FIGHTING THE GIANT WORM! The Forest Hard Survival S3 Episode 61

by: Broadbent

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hey everyone Broadbent here and welcome back to the forest now last episode I was working on getting the base of the Wizards tower going and it took a lot of time I kept getting attacked by a law of cannibals and mutants so we're gonna take a little break from this project today now I feel like a little bit early to say I'm taking a break but we have spent two episodes on this so we're gonna go and work on the zipline system you've already seen by the title we're gonna like do some other stuff now what I would like to do is connect the island so I think I'm gonna start doing that now now I've been standing on the hub over there lately and I really do miss the sinkhole base back in season 2 that thing was crazy I wonder if there's anything similar I could build I don't want to do the whole project again but something along the lines might be a good idea I don't know I'm not sure how careful I have to be of sharks anymore I think they tweaked a few things with them when they added the other shipwreck that's over on this island so I'm sure speed along here of pretty quickly okay and we're out oh my that's pretty tall I think I'm gonna do the same thing as last time and only connect it from the shore so make sense so like I'm gonna start right over there yeah makes more sense to mix I've already connected it here there's no point doing this all again look how low down this is now this is gonna be a breeze look at that so I'm gonna place the point right here and now we can begin building the zipline

yo dude no no no no no no what oh it's been like are you attacking I don't know what you're attacking but you can stop it are you driving babies nice what I was like that just sounds like a baby definitely is an amount of arrows too okay I'm so already I've got some more arrows now where's she going oh you're there are you oh my god y'all loud it's a good job I got all that creepy armor last episode because I've got two sets essentially in my inventory which is nice yeah you know what you can chop all the trees down anyway I'll do it now I'm actually gonna let the worm-like grow to be a big thing because last time I fought this it was just like a a one segment thing really easy I want to see what it can do okay okay okay you wanna do me like that gotta be careful this armor here I do have a lot more but still I'd rather profit there we go okay so now this little guy should I should spawn in more you know let's get some armor on quick police I think I leave it let's have a look yeah oh there we go there's two there's two I'm a scale of worried here they won't hit kill oh okay well that's good to know it's getting dark I kind of don't want to be fighting this thing at night let me get my armor pieces right here now I think they're going to multiply by two so now there's one makes two two makes four and then it goes on from there let me just quickly check this is the first time fighting this worm so this could go pretty pretty wrong okay yeah look at that so it's um only one of them oh okay you know what I'm gonna let you completely spawn in because I want to see what you can do you get some sticks while I can oh my god it's game pretty loud now I'm stressing okay oh there's a lot of them now I think I need to start killing them is there enough segments oh yeah look at that look at that it's going together do I use explosives here okay look at you look at you oh my god oh my god why did it have to be night when I was buying this thing Ron oh my god that is insane look at you oh my god okay note to self do not let this happen come on oh good more you know what I'm actually gonna whip out the katana pretty fast and this thing doesn't seem to have that much health or the individual psyche let's go anyway

I've seen you do enough now go away go go go go go okay I might like what's happening to my carrots oh I didn't do that thing is all are a one-hit kill so it pretty easy to get rid of I say I don't think they are oh I'm getting somewhere slow only getting somewhere come on come on okay nope as well okay how many just to think yeah there're one hit with the bow okay no we're good yo I like that enemy that's kind of cool I wish it looked more solid when you're fighting it but that's cool I like that why the bones here okay until next time I can get up in here I've not been here in so long I missed the space I really do treehouse okay it's time to use another explosive because I need to chop down some more trees here right so this is the first zipline I'm placing in and making some decent progress good time this one here at this staircase I didn't make the cheap version I just wanted to get it done with so I didn't want to spend time placing things carefully so let's place this down right there boom first one done I'll start with the next one now the annoying part by building a zipline through the forest you've got to collect carve a path all the way through and depending where it is it can take a lot of time just so many trees silence

why why am I covered in blood suddenly what so this is the last log and I built all of the zip lines except the actual rope the line so we have to go to the cloth cave and grab some cloth I'm gonna need quite a lot so this might take me quite some time but luckily enough I've noticed this isn't just connecting the island base this is connecting us to the cloth as well because it leads straight to the cloth cave it's perfect more often than not I would find myself losing the cave and wasting time trying to find it so it's kind of cool actually okay so got Dixon amount of cloth now 446 still gonna need more for the return trip but this is a good it this is a good start so I should have enough on me to complete all the way there but first I need to do is get rid of this don't need that anymore okay one more going so fast oh oh I went like super fast super quick okay well good I don't want to go on it right now anyway I want to make sure I don't see you there it is as a line cook I want to make sure that I've got a fence in first and I don't think I do otherwise I'm just gonna go flying at the other side and take even more damage that one's done nice okay you know what I'm gonna take a risk here let's just go all the way now I'm probably gonna fall over taking damage but I don't like Ohio fan here she knows okay okay and drop oh yeah okay good it works there we go the whole thing is done well one way go to the other way now God never ends let's just give it a quick ride just to make sure everything's fine now the other way should be a little bit I don't need to be up there I'm alone oh there we go done now the other way should be a little bit cheaper because I don't have to build it as high now I can go as low as I wants here and that will make it a lot cheaper now one thing I haven't thought about is placing a barrier at the home so there's a very high chance that I'll just go flying into the sinkhole but we'll see so this is the first one which connects here hopefully this stops me ooh that's pretty close okay puffy that helps and the next one this connects all the way next to the loop for the Cape base which is pretty neat I thought I was kind of cool I wouldn't fight that worked really well but still I felt a little bit worried as I was caught up to that and this one is a bit that I haven't added offense here for so hopefully I knew it I do it there we go done so that was the hard route now we go do the easy one which is the way back there we go it begins now for doing this side I want to start over the hob so if I quickly get out here this won't get destroyed have they even notice I'm here whatever we're going to take a chance let's go when that stop it works really well I might want to angle it away from the sinkhole but if that turns out to be the shoulder later on yaws a raccoon and arms oh I never have these recruiters are so rare okay so I think all over the zip lines are pretty much were ready to go here I've just got to add in the rope as I go along I've added in the sticks I've added in logs all that's left is a rope

chill okay gotta fix that now I think I fixed that last time by just adding in a post here you're going away okay hopefully that helps now it looks like I've got enough cloth anyway I don't think I need to go back in the cave so let's get the first one done and give it a shot I think let me take some meds so I should have enough health now to give this a shot hopefully I don't drop on the floor everything should be perfect nope yep okay need a few more logs on this one though

so we should be good to go with this one as well we've just finished this line and this slides let's give it a shot hopefully I don't bounce off this next line here I don't think I should I guess crossed

perfect look at that nice I don't have any sticks unfortunate to finish that I can always do it whenever I've got to be careful with that it's whenever I used my macro to press E really fast I go flying while I'm down here I mostly got some sticks okay and we'll give this one a go I believe this is the final one this should take me all the way to the end I should just send quite a lot all the way to the ground I haven't tested this this could oh ah okay I need meds let's get rid of that tree shall we so I've just decided we're gonna do one quick lap to finish up the video here this has been one hell of an episode the very beginning we fought the new enemy I let it get to it's like full state fully grown I feel like it can do some extra stuff but I know it can do some extra stuff and I haven't shown it in this video but I'm going to save that until a future video that's what kind of walls over there because unfortunately I just not have enough time but hopefully here can stop perfect look at that and this should merges all the way perfectly on it to the home please yeah that's working pretty darn well now we can loop all the way back again using this I'm gonna clear up the staircase just up here I'm gonna clear this staircase up once I've finished up here so next episode we are going to look back working on the Wizards Tower I took a little quick break just to work on other things because if you work on one project too long and you focus on that one thing it's gonna become very boring I don't want that to happen so I want to thank you all for watching this video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did make sure to press the like button and if you're not already make sure to subscribe to catch future videos just like this one okay that's pretty dangerous thanks watching everyone and I'll catch you in the next video [Music]


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