2018 CVC's Thanksgiving Uncut Part 2 Dressing and Mac and Cheese

by: Collard Valley Cooks

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heyo it's Timmy with colour belly cooks today is our Thanksgiving meal isn't this a cute apron gutted it Aldi as I say it with this for like $7.99 you'll go shopping in only today um I am bringing water to a boil to make macaroni noodles and I'm also bringing water to a boil to make my deviled eggs and to boil a couple of eggs to go in my dressing so I'm going to grab my eggs and go ahead and place them in the boiling water so when you make eggs the best way to do it is to bring your water to a boil first put them down in the water with a slotted spoon these are large eggs I like to bowl them 12 minutes to be on the safe side and I will both quite a few because I'm gonna make deviled eggs and I need a couple for my dressing one more okay so we're gonna put the lid back on those you don't have to bowl with a lid just keep some harder I'm gonna turn them down a little bit and we're gonna bring this once I start to boil off set the time how's that now this is my for my macaroni and cheese so we're gonna go ahead and start boiling some macaroni [Music] you've never done macaroni and cheese before


3 3 1 2 3 cups of money I always have to draw up something stir it up and just add a little bit of salt to it if you add the oil or better don't do that to your macaroni or your cheese and stuff won't cling to it as well so let's cut in a little bit of salt trying to think of what I'm doing salt taste thing I'm gonna cover it back up so it'll come to a boil quick okay here you get started on the dressing now we're gonna that's going to boil about 8 minutes but the ex-football about 12 minutes the possible about 8 minutes and I'm watching my timer over there ok so right now we're gonna start our dressing I am going to chop it up part of an onion one thing I'm not doing today it taste salad I'll show you all what we're gonna do with our potato side we're gonna do sweet potatoes today we're also going to be making sweet potatoes and we're gonna make what else we're gonna make every bean casserole okay nobody likes it Harley fat me but my friend Ellen and her daughter's coming over so maybe they'll eat some money I just like those okay Wow either boiling all right we'll take the lid off that and the eggs have come to a boil so I'm gonna take the lid off of them as well make sure they're both up on a high enough temperature to boil and what he could oh and Chris found some chicken stock in the refrigerator I didn't think I had any so that's good because they're so big I can't treat it like a regular onion and chop them the way I normally do onion that way then we're gonna do celery - I'm gonna start with three stalls and I don't wipe my celery to be a big pieces so I usually split it two or three times and then I chop it so it takes a minute to do but it's just better that way Jerell Clayton is watching hey Gerald make it's a dressing that's my brother-in-law and yes I do put celery in what I make that's listen eat and she just don't know it Jarrell cuz I cut it so small don't show this to Lisa yeah it's a secret as long as you as long as you cook it I cut it small and you don't even really know it's in my ear but you really got to cut it thin

it's my brother-in-law and Chickamauga Georgia hey let me say it let me talk to him a second Gerald I have to watch because I'm cutting son see my cute apron they have them it old and I know you like to cook they'll get you an apron I got different colors yep

this time of year you can also find them in black you know Marshalls and Ross and places like that Gerald let us know Lisa and then our shopping today me and Amy went out last night we got we got in there we just the only place we got to go with alter because everything else is too crowded we just happened to look up when we got to alter it which they were just opening their doors I mean hobbies filled her says she secretly puts it in hers Amy I don't know not to know your cookbooks until December so don't worry

you have to be patient cutting up this much salary little Amy Murphy says she uses an electric chopper and then lease the juice in with it that works too and then after I talk but I also crisscross chop it to its Gerald sweet son I met you that got us these nice chef nice and boy they've been a blessing they are expensive but more their blessing hey there goes our celery in the park yum yum one chicken bouillon how much beef broth on it how much chicken broth for a half cups of chicken broth so

I gotta make sure it's still good we've been gone a few weeks so I had to make this before I left it's fine um it also had a seal on the top and I'm gonna go ahead and let the fat go in there and everything so there's two two and a half I'm gonna take some of these to put it in the microwave to heat up my bullion hands

that'll be hot and boiling and we'll put our boyer than that now we're gonna open a can of cream of chicken soup and throw it in here and a lot of people freaked out about that yeah but let me just say they don't freak out about it because it makes it so fluffy and delicious and if you don't want to use pretty much chicken soup then go over there and make you some creamy chicken soup I'm not going to all right poultry seasoning how much I got a half to three-quarters of a teaspoon that much is good for me two cups of milk see two raw eggs let's throw those in have you ever tried to cream of celery no but I'm sure to be good any cream the chicken suit would do prima chicken crema celery night cream of mushroom I'm sure it worked but it would just add a mushroom flavor to it salt and pepper half a teaspoon of salt half a teaspoon of pepper

remember your corn breads already got salt in it you're gonna fit in here I have to take spinach pepper let's see cream of chickens and we still gotta put in our love bread or boiled eggs or bullion our milk and that's it so pour brandy this is just one recipe of pour brand always make your corn bread light if you make it a lot it just tastes better in the dressing all right my my noodles are done we need to get him off let me put all this in there then we'll go get the navels we're gonna make mac and cheese out of things so I drain these records I thought you only used like 3/4 of that bread that's if I like to recipe Oh a double recipe all right we're gonna leave our mac it runny there for a minute and we'll just mix it back in a minute ok but we need to let our eggs cook a couple more minutes and then we'll all right

our broth is boiling so we are going to her chicken bouillon in here now this is an or one Knorr or you can use for the square kind they're all saying how pretty of it thank you like your hair - and we're gonna mix this holy enough in our broth going in and you're probably thinking why don't you put in volume when you've got fresh stock because I like it that's why I like it I like it okay let's cut up some bread you usually put about four or five loaves of bread in here I know some people use crackers and stuff I just use what my momma did that's friend I actually have some hot dog buns maybe they could or it eaten so you don't really cook a hot dog bun so we're gonna cut some buns up I will dip three elbow

and I always use a bread bath because it's easier and we're just going to cut some bread up now it helps make it like fluffy I'm going to add this last it'll help your dressing be more fluffy and I really think that bread does a better job than crackers because if you take a piece of bread and you soak it in water it looks a lot different than a cracker soaked in water and you want your dress and have a fluffy look to it and that way when it gets to room temperature it doesn't get dense and hard I've had dressing twice this year already in different places while they had a good flavor I have to say they're not even close just goodness mine flavor-wise and there were both dance cold so if you want to try to get a dress in the fluffy and it's good to heat up later and good to eat cold if you're taking it somewhere then go by my recipe you'll really like it I promise I had somebody post yesterday they made my recipe and it was the best they ever had so y'all just try for once see if you like it I'll try stuff all the time for y'all I really do alright so I think that might be enough we may not have to do three bones did you put milk in there I'm about to okay okay so we're gonna put two cups of milk in here and I'm not making quite as much cornbread as I normally do so I might knock the hole to cut some you just once I mix it up alright the only thing left now is the bread and the well thanks you want it to be runny like that if it's runny like that then when it cooks up it'll be nice and fluffy and it'll be good so I'm gonna grab a couple of eggs

and we'll get them in there [Music]

we're going with the other pot a minute Formica table legs Chris will you miss more milk yeah oh my god we'll need more milk

see how easy they peel when you do on my way if you bring your water to a bowl thirsty you see how fast that is look it just falls right off and you can make some really pretty eggs that way I'm gonna let them cool just a minute before chocolate I don't want to burn me and I didn't put if I salt and pepper I'm going to add another little bit of pepper just for fun and I think that's it we got our corn bread in there our crema chicken suit our loaf Prince about to go in got to boil eggs I got the onion the celery to salt the pepper the poultry seasoning the chicken broth the bouillon the milk and the raw eggs we've done good y'all we're getting it done today we're doing it class under grab my spray we're gonna spray our pan and this is getting done right on time because we got two minutes left on our bird for browning it and turn the oven down and cook our dressing at the same time I love egg slicers they're wonderful so much easier than chopping it up in your hand especially when it's hot and bull eggs and dressing are just so good believe it or not it makes a difference now we got our eggs in there I'm gonna mix it up right clean and then we're gonna throw in our bread and we may or may not add milk it's just a quarter hot yet the break of Decatur Alabama we love North Alabama love fishing in North Alabama all right so we're mixing in our bread just fold it in now I didn't put the extra cup of milk in because I didn't use I usually make a double cornbread recipe and use 3/4 of the cornbread today I used a single cornbread so I knew it wouldn't take quite as much liquid it's actually really perfect but you see how that bread goes in there just look at how it looks in there it's gonna make our dressing really fluffy and good and it's not gonna be old dense okay so that's the key to it that's my bread is better than crackers all right here we go talk about good timing we got it going home today that's how you want it to look and if you have then we are wasting a hen yeah so that will be our chicken all right and you can use regular bake and leave it on 350 and hit start okay now I'm gonna open this up you can see our bird is brown and I'm gonna put the dressing it does take that distributed around evenly when you got several things in the oven which is nice now we are going to make gravy

I'm gonna make it we're gonna make a gravy cream sauce and then add our cheese hey Sharon Wilson got on here and she is from Gainesville Florida and she said go Gators she said go Gators but she says she loves you loves that self thank you you can say 1 2 3 4 5 tablespoons of butter in here now this is for the gravy this is a gravy it's gonna be a gravy sauce for our mac and cheese we'll turn on the oven I mean it's total and then we'll slice this butter up in there so that it then take it forever melts it's just like the gravy you might be able to do this is for the mac and cheese yeah so this is really special maybe California y'all um Brenda Coulson said War Eagle Lacey Chappell Tennessee Vols now so we are making now the cheese we'll have a good bit of salt in it so you don't have to fit even on water so just but I have to take things and then here's the pepper all right you're gonna melt your butter a little bit of shortening down in your paws we're about to make homemade macaroni and cheese we're gonna do it the old-fashioned way mama-mama the end when she minutes you didn't do it off then that'll later now you're going to add some flour this is a half a cup of flour so crush self-rising you don't have to be surprising but that's what we use so I hate to steer you otherwise this is a gravy spatula whisk so you're just gonna picture flour them in there you're gonna let it brown them in it I know there's some of y'all put onion and different things in your mac and cheese well I'm not this is mac and cheese for the kids now I can't put a little bit of cayenne pepper paprika just to make it a little pretty on the top but I won't use much

okay now that starts up around so if you're cooking for adults only you can spice it up you can do all kind of stuff too but if you're not cooking for adults don't hey that's my story and I'm sticking to it now that's brown enough so we're gonna start putting in our milk and I measure it for y'all I'm gonna use a ball jar because it has measurements I'm going to so we're gonna use we'll probably put in two cups first cut and let's whisk it in and then we'll add another cup this is our Thanksgiving dinner Lisa we didn't make it yesterday yeah we did not celebrate Thanksgiving yesterday today's our Thanksgiving all right as soon as that starts to think and we're gonna add cheese to it matter of fact we don't even have to wait on it to thicken because it's gonna thicken in the oven and the cheese it's gonna help this is a - cheddar Jack now you can use mild cheddar whatever you want to use we got cheddar jack because we went to the grocery store last night and they were wiped out with Mal cheddar I guess everybody was making mac and cheese today so we're seeing us and I'm gonna just see the consistency before I decide to add more cheese I'm gonna taste it first so this is pretty much the cheese sauce that Jesus Milton John Walter we waited to celebrate because we had a bunch of work we need to do yesterday for a church that we're drawing and actually some stuff on color belly cooks we have to date we had several things to do and I didn't want to cook when I was stressed out and had still stuff left on my time plate and I knew I would be a little a lot better maybe if I if we got our job done all right let me taste this and see if it's cheesy enough

that's pretty cheesy but all that's more I've got some cheese right here this cheddar and I'm just gonna write a little bit in my right quick let me grab this where's my little look in this drawer and that question was from Wayne Illinois Laura we cannot make any comments about the weight on okay strike some cheese in here I'm using the tiny great I guess I could use the big one I don't use the tiny one because it's easier than mail and this faster when you mix it up this is mild cheddar going in and will save a little bit for the top of it tape okay we'll save this much for the top all right let's mix it up and I won't get out the macaroni well let's get this mixed in there a bit first oh yes I'm going just a little bit of milk to it it's too thick now that's more like mac and cheese all right

I always draw up stuff in the Fort Worth my dogs around here they could eat it's just a little too sticky for my taste some admirable milk to it you want to be creamy not just dry okay so you just want it to be nice and creamed so get enough milk in there that it's creamy and not drive that looks perfect to me what do you think Chris all right we're gonna go over here and put it in the pan there we're going to shred cheese on top of it it shouldn't matter but we could spread these things weren't really good and I usually don't stick in it too much actually our Streetman asked if we ever use the large macaroni noodles we just use a small we're just use the little ones Bob with their own sale and make this often this is not something I make a lot this is something I make very rarely okay so we're gonna write a little bit of this real fine cheese on the top

these are temptation dishes a little cracked pepper I'll talk to you a lot pepper you know these are temptations you get on QVC I got them years ago and I know even my sister says they have a lifetime warranty so if you break one or whatever they'll replace it we broke paneer we have lately but we've had them forever we really have I've actually kept this set of dishes longer than any set of dishes I've ever had dishes were always my weakness at Christmas I want always wanted to set a dishes and I always wanted the new bedspread that was just what I wanted somebody gets a hunk of cheese all right that's a peppery good pepper some smoke peppery oh yeah let's try thank you

this is Spanish smoked paprika and it smells smoky okay if you I want to see them they'll let you see it all right this is going in the oven we're on the ball we're about to fill this pot what else we got hang on there's something thing you know the bottom cheese or something are you in the oven all right so next you can finish your pie we're gonna finish the pie I'm gonna straighten up the kitchen just a minute so we won't go and then we're gonna go off and come back on we'll see the sharp

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