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by: Madhu Samayal

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dont buy tomato sauce in shops since it has lot of presevatives in it which is very harmful to health and here is easy video to do tomato sauce at home.basic

tomato sauce homemade can be stored for 3 months out and fridge 6months links for organic apple cider vinegar-

link for vinegar-

lets see how to make tomato sauce at home add the tomatoes in cooker add 1/2 cup water close it and keep in high flame keep weight when you see steam.Sim

the flame .Wait for 10 mins open it after 10mins when gas released see how it is cooked well transfer the tomatoes to wide plate.Leave

the water in cooker .we will use it later transfer the tomatoes to wide plate.Leave

the water in cooker .we will use it later let it cool.Now

grind tomatoes in mixie till smooth paste strain the tomato puree keep in high till you see boiling it is boiling.Sim

the flame. add 3 tbs sugar ad 1tsp chilly powder and 1/2 tsp salt add 4tbs white vinegar or apple cider vinegar see it doesnt coat the spatula.Cook

in sim flame till you see coating in spatula stir occassionaly in sim flame.No

need to close the pan.Let

water evaporate after 20mins it is ready.This

is right consistency.It

is coating the spatula and thickened.No

water left in sauce test by dropping some in plate .It is not runny and no water at sides let it cool .Store in air tight box or in squeeze sauce bottle using funnel you can store out for 3months and in fridge for 6months you can store out for 3months and in fridge for 6months Ingredients tomato-1/2 kg sugar-3tbs salt1/2tsp chilly powder-1tsp white vinegar/apple cider vinegar-4tbs
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