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hello everyone welcome to my channel so it today I'm going to do a tutorial on this makeup look here I absolutely love love love behind this makeup tutorial it turned right and he's all enjoy watching hi so I'm just continue to start on my skin today first so I'm just going to use this soap & Glory bright and pearly irradiance cocktail best and just continues to impress my skin for the foundation unto you I as a primer I actually quite like this stuff it just kind of gives you just in a bit of a pick-me-up because as far as I know it's like grapefruit scent which is quite zinging zesty and it also has like that you really aren't spoils honest so it is kind of gives your skin to sleep over and below as well just a wee bit of luster but then for foundation I'm going to use the maybelline superstay 24-hour fill coverage foundation I have not used this it's so so long I kind of find that with me and foundations I'd tend to get in a rut and just use the same foundations over and over again and I tend to day that more so with my higher-end foundations which isn't really that good because I don't necessarily have the money to go ahead and we purchased them so recently I have been using the hit of you one like Nanak every single day it's not by expensive but I still a bit pricing I have the tiniest of F's gang gate on left so hopefully this matches but it should be okay so the shared I'm using is 21 nude beige so I'm just continues this with a it heart of beauty sponge I'm just going to press this all over the skin oh I don't actually forgot how nice this one dashing is as well very nice this Aristide really is a vibe right now like what is going on with my hair I looked like a whore with my hair like this on my choker I'm Miley frilly off the shoulder top and let she look like a whore from the 18th century that was not the buck I was going for today sweet Jesus so for concealer I'm going to use the NARS our narced I'm going to use the NARS soft matte complete concealer so I'm just going to get my sponge right in there just the tip and then I just like to get ply it just like that well well you bet too much memory I'm just gonna put a wee bit this concealer just in the center of my forehead and then just bring it down my nose just tell you a balance my feel slightly better and just kind of give myself just a bit of a natural contour it with the concealer and the foundation being applied now I'm just going to tell you set everything a place and I'm actually just going to use the DES we stand pointer from new like and this is in the shared porcelain but I just hope that it doesn't darken my Andre's even though it is quite light and it says porcelain sometimes you can never to share with pointers because you can spend so much time concealing and highlight in and then once you put the powder on it just darkens everything up again I'm going to use some green highlight palette today I actually got this in the mail yesterday couple days ago can actually remember I think was yesterday so this is a by the brand London copyright and this is the highlight palette volume 1 so as you can see it just has four really nice shades this one can I seems more normal and up my straight so I just want to use this one so as we know I like to highlight first before I go in within a bronze and blush next to blush I'm just gonna use this starry blush palette I don't see what I'm doing is I'm just gonna and I'm swimming a blush and to get the highlighter so it's kind of blending all together so that there isn't just a strip of highlight earth whoa whoa step away from the blush so to brought this again I'm gonna use an oldie but a goodie all this was my favorite so this is actually from Maybelline I'm not too sure if you can get this in stores anymore but this is the Maybelline face studio bricks bronzer and this is on our side beautiful bronzer I can smell the Physicians Formula bronzer of my brush from yesterday okay I promise that some say that I will eventually do my eyebrows on camera because I know sometimes I get asked quite a lot but that about me doing my eyebrows on camera even though I find it so boring and nobody wants to what filled inner eyebrows but I know the fact that I don't do it at all so and I can't how changed up my brow routine so I'm a gym clip that at some stage I promise so I'm gonna use a brand new eyeshadow power I did get sent this and this is again that London copyright the palace palette so that's just what the palette looks like so as you can see it just comes with ten she is um most of them are matches and then they have a couple of like satin sheets and then make just like a couple of yeah like a starting shimmer she is they ain't gonna do something quite simple today but something very smoky I really want to do your look with this green and this here so I think it might create a smokey eye somehow using those shares and maybe like a pop of something somewhere so see how it goes the first year I'm gonna Tek is this here they're just going to start by just place them up just into my upper crease so I'm just going to first off start by mouth night the and ban I will go in I start blend and I like just taking that same brush just taking that no product on it I'm just going to start by it buff night those edges so I'm just going to start by buffing those I just like just in the inner corner and slowly and working my way out but then they stop I'm just going to repeat the exact same stab I'm just going to stomp on that again just create another and then I'm just going to go in and blend out again and always do this with an eyeshadow palette it's just because I want to build up the intensity once you pay a we layered dine and then you start to blend right sometimes you're going to lose a bit of that pigment so I'm obviously wanting it keep the pigment there and I want to keep it tight intense so that's why I like to hate this step and then I just blend that I again just going to grab a clean brush and I'm just going to cook over those edges and just kind of blend their might Li bit just so they're more seamless and then I'm just going to blend the edge I see it looks so nice oh I love green eyeshadow I do not know what it is give me max green shimmer grain and glitter green I don't know I just find green eyeshadow so complement so I just continued use this green sheet and I'm just going to pack this just Oliver at the lid so obviously because I'm really taking a lot of this shadow and getting a wee bit of oi especially in my nose which I'm not really wantin because obviously it's like dark green I have my fierce done I really like that I actually think I look quite nice time sheets together although we just need to go a night and blend them together and prior to Jesus while we're doing it and what are you that precision blender that's if I didn't know that I use it in like every single tutorial

test you know why I'm not even going to talk about what brushes amazing because I'm changing to another brush and I just tell it in my head bike so I can get really into those creases and instead of like circular motion blending I'm just hot blanton those sheets

then I'm just gonna take the tiniest bit of that first shade that we took and I listen to you lately just dust over the edges I'm actually dunking on twice topping off the excess I just really really like pressure you just going over those edges just back and forward I'm just gonna use a gel liner to line my lash line and I'm gonna use the NYX epic black gel liner so I'm going to use this on my lash line and down you just going to smudge right with the black shadow and then I'm going to use in my war line also

then I'm just going to use the black from that palette I'm gonna use this on a bright liner brush okay so I just want off camera there and finish off my eyes as such as my mascara and my lashes so for lashes today I'm using that tee lashes in the style Emma so 19 finish off that on a nice line the lower lash line the lower lash line just gonna use that next a gel liner again and I got a tech quite like a vacation hacking brush this is a clear brush you get with the a massage their pallets and I'm just going to take oh you better that gel liner and just continue smudge out the lower lash line oh I'm just going to go into that part again gonna take that least small brush and this here and I'm just going to run that just about my lash line excuse me I want it smoky I got smoky as I said I wanted a a pop of something or the inner corner so either this like shimmer green or the yellow so I don't know I don't know whether she just leave it the ways or I don't know pop of something okay so I think I'm gonna go for the green jeered I feel quite like that I think it's it's different it's very different I'm gonna go with the yellow on top of that just to see if it pops Liat more no I have another idea so I'm gonna take the EU eye and bright palette by the Italy Bay and I'm just gonna take this in the middle

Oh morally bit cricket I love it I'm going to use their pre-work lip liner in toffee I do not know why I'm trying to read this one talking so because we are so bold and halfway on the eyes I'm going to go for a really nude lip today so I'm gonna use the lid well here's the NYX soft matte lip creme

ah yes yes yeah I am alone for this makeup so honestly I really really enjoyed working with this part so thank you so much to London copyright for centimetres power and a bunch of other goodies and we guys all enjoyed this makeup tutorial and here is just a close-up of the ice I really really love those colors I really really liked it before I picked the pop of color on the inner corner I just thought it was just really sultry and sexy and just really smoky and grungy but I think that really gives a more modern twist to their makeup I guess so so much for watching as always I hope to see you all in my next one

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