Mixed media card on canvas - with alcohol inks - tutorial

by: Ola Khomenok

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[Music] hello there's honor here today we are going to create an inspirational card using several mixed-media techniques as a base for the background I'm going to use a canvas sheet from canvas bed there are color sheets already primate with white gesso if you don't have it you can just cut some a piece of white canvas fabric and they recover it with white gesso now I'm going to glue it to a heavyweight watercolor paper if you use the just a plain canvas not prime it you have to glue it first and only then to prime it with a Jessel [Music] and the texture paste has right and now I'm going to color the background with alcohol inks first I'm spraying alcohol on the background and when the background is wet it's more easy to spread this inks I wanted to combine here purple with yellow and the teal colors I know there is not too many people who loves purple but it's my favorite color so please forgive me and of course you don't have to use the exactly the same colors which I'm using you just can use any colors as it you love [Music]

after drying I realize it is that I don't like in the yellow color here so I'm going to replace it with a teal and the purple and what I like about alcohol inks that if you don't like some color you can easily remove it with the alcohol and replace it with any other color [Music] after drying if you make splashes with alcohol you can get some like a galaxy effect I really like this [Applause] now I worked in the background stamps and some of them with a black archival ink and then some of them with white and the gold embossing powders [Music] as you see I'm stamping randomly because at this point it's really not important what is important it's to have some fun

and if you add in too much powder you always can remove it with a dry brush [Music] I decided to add more texture through stencil but I want this texture in purple color so I'm mixing 3d gloss gel texture powder and purple acrylic paint it doesn't have to be metallic acrylic paint you can use any acrylic paint that you have [Music] before drying I decided to remove some of texture because it looks me to have it there

now I'm using archival ink to slightly darken the edges [Music] I begin to arrange all the embellishments and to create an interesting and the lurid composition on the card and by the way for this card I'm going to use a lot of a left overs from my previous project so you will see the team most of the elements already painted and they color it with the gesso paints a mists for example this resin frame already covered with a black gesso and I'm just covering it with art alchemy boxes


these tags are by seven dots studio and the big one from a fortune-teller collection and the small one from many paint chips to get beautiful dimensional look I'm going to glue some of elements with the chipboard pieces between them

[Music] [Applause] [Music] I'm adding one orphaned background stamps also on the elements

and now the same process with a chalk white ink to stamp also the element makes them look more connected with the background [Music] and now I'm going to add some art stones and the glass glitter then this technique also can help you to connect all parts of your project more together but make sure not to add too much of this stones as you see I put them mostly at the the joint points between the elements [Music] to glue the glass glitter I just cover it with a soft cloth Joe

and of course some splashes with the white gesso diluted with water but you also can use any white acrylic paint and the final touch to ender some inspirational quotes that's it I hope you liked this video if you have any questions about the process or material see welcome to ask me in the comments a link to the supplies list you will find in the movie description thank you for watching and see you in the next tutorial bye [Music]


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In this tutorial you'll see how to create a beautiful background using alcohol inks by Ranger, Prima Marketing modeling paste and stamps. And how to create dimensional composition and interesting layering. Link to the supplies list: https://olushka-design.blogspot.com/2018/04/mixed-media-card-with-alcohol-inks.html

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