ENG) 남친민뚜가 문과&이과1등으로 바뀐다면?? (뷰티인사이드 X 1등미디어) [엔조이커플 enjoycouple ]

by: 엔조이커플enjoycouple

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I have a boyfriend that I love, Minddu. My Minddu is very special. Because his face changes constantly. I wonder how he'll look on today's date..

Where are you? I'm already here. I'm almost there, too. Where? Find me. Don't make pranks.. Where are you? Find me~

Alley? Which alley? Where are you~ Stop fooling around~

Minddu (→Liberal Arts Valedictorian)

Sorry.. I was just fooling around.. I told you to stop fooling around! That's my little wish(baraem)! Lala! The word wish(baraem) you're using, is the word 'baram' mispronounced meaning the eager mind that waits for something to come true, which may be mistaken for when color fades (baraem), so will use say it's my little wish(baram)? Fine, it's my wish to beat the hell out of you right now. It was an amazing expression. But, Lala The hell (dwijida) you're talking about, I don't know whether that's it's the works hard to find an object, or the vulgar expression 'dwejida' that means to hope for my death mispronounced but this is also a vulgar expression, so do you want the morning greetings to be not video chats but saying hello to the sky or express it as could I go eat yukgaejang at your funeral instead? I told you to cut it out with these word plays! I said this countlessly! Lala, the countlessly (jom-manah) you said, is it expressing the degree of amount that exceeds normal, or a vulgar expression of my genitals,

Will you be specific? Enough! Lala.. Lala~

Lala.. What. You're sorry? Please don't be mad. What is it? To my love, Lala, [Ancient Korean Poem]

I just wanted to cheer you up.. So annoying!

Minddu (→ Natural Sciences Valedictorian) Changed already? What's the matter, Lanthanum Lanthanum What's Lanthanum randomly? Lanthanum is atomic number 57 with symbol La, since you are Lala, I called you Lanthanum, Lanthanum. I was really surprised! My heart almost popped out. If your heart pops out, you'll die with dyspnoea. Cut it out! The heart is located in the chest above the diaphragm, between the lungs and slightly left from the center, so it can never pop out. Seriously! Stop it! Lanthanum, what's the matter. Lanthanum~ Why are doing skinship all of a sudden? Skinship makes the pituitary gland release oxytocin and cause resistant reaction that minimizes stress. You're about to be beat up! (gak=angle) Solve what angle that is. Stop it. Let's eat cake that you like. Happy? Let's try it. Then I'll cut it into 4 pieces. Wait. Lanthanum If you cut the bread like that, the cut side is exposed to air and the moisture evaporates, making it less tasty. Then how do I do it? Cut it in straight lines like a cutter and with the leftover, if you attach them together, you can have fresh cake for a long time. You think I won't finish this? Do you not know me that well still? So upset. Lanthanum, Lanthanum Atomic number 57 Lanthanum, I'm sorry

Minddu! You're back!

Hooray! Hooray!

I'm sorry.


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