THE LOST SEA FORT! Stranded Deep S2 Episode 4

by: Broadbent

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welcome back everybody Broadbent here today we are back in stranded deep on a day 8 of our survival today is the day we're gonna go ahead and check out the sea fort over there it's looking at proper Ducey I've been thinking about all of the lieu that we could get from it and it's just getting me really excited about going over there so today is the day now let's go ahead and get all the stuff that we need and let's make our way over there just got our second pipi very nice we can go ahead in fact let's go ahead and make an antidote I'm tempted to take that with us you never know so our stats are all the way top top we've got I think three servings of water and two of fish so we're gonna go ahead and jump on the raft here we've got everything that we pretty much need I don't think we're gonna need a knife maybe some barrels we can't bring those back so I'm gonna go ahead and leave that here yeah or Nia's food and water let's get on that raft and make our way over there so as I was going around this island here I think I noticed some extra wrecks deep down near the edge of the island under water so I think soon we're gonna have to go and check out those rags I think we haven't explored them so maybe that's a job for next episode there is look getting bigger and bigger I think we're just over halfway there and that thing looks huge okay we are pretty much here at the c4 it looks like it's just the one standalone structure we've got a ladder right there I wonder if there's support beams I wonder how deep down they go and I know if we can see the bottom maybe we should grab the air tank and come back and see if there's some blue at the bottom well wow look at that thing that looks so cool let's go ahead and give us a go let's jump off and clip the paddle if I can there we are okay yeah that's that's deep that is very deep water and how do we climb up oh there we go we're climbing no way this feels so surreal to be in stronger D but it makes total sense well spheal surreal is having a solid structure I can hear the rattling a solid structure in the center of the ocean okay let's take a look around here any loot would be little photos plain newspaper at least can we get a few crates oh you know what we're gonna do when we leave oh yes hopefully we got no shot we didn't anchor the boat oh we took damage - I don't even the boat I tell you what if you're not paying attention we were in there for such little time and look how far we've gone already I think we're still sunburned actually no we're not that's very good news if we went ahead and searched this entire structure and our boat drifted away that would be a very bad situation indeed will be swimming for the longest time okay deploy c-anca I think we're gonna be here overnight actually and I didn't bring a torch so hopefully there's okay what I'm so confused right now what the hell are those things down there get me up onto this c4 what is that it looked like an eel they were either really far away and huge or abnormally close and small that was really strange let's drink some water so our boat should be right below us here the echo is so strange let's cover the first floor make sure there's no extra loot Wow how spectacular this is absolutely incredible they should definitely have more strange stuff like this I think that's a go upstairs there's no loo on this floor by the looks of it is there any loot at all did we come here for no reason so weird I'm starting to think there's no loo on this entire mission megladon there are rumors of a giant shark protecting the surrounding waters kill the creature to complete this objective what and we get a gyrocopter but no we're not ready for that no no siree looks like we can go upstairs again onto the top here this is spectacular I wish we could make this our base that honestly would look so good we have to dive off oh I'm getting so excited for it I really wish there was some low at least like that's actually really disappointing that there's nothing that we can pick up let's go to the top real quick for the sunset Oh with what we've just missed it goodbye son at least now we're safe from getting sunburned okay so that is pretty much it let's go ahead and I guess start the journey back if we can remember which way which way was it which way was it okay we made it home safe and sound we did choose the right island thankfully we've done that too many times I've gone to the wrong place so I think that was interesting we've learned a lot about the objective for the game I guess we've got a boss to fight we're going to our best to prepare for that and fight the Megalodon as soon as possible I really want to get all of the the gyrocopter parts and build that things we can fly around that would be insane so now what we're going to do is investigate those wrecks I said that I found over on the other side of the island okay so we're gonna do is take this spear gun with us because I feel like we're gonna get ambushed by a shark maybe even two because that's already happened before so let's get geared up and let's get this raft I think I want you to drag it over here because it's not quite in this area okay second thoughts I'm not even gonna take the raft I'm sure to go ahead and swim hello sharky sharky sharky in fact let's get on this rock here maybe he can get me that's a different type of shark I have not seen that one before has a different type of shark indeed oh that's a hostile shark well it is now anyway it's definitely faster than the ones I've encountered before I probably should know the name of it but I just I don't miss that one I feel really bad going for the shark because he didn't seem too hostile it was just swimming around fairly fast am I getting quite dehydrated real quick here yeah you are no don't fall I have to get you back to shore without getting poisoned okay all right I think we've done it I think we've made it without getting poisoned a black tip reef shark interesting let's get all our arrows back we should have 13 yeah we didn't miss that one shot well I actually didn't know that they had different types of sharks in the game we're probably gonna get oh look at that tiny tiny we're definitely gonna get less food from that one and but let's go back out to our raft because this is definitely not where the wreck is it's more this way so the sun's almost setting we're gonna go for a quick dive round about here and I think we've got another storm coming on here so we have to be super quick let's deploy that and dive in can we see oh geez oh my god what's that jump-scare though okay time to get by to land man that was absolutely terrifying I did not expect a shark to be back again so quick I somehow got the raft stuck when trying to carry across the island in between two trees okay so as the Sun is high let's go ahead and explore these wrecks I'm struggling to finding them if I'm honest with you and where did I put my boat oh this isn't good I I wish I was joking but I think we've completely lost lost our life raft let's do a quick circle of the whole island it might be around here oh please be around here oh thank god sigh of relief man if we lost this I think we would be okay we'd be able to make a sail and a normal just like a wood raft but this has got some decent food in okay let's travel a little bit further out I think around about here we'll do let's be quick because the Sharks apparently can smell us let's dive straight in take a look around can we see any wrecks at all I don't see any we've got a reef shark on us oh no that's a tiger shark and a reef shark okay well I'll just hunt them down oh okay now we've got to be careful which one we hit we've only got enough to take down one shark at a time which is not good now I didn't want this episode to be just all hunting see teleporting now I am so confused I wondered this episode to be exploring its turn into a farming episode yeah that shark seems really passive not this one this one's a pain the the shock I think I missed that one here he is damn he's fast oh I want to get him closer to the shore for this last hip at least I think it's the last hit boom okay let's get away from that other shark the reef shark it seems fairly passive if modest so I'm not entirely worried about biting us until it does okay let's go ahead and pick up all the arrows and dive back in and get the other shark okay let's head back out to our raft that's quite comfortably sitting there on its own and check out some of these extra wrecks oh I see some Cod I think that's the the medium meat fish they are huge I wish I remembered where the wrecks were I really do but this island stretches out so far out into the sea we're gonna drown there's a sea snake right there so check out the shark collection right here it's coming along quite nicely unfortunately I've got to go ahead and skinned at one of these for the food we are quite low let's check the trap real quick I've been checking it quite often through the episodes we've got another one so let's go ahead and get some meat from this tiger shark here I would refer get less from the smaller one I mean that does make sense we've got the rawhide first there we go one piece of medium or large meat not medium nice oh my god that looks that looks like almost silly

so all morning I've been diving around this entire shoreline looking for those rafts all those wrecks sorry and I think that's a shark I hear oh we've got a base of a wreck

does that have a crate cooked large meat now we only got two bars left is that a waste that might be a waste oh we found it no way now we're completely vulnerable here to an attack we've got crate straight away we've got some buoy balls okay let's be really quick I don't want to with a label maker nothing really value there let's go ahead and break these blue balls really quick and I think that's everything I don't think we can get underneath okay let's check the crate we got a jerrycan torsion tarp would have preferred a lantern but that's not bad we've got three bars let's go ahead and eat the cooked large meat maybe that did fall I don't know I'm just going to quickly dive on this wreck one more time just make sure the new sounds make he sound like you got shark on you all times yep there is no way we can get in the hole is the yeah there's nothing in there there we go we've gone to the wreck oh my god see I'm telling you guys I'm not going crazy at all now unless this is the large wreck that we've already investigated which it looks like it is oh here we go go another shark go another shark gotta be careful of that that sea snake it was lying around here there we go there's our fourth catch of the day or catch of the episode man these things are actually huge but there we go guys unfortunately I've run out of time for today's episode it's been a long one we've had a lot of fun adventuring out to the sea for unfortunately there's no loot and then since then we've been doing a lot of hunting and trying to track down those lost which I really I think there's one more alright everyone so thank you very much watching and I'll see you in the next one [Music]


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