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hello governor oi ma Lamplighter no I can turn anything on but a woman oh it's good work to nightlight bad things happen in the dark you could run into a wall or slipping form plus the dark can be just plain scary makes the kiddos insecure cause that's or not lords were invented but not all non Lords are created equal the most popular is plugins but who knows why they're bulky are the tractive and take up outlet space plus they break easy and if they don't break they burn out quickly and need replacing lock an outer shape husband no offense mate oh did they there is the greatest night Lord in all the history of introducing that's not power good night it is the simplest and most ingenious and most the kernel really until all that ever was to install simply remove the existing outlet cover and replace it with the snap a logo in life and voila eight installs in seconds and provides pathway lighting all through your house without taking up a single outlet space that's right it installs in literally seconds the patented problems on the back of the guard light snap on to your existing outlet to conduct its electricity so no wiring no batteries required and because it looks exactly like your existing outlet covers you don't even notice it's there until you made it the light sensor turns the LED lights on automatically in the dock so there's no trouble turning them on every night or off in the morning and for all this ease you'll pay just 10 cents of energy for the entire year and because they're LEDs not Bob's the last four decades that's right instead of 25 weeks these little beauties will last 25 years use them anywhere and everywhere to see what you'll need to in the dark hallways stairways bathrooms kids rooms bedrooms kitchens countertops muffin tops so because you like to see in the dark click now to visit snap power comm to get the best nightlight in history for your home and light up your life hundreds of thousands of other people have already bought the snap our guide Lloyd based on strong reviews from all these media outlets and that's just a handful according to the number one magazine enjoy yourself and home improvement it's the best night Lloyd in history so how many geniuses does it take to install a snap power guard Lloyd none a moron to do it it just takes a genius to boy it so click now a pop socket is an expanding piece of magic that sticks to any device pop sockets will improve your experience with your phone or tablet by providing secure comfortable grips for texting with your friends snapping high-quality photographs taking stable one-handed selfies playing games and reading a book or shopping on your tablet pop sockets serve as convenience stands for reading your text and emails chatting with your friends by video watching your favorite clips on YouTube and surfing the web pop sockets can be repositioned again and again if they get dirty you can rinse their bottoms to make them strong again pop sockets convert large phones into one-handed devices by allowing your thumb to move around to the front of the phone where it belongs with pop sockets you'll never drop your phone again you can use a pair of prop sockets to clip your phone to your laptop screen the convenient or to keep your earbuds untangled and ready when you need them you can even use a pop socket to mount your phone on your dashboard with our pop clip companion products your pop socket will snap easily into your pop clip not just in the car but on nearly any vertical surface one pocket on your dash one as your office one in the kitchen and one in the crapper we'll make you a better happier person our pop sockets addictive yes a team of Swedish neurologists is currently searching for a cure the charity SolarAid challenged us to design an LED lantern for africa but we ended up designing a radical new form of lighting I'm Jim and this is gravity light we set out to design a light that could replace the ubiquitous and damaging kerosene lamps widely used in remote areas of Africa the line was to contain a battery and be recharged from a solar panel the further the project progressed though the more we fell that was an opportunity for a more radical approach which better answered the problem we have created a lamp which will cost villages less than $10 to buy with no running costs the villagers investment is returned within three months of being freed from the cost of kerosene from then on it saves the money our new light is powered by gravity the seconds it takes to lift weight creates enough energy for half an hour of light whenever it's needed it has no batteries to run out replace or disposal we have designed gravity light to power other things as well such as a reading light a radio or simply to recharge batteries [Music] the brightness of the light can be adjusted up for a task light or down for a gentle glow which lasts over half an hour it is delivered in a durable fabric bag which when filled with rocks sand or earth provides the weight to power it we have passionate say this idea forward and we know that with further R&D funding we can double its efficiency and reel this into an even cheaper optimized mark - so we hope you like our idea it's taken a lot of work to get this one to make it when it comes to tool manufacture and trial a thousand units which will give to villages will gain valuable insights into how they use them on a daily basis these insights will help us refine our design with production volumes we can get price down in efficiency meaning that in the future villagers can purchase a gravity light for less than five dollars [Music]



[Music] this is fun it lets you really get to know your pet you attach it to their collar and track them on your phone or computer it works for all pet really Oh pets pod helps you on your escape artist runs away so you can locate them anytime anywhere there's also a safe zone feature so when your furry friend escapes you get an alert on your phone have you ever wondered what your pet gets up to do when you're not around well now you can follow their adventures to see exactly where they've been you can even monitor their activity levels to make sure they're getting enough exercise never lose your pet again the foster [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]


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[Music] we believe technology should make our lives better and nowhere is that more important than when it comes to our health just imagine what we could do if we knew where illness was spreading in our local community before it affected our friends and family individuals could take action to avoid getting ill parents would know at their child's first sign or symptom how to respond physicians would better care for patients and society would finally have the tool that needs to track and stop the spread of illness at kensa were applying design and technology to give you that information I started Kintz after five years running part of the Clinton Foundation's international health program I will always be proud of the work there but I was struck by how little we knew about where and when disease was spreading as a parent of young children I know that the most important things I mean is their health unfortunately they do get sick a lot usually from something they pick up in a neighborhood or at school and as technologists I find it remarkable that there's almost no information available to me as to what is going around together we assembled a dream team and thought carefully about how to gather this information because fever is often the first sign of an illness it allows us to know right when someone is first feeling sick before they've even visited the doctor the solution will sound simple and it is but we think it's the basis of a revolution in health it starts with a device that's probably already in your home we've just made it simpler and smarter by connecting it to your phone this is the world's smartest thermometer it tells you how to avoid getting ill or get better faster if you are we've designed the kinsa smart thermometer to be faster and more accurate my five-year-old Nathan isn't feeling well so I'm going to take his temperature by using the power of your smartphone we've minimized the electronics inside there are no batteries processor or LCD this allows it to be thin flexible and comfortable to use especially for children reading complete Nathan's temperatures okay but he's been complaining of a sore throat with a few simple taps I can track his symptoms over time and share them with our pediatrician and since he probably got sick from one of his friends I'm checking the health of his school to see what he might have here I can see the private group that I joined with other parents from Nathan's class five out of 24 kids are sick and strep throat is going around so he doesn't have a fever I'm a bit nervous so I look for the nearest urgent care facility with an opening to make sure that you have everything you need to keep your family healthy we're adding features like OneTouch call nurse and an illness forecast so you know when you're contagious when you're likely to get better even if you haven't joined a private group you can still check your local health situation here it is on a Mac we combine our data with data from others to give you what we like to call the health weather you can see the contagiousness level and what illnesses or symptoms are circulating in real-time we've built the software and of working prototypes of the thermometer and now we need your help the funds you provide will be used to manufacture the product and scale up production making it even more affordable but Ken says about more than just a thermometer it's about an idea an idea that our health is linked directly to the health of those around us your support will start a movement to share the information we need to keep our families and our neighborhoods healthy you will send a signal to the world that you want to be part of that movement join us and together let's revolutionize health [Music]


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