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- 24 hours, what am I gonna do? (upbeat music) - Like take selfies.

(laughing) - [Mom] Oh no, what did they send you a picture of?

- Alright TOA squad good morning and we are having a discussion that I think you should get involved in. It's about being grounded. How many of you get grounded, how often do you get grounded? and what are you grounded to or from? What I mean is have you ever been grounded to your bedroom for a period of time or obviously grounded from your friends, grounded from your phone? Let's hop in this discussion. - It sucks, yes, I have. I've been grounded to my room, so like from everyone else in the family. - [Jase] Rykel, how about you? - Only once! - [Jase] Right, but your thing isn't electronics your thing is books. What if we grounded you from reading books? Then the world would end that's a real grounding. Right, so, Klai. - I would be roamin' around the house and not doing anything. - Yeah well, Klai thought it was the end of the world to be grounded to her room for a little while. Which I think it was that bad. - Oh yeah Dad, well you could be grounded to your room. If we grounded you to your room there would be-- - It would be fun. Yeah you'd be fine because you've got TVs and massage chair. - Computers. - But still being grounded to your room is still a big deal 'cause you can't go out and go get stuff done and do anything. I could be grounded to your room. I would be totally fine because I'm not as dependent upon devices. - We could be grounded to your room and we'd be perfectly fine. - So, let's do that then let's ground you to our room and we'll ground ourselves to your room. - Challenge accepted! You have one minute to get what you need before we go to the room. - [Mom] Wait, what did you just sign me up for? - We are grounded to their room for 24 hours and they're grounded to ours. - Wait, can we grab something? - You have one minute. - One minute! What do we bring? - [Dad] I dunno, food, toilet sheets? Wait, they have a bathroom in their room. - Can we bring the TV? - Nope, you can't bring the TV. Wait, I need to go get something for me! - Planner, I need my planner. - Food, food! - Get off my bed! Food! - Klai's ready. - I can't find my wallet. Ah, I get her phone! I get anything I want, gimme your phone. - No, not my phone cause I got it in here first. - I need to get something right now. Oh, that's a great idea mom. - Give it, it's totally mine. - Alright ladies. - Out, Evee. - Good luck! - Goodbye, we don't want your food anymore. - I have no idea what we're gonna do in this room. There's like so much to do, but like so little to do. - Massage chair! - Well looks like she's doing that first. I mean I've got my phone so. - I'm in the girls room. I don't know how I got wrangled into this. Dad came up with this idea to teach a lesson, but I brought some snacks. I had to like beat Rykel down to get these snacks and I got my sour dough that I got from Disney Land with some oil and vinegar. I don't know if you guys have done that. I love to dip sour dough into oil and vinegar. Oh, it's so good! Alright so, Dad's comin' in, 24 hours! What am I gonna do? Ooh. - I've got some beverage, some fruits, some cookies. - Awesome! - Do I get to take a nap now? - I didn't even get to put makeup on today. - Me neither. - I'm gonna use Klai's makeup. - Oh, I'm gonna not use Klai's makeup except my eyelashes are a little, I dunno, they're fading they're like turning blonde, so I would like a little bit darker eyelashes. Wait you should put, what's this called? - Mascara. - Mascara. On me and we won't tell them and when we're done we'll see if they notice that I have these. - Creepy. - Lovely eyelashes. - We should do that. - But thin mascara not like chunks in it. - All right. - Okay guys, so I left my speaker on downstairs, so I am gonna turn on some creepy music and they have no idea, so I'm gonna turn on the creepy music and we'll see if they react. - [Jase] So, there's super creepy noises coming from this side of the room and it's not mom. What is it? - [Rachel] Is it a radio? - Oh my gosh, her bluetooth speakers on. - That was really weird. - That was crazy it was like loud, like crazy, like horror movie static noises. We were like.

I'm gonna get them. (rock music) - You guys heard that right, were you recording? - [Jase] Yes! - They are doing this on purpose.

- [Jase] They're totally trying to like. - That's a genius idea by the way but.

That's creepy! - [Rykel] I can hear her from the door way. (laughing) - Rykel, can you hear it out the door? - I put my ear against the door and I can hear from up here. It's like dun nu nah nah nah nah nah ni, real creepy like. - Yes! - That's super creepy! - Stupid thing won't turn off and creepy music keeps playing through it. She's like playing horror music. Well, guess what, she can play one, I can play one. I'm hiding her speaker. - Oh snap. - 'Kay, so we did that we pranked my parents. Now, Rykel, I think we should relax and watch a movie. - Woo hoo, yes! Since I love modern movies I have like all of them right here. I wanted to watch, Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part One. What do you think? - I think that's a perfect idea. Let's do this! - Oh yes! - Okay, so Mom, am I allowed to be boring for just a little bit. I snuck this down here early. I really need to get some work done, that I really need to get done 'cause I am kind of an adult and I do kind of work. - Dad's being boring, so I'm going to go and get ready in Klai's bathroom. Oh, bright lights! Oh look, she's got some fun stuff, what is this? So, Klai does a lot of fashion and makeup and stuff on her channel like that. Sometimes she works with brands that send her some fun things. I'm excited to see what she's got. Look at this! Look how many bags Klai has like 18 of them. I checked the bathroom there's no makeup in here, so maybe she does it here at this vanity. I find the lip gloss, look, there's like all these brushes. I don't see any make up, more lip gloss, that's not fun. Ah ha, found some makeup! Let's see if I can do Klai face. (upbeat music) - [Jase] So, the internet down here is terrible. - What? - Terrible, barely send an email out on the wifi down here. I might actually have to pair it to my phone and pull my phone off wifi. - [Rachel] Dang! - I think that's a good thing right? - Oh my goodness, I wonder what's gonna happen in this movie, we're at such an intense part. I think this is like the perfect idea. I think we did a good job making this decision. (both gasping) - What it's him, no! - This is so sad. - I think it's getting too sad. We need to change this and do something fun. - Alright guys, that movie was so intense. - So sad. - It's sad, but it's like boom and I'm like. Hey want to play chess? - Yeah I like that idea. - I'm gonna beat you. - No, I'm gonna beat you. - Dad is already passed out and I'm like almost done with my face. ♪ I'm almost done, I'm almost done, doo, doo, doo ♪ (upbeat music) What is going on here, hey, Dad!

It's not nap time. - I got half of my work done, so that's nap time and then I'll go get the other half done. - Rykel, you're on, you're gonna go down. - There you go first. - [Klai] Oh, this game is so intense.

- Guys, it's been pretty intense, but I think so far I'm winning. I've beaten, killed people, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10! Aha, I've killed 10 people. It got pretty intense guys. - [Klai] Oh my gosh, this is gonna be, boom, you're turn.

- What? - [Klai] Rykel look it's a bird! - What just happened? - I killed your king. I won! - [Rykel] Wait look there's donuts! - You can't do that, I won fair and square, boom! - I do my hair, do I look like Klai? I do my makeup all with Klai's makeup. It's time to explore this girl's closet. Klai is of the age where she steals my clothes. It's time to steal her clothes back. Too bad her feet are too small. Look at these, I'm gonna try this on. I feel like the ugly step sister, Dad. I can't even get my foot into her shoe. Rykel's got bigger feet I bet I can wear her shoes. Oh, they're a little tight, but they fit. What do you think Dad? - Oh they're so petite. - They are they're kind of snug. Oh I think I'd get a blister. Alright, we're gonna move away from shoes and onto clothes. - Mom and Klai have no idea I snuck the phone and I'm on Insta, just checkin' everything. Oh so cute. - [Klai] Hey Rykel What are you doing? - Nothing, what are you doing? - I'm on my phone, but what are you doing? Do you have the phone? - No, I'm reading a book. - Your book is right here. - [Rykel] I said a book not my book. Hey, you just dropped cat woman. - I have the best outfit, just you wait, just you wait. - [Jase] She's making weird noises in there. - Chic-a-bluey, bom, bom, bom, ah!

I couldn't zip it up cause it's kinda tight. Ah, look at this. - [Jase] Aw you're dancer Klai. (dramatic music)

- Oh, I just flung sequins, oh crap. I think I'm gonna break it, I've gotta take it off. ♪ I'm so bored, I'm so bored, I'm so bored ♪ Klai's just on the computer, I'm just gonna look around. Hmm, Mom's closet looks fun. What are in those baskets? So, I found this big brown basket, it looks like it has some fun stuff inside. Klai you won't believe what I just found. - What is that? - Candy! - Candy! - [Rykel] Hey you've gotta share I found it. Woo hoo, milky Ways, Milky Ways, Milky Ways! - Dad I've got an idea. - What? - We're gonna play blindfold hide and seek me and you.

- [Jase] Can't come out.

- [Announcer] Five minutes later. (upbeat music)

- Oh, there's a knee right here. - Hey! - Ha, that's amazing! - [Rachel] Hey I was trying to hide, what is on your head? - It's my, what's it called? - [Rachel] Your blindfold? - Yeah see how dark my glasses are? - [Rachel] All right go back in that was way too fast, dang it! - I did keep my eyes closed. - 'Kay, give me 20 seconds.

- Here I come. (upbeat music)

Oh. Yes! - So funny.

He got me, it was so funny watching you bump into things. I was trying to and your eyeball. - Oh my eyes were really closed. - Oh that was so funny. - And then.

Anyways, so we can do that.

- [Rykel] Whoa, daddy don't! - Oh, our yard guy is here. She wrote it on a note that he's here right now. - [Rykel] Daddy you freaked me out! (laughing) - What do I do just like talk to him through the window? - Yeah you're gonna have to holler through the window. - Because little known fact you guys, this position - We're locked in, we're actually locked because the door knob is broken. - The door knob broke. - And Dad hasn't fixed it. - For real though not kidding. I will call him and tell him. - We are stuck in the bedroom - That I can't come out and work with because I'm grounded. - All right I'm gonna do some Instagramy, graminess here. - Oh yeah, guess what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna like go to Disney and like take selfies everywhere I go. Like look at this, what ride am I on? What, where am I, oh! I'm so pensive on Splash Mountain.

Wait, where's my phone? - Are you trying to be Klai or Rykel? Definitely, Klai. (laughing) - A copy machine, yes!

Oh this is gonna be perfect. - [Rykel] Are you ready? - Okay.

- No, not color, dang it!

Move your hand, move your hand!


Show me, show me! I wanna go now. Klai press it. - [Klai] Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Wait a second. I wanna see it first.

Let's see it now! (laughing) - I never knew I could look so creepy! - Uh oh, Klai just sent me a-- - [Rachel] Oh no, oh no what did they send you a picture of? (laughing) Oh no, I want to see it, I want to see it. What is going on, is that in the printer? - It's in our printer. - See that our room has so much more fun things. I'm kind of getting bored in their room. Are you getting bored? - Yeah.

- [Klai] Rykel, what are you doing under there? - Bored. - Oh. - Well we're still here, the sun just went down. Mom is over there. - Jase! - Yo! - Look what they're hiding behind this fat pillow. - [Jase] What the sick? - It is a bag full of candy, this is crazy! - [Jase] The kids have probably wrecked the entire house. - Let's have a dance party. (dance music)

- Okay guys I've just been like sittin' here on my phone and I've been on here for so long I've kinda lost track of where Rykel is, which is not good. So, I'm gonna actually go look for her. Well, I see some hands.

Rykel, what are you doing under there? - What do you mean? Hey, I'm at a good part. - [Klaei] Okay then. - [Jase] So, you see how this is all paused right? - The internet is really crappy down here, you can't watch movies. So we're gonna get like two seconds of a video and then, or a episode, and then we'll pause. - Or take a 20 minute nap. - What's your favorite show to watch on Netflix, you guys? We just started watching Designated Survivor on Netflix. Pretty good! - Political kind of thriller, I like it. - Maybe we're old now huh? - We're old. - We're really old. - Let's just go to bed. - Well I called this blanket. - What? - so find somewhere you wanna sleep 'cause I'm sleepin' on the bed. - I found where I wanna sleep, right here! - Nope, I called the bed already. - Oh, thanks. - Get off the bed! - I don't like Klai, she stole the bed. Oh, at least I get the bigger, blue blanket. It's queen sized, oh this is how I'm gonna go to bed. Oh well. I'm going to bed. (soft music)

- Okay guys, I woke up well obviously and well this is pretty comfortable. I mean this bed is so soft and I didn't have to share with anyone. I wonder how Rykel feels? How are you, did you have a wonderful sleep like I did? You did? - This blanket didn't help anything though. - Well you look like you're in a very comfortable position, I guess. Well what should we do for our last part of the day in this room? - Wanna watch a movie, but-- - Yes, let's watch a movie! - Oh yeah!

- I can't breathe anymore, Honey you have to get up.

- This fluffy pillow's nasty! - All right guys, I have to start working. I can't stay here anymore. - This bed is so uncomfortable. - Did we do it, can we claim it, since we slept here. - I say we take back our bed, I want my bed back. - I'm going, I can't, this is horrible. Oh my back just popped! - Are you okay, we're takin back our bedroom guys. - Let's go! - Let's go, I'm takin back.

(gasps) Are you watching a movie before breakfast? - Of course we are, I mean we're grounded to this room. - [Rachel] Get 'em out Dad. - It's gonna get awkward I have to get ready for a shower so. (screaming) - Out, out, out! - Sorry. - Okay guys, we made it! I will never go in the teens room again. - Okay guys, thank you so much for watching this video, make sure to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe down below, and comment, who else we should teen bedroom swap with? Maybe with the boys next? I need to figure out what Mom and Dad did in our room 'cause I have no idea, I mean it looks normal right now, but who knows and thank you guys so much for watching. Mahalo.

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