I'll take that off and we'll literally just say all the gunk out and skimmer cup what life a macho Carla away once we fill this bin up with a tank water give that got a good clean now we've emptied the skimmer and we've emptied the carbon reactor what we're going to do is we're going to change over the filter floss now I'm a reception just over here which water overflows onto this salt like bed of filter floss as you can see it's very very dirty just that so that's to to change so again what we'll do we'll just take this filter floss grab it oh my throw it in a bin Oh so all of our little bits within the salt now are are gone everything that needs been in has been binned next up we'll move on to the display now the bottom section is done we've got all that clean and signing out of the way now it's time to work on the display first of all we're going to give the glass a good clean you cannot ever do this with one of those magnetic cleaners you can use like a standard blade or you can get those magnetically and as which I've got both it cleans and it felt like has a little blade on it me I use a little glass cleaner and I also use a family blade now when it comes to cleaning glass it's a good idea to look through the side of your glass to see how dirty actually you're am you collect you know you glass actually is as you can see just here this is on the front panel you can see a lot of light so I bit of brown how you build up so all we can do then is just have a look and we can just go over it with a glass cleaner it's nice is a rub make sure you don't get too close to you substrate because if your glass cleaner picks up any gravel it will get caught within the glass cleaner and then scratch the life out of your glass and there you go as you can see it's all gone nice and clean and shiner so now you've got a nice reflection of the inside think once you've done your glass clean it next we're going to move on to clean in the substrate now the inside of your glass is all clean and looks brilliant next we're going to move on to a gravel clean now guys I can't stress enough the importance of the gravel clean now I get approached quite often over on Facebook asking me for advice on how to battle nitrates and how to reduce them and also phosphates now the first question that I always ask is do you gravel clean and most of the times the answer is no people go out and spend loads and loads of morning and all these different lotions and potions and pearls and things like that to reduce the phosphates and nitrates and most of the time it's simply because there's just so much weight within your substrate it's creating lots and lots of nitrate and phosphate now unless you're running a really deep sunlit Sun bed and we're talking six inches plus there is not really much point on not gravel cleaning so guys like I said get a gravel cleaner if you don't already use on so now we're ready to gravel clean so what we want to do is get the little gravel back within your water and start the siphon some siphon pumps you can just shake them like this and the siphon will start that's what my supposed to be but it's broken so I have to do it the old-fashioned way way by sucking on the pipe

so now the siphon is going a good tip for siphoning so that you can do a good travel thing without using moles and moles or moles of water is hold the pie like this and just squeeze it kink the pipe give the pipe of it okay this will slow down the flow coming through you grab all clinical and that way you'll be able to clean more gravel and not use a ton of water all you do then is just get it in there get it nice deep give up good get all the substrate coming up and as you can see it's just about to go down the pipe and suck all of our pinky pipe slow it down a bit let it come down and then start again

once a plummet gravel clean I pick up a wider diameter pipe and I'll use it to remove the rest of the water that I'm required so I do a 200 liter water change so I've already done 80 litres so the rest is going to be done via this pipe now one thing I haven't walked down yet is how to siphon this pipe without getting a gut full of water so this is going to be fun

now if you remember from earlier in the video I mentioned about giving the carbon reactor and the skimmer cup a good clean now what I do is when I give when I've gone took all the water out of my display tank I'll put it into this bucket and then I'll just give all of my store good clean in the tank water so now all the cleaning is done and you taking out all the Watts that you need to take out retake it's time to put all of you little bits back ready for adding a new water and then you're almost done what I use for a filter bus I just use standard polyester pillows from my local supermarket liquor locker and just pull out the shopping from inside to come up that stuff in and I'm just literally put it straight into the tank Savior an absolute fortune doing it this way now it's all clean is I thank you vented out the water that you want to remove now it's time to put the fresh water the new salt water back into the tank now you can do this many ways you can do with simply just putting buckets in but what I do is I've set up this little area and inside my shed where this book here contains our water without salt and then once when I want to start mixing my salt I turn this tap here which then pumps water into this book and then I put my salt in this book it's got a power head in there which mixes the walk around it's also kind liter per hour pump in there what that point does is it puts water up so this top being here across through this tea piece and then right down and then back in at 1 which keeps the water flowing around the barrel so that way is a good way of mixing the salt what we're not wanting to do that anymore and I want to stop in my tank or what I do is I turn this one on turn that one off and the water then falls from the barrel through the pipe and into my tank the water then flows all the way up this pipe into my tank and then all I do is just sit back and wait while my tank fills back up with salt water and there you go that's it once I last done I can then just put the panel's back on the tank and I can just sit back and enjoy the tank now I only perform this type of maintenance once every two months whereas your tank might require something like this once every week or once every 4 that will depend on your tanks personality now when it comes to glass cleaning and little things like that I tend to do that on a weekly basis just to make sure that the glass is always nice and shiny because obviously this is our little window to their little world now as you can see the tank is looking amazing nowadays we've got lots and lots of corals we've got a variety of tangs and all the fish as well as Bruce the Harlequin tusk and the tank is just doing really really well and I'm really happy with it so guys I hope this video has helped you out a little bit with your maintenance at home and I'll see you all on the next

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