LABARAN KANNYWOOD EP 7 || Rahama Sadau ta kwacewa Nafisa Abdullahi Saurayi, Zango ya rufe Insta

by: Kannywood Empire

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[Music] [Applause] Jamar burr commodities like I said I didn't wanna look at see I'm a phenomenal a baron kind seralini Halima's I'm imitating the kernel of our jaramana physics of the lighter I'm asado significance or a choco tiresias returns the atom is only a cooler chef is an Instagram dr. Shelton música de dum aloo bhujiya to che le Leanna bakr umar des amis are Odessa kuzey Cobras are amudhan sandwich Coppola bara comical comenta we subscribing to my youtube channel LUMO economist Empire Homolka Booya Shaka Manasa Desmond's a commercial Facebook suicide Okuma Instagram carnutes Empire let's go kunavaram in Pokemon Java equality my name will come cool a burning in there our Messiah daughter father telephones Leia in the heart rate recede it's a tight circle by an hour a shampoo container social media how KooKoo momoka comical are bearing it the nafisa of the lights a bayonet Chihuahua over the tasks automatic watches already so they are shaker and leg apart so cool sign Union I'm in Turkish erotica is a condom on and Jeremy would have you are soon if we set up delight Okumura model I am the dude local team that later for now boo is that way I'm at a buyer a Mazda subhanallah al connection buyer in the coca-cola universe a high in the mutiny seekers arrogant you are Serena Hadassah Allah Busan Caribbean Anissa endo votes on Jerome Aramis ROC idea what already said it's an aesthetic one day command in a hurry I am the a Takuma Jerome an official of the lightest I no one will go to take it you are in Arma in AMA in hamachi one and up under the skin is Amaro moose water Haqqanis a mutiny Skeeter our identities as soon as she was Harini Hadassah they like a chicken money and Yaron charge me adding in some call me soon ahora no mama yeah being a zombie to me in an ABC different them won't give you an idea for Evans come on Thomas I'm gonna take about a cookie gotta be almost a kind of the Moody ing them the cumin to to me like it so algorithm or tiny the sceeto famines I guess I guess uh Buddha as Alameda Mumma PvP to them between that of a Lima

baka baka but here this is how she never pours ISA your possible mana I want a kitchen aha

tomber take a walk Misaka chicken with arson awaiting some mutton and thus Kira has an uncanny with Watsa Matta my Sunnah fadila you qualify I wanna do go by onedah to Oliver chachi Germany circa Elina Navarro Marcus Thomas adulterous erotic animals a bionic educator abaya open Internet Aladdin ozawa Sadie appreciating of a fire and a drink in India have a scenic Erica shamisen answer am I on Martha need of a bomber booty chef in Knut exclusive my Sunnah Isabella dude we are by an achiever sama Nene Akashi Masana until Finbar while enjoying in India wa huma qureshi WA eyebrow and disease to Akasha high-energy event ISA commercially noon eyebrow and Ayakashi ochre internal engine amass an answer can you [Music]

Zach we're gonna rock a musician a same video now coquettish Africa mana social media commercial Facebook Twitter my Instagram Canute Empire

upon a compliant and a parliamentarian telling me adding in some pajamas on the new in the Sapphire the mechana burnished EF is his wife Edie Swamigal Ganesha dukkha I wanna tariff EDP Swain sukumara chewy optimism here if he's sleeping how can nice among the new Decorah IA Iowa Acharya says geography shavasana Instagram I'm a journalist Kennedy an amazing way of imagine if he did you come mihari is rihanna's an ELC DVD I in dr. Thomas are burning oncology Lee Lucas in the sheet Jeremy I named in some ways accessible video game i fe cynical shake a finger Belgium ear a chef insanity oh my Icarus why not a mature sugar bun as a mornings are they over Anne and I were to a shavasana Instagram Hakan is a mutiny circuit in an employer who imagined ear officially son Oklahoma Gannon book hideaway Akamai burgers here bonito movements in the IKEA Nevada when Alabama potentially filmed in bucegi Denari German officials Abdullah ibn Awad mutiny key to dramatise up on nearing the balsa shellfish and Instagram as I one day to Rama take heed she was a night in Hyannis we didn't try the tariff ashika servo G Bambaataa session poverty topogun in Sabah come on number two make a linear her the era in the circuit she was added in rebellion in Rwanda no mutiny desert pseudonymity cell phone near in Avanza Jeremy to China assessing a pioneering sway a dejar Omaha days ago became a sugar bomb a suburb of Buhari India Delabar one chancara Medusa I said miss una casa es una shitty ocular Budokan jihad is a coupon charity hard opanka said a kuru is I mean I'm bored a nanny Jordan and Julia - and the game squared Jessica birthday - what a savvy hakama one and Caro Sarada one more human I've been deserted et al asad Amata a ejército at mr. Buddhist we editor kim sook upon cassava honey alaya as a sauce and Connie with the Moto G Rizal emiko tokuma Anubhava Allah say Allah heavy Jericho [Music] dedicated AHA commercial a Burin Emunah namaho consider a demo ahjumma I miss Wallace observable aberrant annual Kumasi begotten okay no issue no massa Bogart intelligence ooh sir creating super mature email Nahuatl carnies L fire at poem at 11:00 comical commentary subscribing to my youtube channel amou our Connie would Empire pokomoko be a money sadism on Takamatsu Facebook sweeten the coma instead of can huge Empire [Music]

like your mother ha ha ha mission kapaa sync up 180 Lucas up she got some watches like it godmother shook up at the white sheet up lips now Oh what up cuz I'm a mother cool I'm up with that should cover Dorji mana PDP tada a piece Donna sooner al-amin Pahari Jeremy Nene avasara answer should happen upon our house amana carnivals Johnny data cry you know she needs a PDP Rada al-hajjaj equal worker hundred percent next year Huckle we're hammer woulda been g2 with the same data mr. Barack Obama a vanilla it is next level you were pretty finicky a chief over comment below come party Jai douleur mother [Music]

you look like you know I'm gonna get a net yeah in a noona makuhita matter OD k cuomo metrology mean doesn't occur depart and union cutter so what Chisato john Kalinka symmetry your quota by riches will ugh ta dekhe which important almond you don't put your number tomorrow laughy away a lot of some money now unlucky winner in oklahoma to me well I believe in magic I'm your custom villager only robots in our faith are connected to be any sheep the same energy needed by the government that's a perfect in the cup into terrible [Music]




Danielle didn't lose later you know what Oh cake is a cage with the his BA the guarantees I mean you know one no Munna side of the case Kobayashi news that here at Elysee Babu another view KBC because a teacher visible the Jeremy's I mean taken one no Munna to add a bit case openly she means that he returns a mother to me KBC because at each energy


included in the detergent and in a common table like a binary Anwar fourth wedding it was on Makkah one area

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