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hey stampers welcome to Brandy's cards so Jen we're gonna celebrate birthdays with a fun happy birthday card so the stamps that we're gonna use today is happy celebrations it's out of the annual catalog the Stampin Up annual catalog so here it is now this stamp set just makes me happy for so many reasons I love the different shapes the little splotch here in the back I just love that one and then of course the different happy birthday so you can stamp it and then you can stamp your happy birthday on top and do some fun things with it and then of course there's lots of different things that we can be happy for birthdays babies and all kinds of stuff so I just thought this was a fantastic stamp set and it is in the Stampin Up annual catalog so the card that we're gonna make today is this fun card yeah what do you think it's nice and colorful and it just makes you happy I love the little splotches and stuff and then I added some of the bright the bright collection enamel shapes so that's what these little dots are and then of course the little star and check this out the happy I bet you're wondering now how did she get the different colors well I'm gonna show you today exactly how I did that it's super easy it's really fun to do and I hope you give it a try it's a lot of fun okay so what do you need to get started well it's pretty simple actually I have whisper white and basic black for cardstock I have archival black ink death little delight Calypso coral but you could use pumpkin pie or tangerine tango either one of those will work too and then I finish it off with real red so you're gonna want some a brighter like a real red as well and of course I have a sponge here and that's I'll show you how I'm gonna use that here in a bit and then Stampin scrub you're gonna want your Stampin scrub and your mist cuz we're gonna kind of change colors on our background and then the other thing you're gonna want is your Pierce mat and the reason that you want your Pierce mat is Stampin Up at Apollo photopolymer stamps tend to stamp a little bit better when you have a little bit of cushion underneath them so I use my Pierce mat could use a magazine if you don't have one so don't worry about that alright so let's go ahead and fold our cardstock in half this is my whisper white piece and then once we do that we're gonna ink up this big oh it's kind of a big splotch you know with some little dots here I just really like it so we're gonna ink that up in our daffodil delight we're gonna stamp it right here towards the right hand side the very top give it kind of a good push and there you go looks super cool and now on the opposite side I'm actually going to flip my stamp because I kind of like this this rounded spot right here with kind of all the dots so I flipped it over and now I'm gonna come down here to the bottom and do the same thing on the other side perfect alright so here's where our Stampin scrub and our mist comes in we're gonna spritz it real quick we have our wet side and our dry side and one thing that I always do and it's you know it's entirely up to you but I usually grab a scrap paper and I stamp my stamp either a scrap paper or use your grid paper that way you can make sure that your stamp is clean okay now next I have Calypso coral so let's sync up and Calypso coral that looks pretty good and now I'm just gonna kind of move over a little bit and I still want to leave yellow showing right some daffodil delight but it just moved over a wee bit and I'm stamping my Calypso coral I'm gonna ink it up one more time before I clean it and change colors and I do want to flip my stamp because they did like that a lot so right here we're gonna add some Calypso coral perfect and here we go we're gonna spritz one more time clean on the wet side if you guys don't have a Stampin Up scrub these things are the best I love them and you know I've had emails on how do you clean the Stampin scrub you know I just use a mild soap and I use just wash it with my hands these little inserts here actually kind of come out so you can clean them then you know set them up to dry so I am I think it's pretty easy really that's how I clean mine and I do it quite often actually because I find that my stamps stay cleaner if I do that now I just inked it up in real red which is a fantastic color and I'm gonna go a little bit I'm gonna shift over a little bit more to the left here at the top and I'm gonna add real red perfect now let's do the same thing on the bottom just got to get it inked up really good here and we're gonna flip my stamp and we're gonna come right down here to the bottom we're gonna give it a nice good push make sure we have everything transferred and it looks great so I'll go ahead and clean this when we're done but now I'm gonna show you how I made the fun happy so I already have my happy mountain and I have my archival black I'm just gonna ink up my photopolymer stamp really good in my archival black and then I'm gonna stamp it on my whisper white cardstock and I'm gonna go ahead and move this grit paper out of the way it's a little bit in my way there so this is better so now I have my whisper white piece and I have my happy stamp I'm gonna go ahead and push this down really good make sure I have a good image oh my gosh that's so cool alright so now I have the outline so this is where you can have a ton of fun you can draw different things inside of the happy with you know maybe a black marker or stamp and write journal marker you can do all kinds of fun things and of course you've got all these shapes in the stamp set so you can really kind of make it your own but today I'm gonna show you how I kind of got that gradation that look okay so here we go we've got happy and I'm gonna pick up daffodil delight I'm gonna just use my pad and I'm going to ink up H and a alright then I'm gonna take Calypso coral and I'm I'm gonna flip my stamp around because for me it seemed a little bit easier and I'm gonna use my stamp pad and I'm inking up Oh a portion of the a and the P okay set our stamp head back down then I'm going to pick up real red and I'm going to ink up P and Y okay and you know if you wanted some more orange in there you could certainly add a little bit more orange it's entirely up to you now this is the key if you flip your stamp over you'll be able to see like on the a there's kind of a line there well we want it to kind of look like it's going from yellow to the clips of coral to the red and so in order to do that the best thing to do is just grab yourself a little sponge and just dot it a little bit so that that color starts to kind of blend better okay and it looks like our red and our clip so coral are probably okay but just in case let's go ahead and just dab our P because I know it's right about there that the color starts to move now I'm going to go ahead and line up oh I found one more spot I'm gonna fix it right in here and alright perfect yep so now let's stamp it so I'm just buying this and you know this stamp is is um it looks like it might be difficult but it's totally not and it's not meant to completely fill in the letters it's supposed to have that artsy look to it so you know don't worry if it doesn't completely fill it in okay so that is a super fun super fun happy I love it super cool and so you can see you've got your yellow and then you've got your coral and then it moves on to your real red so I just thought that was really fun to do now what I've got is a honestly this was from my scrap bin it's a whisper white piece from my scrap bin I have birthday to you because we are I'm actually going to send this to my nephews one of my nephew's this week so I'm pretty excited about that kind of nice to already have a birthday card done alright so I just stamped happy birthday to you and I'm gonna just kind of let that dry for a second and why they do that I've got a piece of basic black and I'm gonna put a little bit of multi-purpose adhesive on the back of my happy and I'm gonna go ahead and center that inside of my basic black rectangle now you've got your strip and you know it was really kind of funny I think I've shown you this before I think my new favorite way to add sentiments on these strips is to actually just wrap it around the back and leave it so that it's it's free to kind of move on the front it kind of creates that little bit of a bubble and I kind of liked that I just thought it was sort of a fun way to kind of pop up your sentiment really so I'm going to go ahead and use my I'm using my stampin dimensionals to hold it down and the reason that I'm doing that is because well I'm gonna put stampin dimensionals behind it anyway so I might as well kind of get a double use out of them and use them to hold it down as well so let's put our dimensionals in each corner too while we're doing dimensionals and I would definitely put one in the middle you know one of the sag okay so definitely put one in the middle okay now let's add it to our base and you'll see how fun it is see that oh my gosh it just makes me happy makes me so happy happy birthday to you awesome so you know our bold enamel shapes there are so many different colors so you could pick any colors that you wanted to but I really liked the yellow so I used one of the big ones one of the big dots and you know as far as where to place it I just kind of picked where I liked it and every card I stand seems to be different so you know don't get too stressed out about that just kind of set it where you like it and and then set a little one I actually used one of these little ones too one of the yellow little dots and I just kind of picked a spot where I liked that and then I used a star and I put the star right next to happy birthday you to you I should say I just thought that looked really nice okay so that is my happy birthday card I hope that you liked it and that you enjoyed it today super fun to make really you could use greens you could use blues or maybe you use like different purples you know like I did that hello card and I used I think I use sugar plum berry burst and then rich Razzleberry and maybe fresh fig that would look super cool so anyway you can have a lot of fun with this happy birthday stamp and this is a card that I made for my team swap my team and I we do these swaps and my my team is a part of Stampin Up and we do these swaps so we can give each other ideas and inspiration and so this is one of the cards that I designed for my team and I just I don't know if you can see it or not but I didn't want my red real red cardstock to be totally flat so I stamped these little circles in there they're very subtle maybe next time I would do him a little darker and then I stamped my I'm trying to think what color I originally started with maybe I stamped off the real red and then I stamped it back on with the other stamp with the happy with the straight lines in it on the streaky lines I just thought it was fun and then I used the silver enamel shapes and I went with stars this time so I hope that you enjoyed my project today if you like this project and you're looking for some more ideas and inspiration my stamp Club is up and running and I'm so excited and for those of you that have already joined me thank you so much for your membership and for joining and I hope that you're enjoying it we gave away our first prize patrol and congratulations to Joyce for winning the brush show and I'm excited I'm going to show you guys how to use that and some different techniques too because it is so fun to play with but we have a surprise patrols out there color challenge you know some you know I'm gonna just share some tips and tricks and some live action out there so it's just a really fun community to be a part of and I'll be sharing lots of extra projects too so definitely check out my stamp Club it's on Brandis course comm and you'll find it in the navigational bar just click on stamp Club if you have any questions comments let me know I'm happy to answer those for you and of course if you're new to brainy's cards and you don't already have a Stampin Up demonstrator send me an email I'd love to send you catalogs answer your questions and hopefully earn your business and for all of you that already support Brandy's cards thank you I really appreciate you and and I hope that you continue to stop by and say hi and send me some emails thanks guys bye everybody


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