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[Music] hey guys and welcome back to another episode of federico top swatches or rather hang in with hans good are you doing good man actually for anybody that something are repaired of del rey walk please excuse us there's uh there's a slight delay because you've been basically done I'm telling you with that flu thing going on it was really bad and also bad for seven days and today maybe I should move abate a little bit like at Lutz's sure this time actually I started working was today oh my that's exactly what I need so that what just don't get sick on the show everybody that doesn't know Hans here is all the service for the watches of del Rey wash you guys need a watch repair should go to the website right watch calm and Hans the master watch maker X technical director of astronomers will take very good care of us right here I got five questions for from the audience okay one for me alright little leave to last that maybe you know watch making me so mystical right like it's so complicated nobody knows it is kind of tricky business you know it all this tiny little parts and you haven't can see the part to the magnifying glass this we need exact microscopes so when we have someone like you that can actually answer these questions these people think I know I actually sure you don't make things up but let's start all right what is the difference between Swiss watchmaking and German logic you being Austrian which is neither Germany or so I mean that basically it is the same holidays obviously a different the Swiss in the design I would think that a little bit more softer versus the children style of watchmaking when you look at some longer models I have the feeling you can see a bit from the nineteen thirties twenties for the binary public the powerhouse influence I do think that especially when you look at the sharp edges of the hands yeah and things like that it gives it a bit obviously all the pushings in the German watches that's crude in the Swiss people don't do that German watches tend to be tougher like 3/4 plate it is interesting it that is the difference yes a service friendly in that sense it is just much more money to make the one funny not for the end when they actually sell was watches they don't tend to be a bit cheaper than the Swiss watches and they take so much more labor in the manufacturing it then that's very interesting so there is a difference in that sensitive so watches are very there's no way to put it surely there is very German yes very like Switzerland expects a for example is in the train did you train in high quality Swiss watches everything here has it the germ has to be a beautiful plate covering all the get back at them they have the cushions through them and on the Quidditch field so it's quite interesting how to deal with different things both of them superb you if you had to pick controversial one what and this is very generalized what do you prefer German locks their Swiss watch Atmos trainings with so I can have everything Deutschland Deutschland and you train it 222 it's not it's a kind of every by Kenneth if anybody from response watching I'm just called you a girl except for you long day guys you're definitely not what I lost the questions here we go you know I want to stress myself out with 400 parts you know that is a really awesome question and especially when aiming to watch making the the chances that you're actually edible fashion was almost nil in the I started in 1977 and finished graduated in 1981 and I will be that one at that point the quartz watches was taking over the whole world and there was just no blue for anyone with that people told we do not start this profession do not do it however my father pay for his own right he's a well-known he was captain so he's in the arts himself so for me was something that caught my attention to deal with the small price to modify to produce Barnes to actually manufacture parts that all the things we learn are just it was really a great choice it happened that then there was the Renaissance of watchmaking the nineteen eighties and nineties well that all paid back you know to become watch again in Europe it is the same amount of money you would pay to become a lawyer for the bunch making school give you ideas point 1/2 isn't the thing and you have a huge education you all the materials and more and more people have no idea how much goes in there that's why I sometimes have to laugh when I see online classes about watchmaking for they for the hobbyist hey I took a couple of those ok come on now because what happens is Kooning you think you can twelve weeks and with a guy who is far away from you you can never do this no but that that goes to show okay and I'm not just saying because I have the best because I do have the best there's two types there's many types of watchmakers and I've noticed this when I worked in retail when I worked at reach lock you have one category watchmaker who's not allowed to touch anything except the minim yes like you touch 28 24 or all day and then and there's a 20 of those there's like everything else

city mr. blue who runs that read the show there in Mexico City he saw that it was hesitant to do work on those high quality watches miss it hands the idea is you just might you'll know how to do it and you know how to do it correct there's no more difference between the accurate fair enough but have you noticed because you've worked in all these companies not like I mean many watchmakers once they put them on duty right they don't ever upgrade them they don't be the more education they get started doing watching it this is what capitalism does the industry because you you cannot get cheap labor which is that was permeated and laughs - were preparing a team particular for brightening and on one occasion the world for long my customers but then I actually worked for them and he did it because I was only doing the the most replicate but only that the bees you like you do like the movement yes and you under make hamburgers that's kind of call me fat and I know my answer and I know most watchmakers answers but you watch winders people have put their watches on whiners you know necessary or mistake I could actually answer this both ways it is such a portal and kid you know I personally think if you don't really launch and you just do it em every fourteen years nothing gonna happen to look exactly at all for sure just put a little air of synthetic oils in it that's not even you know that they will not decay but will not get hard it just sits there some ten years later you take it on it's gonna be if you have to watch for ten years on a binder it's a memory of it's pretty obvious right yeah so you take some guys it could really needed stress yes oh my own production watches I have a whole hand of watches I made for my own garage and I just have it brand-new spread back in there believe me by the way these crazy companies today like UBA UBA Danzer with the charge look 1804 oh I'm on the check or what time if it keeps accurate that mechanical watch don't watch what you feel about that if you have a mechanical watch be heavy I know this routine then lose time I know a lot of people that are like oh you know my my roll up just keep it in one second today I'm like wow it's absolute all me in there like Federico I want a really accurate watch it has to be ten seconds a day when Betty get a quart yes because these mechanical watchmaking yes it was for the pursuit of accuracy yeah but now it is it's not it's meaningless it is I always prefer mechanical watch peek into digital watch making in a sense to digital imaging and the castle because you haven't recognized what the thing is but the representation of real life and digital is that culture what we do is a piece of a tiny miracle mechanical piece before hundred pieces moving constantly tiny miracle see guys how does the force oh this is actually one of my favorite ones and and I'm surprised somebody asked this because people rarely talk about it but you're the perfect person touches okay pops what is the difference between working for a big ground and running your own independent service center like a del Rey watch or like you write with everything is it just brings it back what we just said previously when I bring out that writing subject I think will directing a carpenter like that you only exposed to one brand the beauty and the joy is you a chef to make all sorts of foods to make all sorts of what do commit repeal also as a watch brand that's where you want to be today today I brought you a king Seco with the most right and I brought you an Audemars Piguet corner okay so so the main difference is the variety yep absolutely

quotas man the brand you must fix formula today right but this is I would think in my messy and legal brand the move time officer technical report from Constantine we be trying to do one half of what today one or or half yes yes

because you really take it serious and you take your time because you also what could retail and you know we're not gonna mention any names but some retail store orders they're not happy unless you finish five watches the sugar but that's practically recommend you get in those places it's just not possible you see people still demanded correct and watch making in a place like that you have two choices to do it correctly or do it please my boss then if you please your boss you don't take this movement apart any longer you stick that whole thing in the cleaning machines ultrasonic you take that whole thing out and you Louis you're doing it yeah and that's not much making that's what we have that's exactly a great word I'm going to use that all the time did I tell you the story of the watchmaker I saw a New York on 47th Street and he was working on a Rolex while eating a turkey sandwich what mayonnaise on his hand


yes I'm not even gonna say all right about this but Hans you're interesting you're not particularly religious but you're spiritual right usually hugely spiritual symbols okay so here's what the question is one so I come in you know a couple few times a week and the house is like Federico these are the watches that are ready so I put them on a tiny machine to check it out and right before hums puts it all the time the machine every single watch plus you bless the watch so look thanks Europe they actually made measurements of people who have injuries and people sending positive vibes to them the heal about 40 percent faster than the people without the hand there was an experiment you can actually youtube google it and we follow that that's totally exists so your positive vibes that's exactly right Frank comes from the Max Planck Institute and please did you see the result change okay so guys that are you're getting a master watch maker but you're also getting 40% better timekeeping with Thompson's patented good magic magic do that money was you you'll put a walk to the time [Laughter]

because there's only one subject we're gonna talk about and guys it's not watch okay so let's let's do this then not that's good dude you're married and you're whatever guys we're not making the video right here before I get any more trouble check out our a walks about Delroy watch comm for some cool pre-owned watches and of course if you need Hansie it's not I would love to do that thank you for supporting us haha thank you so much guys and we'll catch you in the next one

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