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Hello, this is Min-Soo and Lala!

To be honest, we.... Well, we act like we're happy for the opening, Both of us had individual schedule today, and we got so exhausted. (Wait... Let me wipe my eyes) We're pretending to be okay, but since we've gone through a tough day, So what do we need? Words of comfort. So we'll be consoled, in the way we want to. You said you become happy when I do aegyo for you.

Oh! She laughs! Since she laughs, I'm done with it! What are you talking about?! I just lost my words. You said you become happier just by me breathing. Did you ear Kimchi Jjigae? For lunch... Anyway, we'll console each other... What do you wanna do? Let's be honest. Take a guess. Umm... Some kind of.... My love...? Oh.... I should've not say that! I didn't even notice that I was saying that! Heart attack! What do you want for me? Okay... Then let's get ready for that, and then meet again. Tada~ This is the most basic thing. Oh, it's basic? I get relieved by eating this red sauce. Okay, okay. And sweet Coolpis. Isn't it like 'sweet and salty' kind of thingy? You still have a long way to go. Just kidding, just kidding. Is it that thing? Tada~ (Inner peace) This sound makes me happy. When I've gone through a tough day, of course I miss you Min-Soo, But the very first thing that I think of is... beer. Oh, really? / Yes.

I prepared something for this video. Well, I failed to maintain my condition... Yes... I think that's your fault. Because for the important day, you should've... That's what makes you a pro. Oh, you're doing like this? Okay. First of all, I'll put myself down. And... / Our reliable supporter. I'll put this fen haozi, which I've been into recently. I think you're putting more rice cake, not noodles. No, its texture is so different! Wait... It's my time! You want me to destroy your time? No consolation for you! No, please.

I did my best, but it didn't turn out nicely. That was not enough for me. I understand. I understand. But there was your fault too. You went to bed late, which is not profess... Wait a sec. One question. This is how we start to fight. I know that's my fault. But I felt overburdened because it didn't go as I expected. That's why I told you that I need a consolation. Yes. It's not late to talk about the real solution after plumbing my mind. Who else can I talk about this kind of thing? To this Tteokbokki? Tteokbokki... Today I went through a really hard time... Well, I sometimes do that. Yes, you do!! I do that sometimes.

But I don't even advise if I don't like her! So I'm asking you. Firstly, sympathize. That's the first thing. I did... When? / I said 'well done today'... That's it? / Yes. Even Siri can answer like that. 'Well done today, master'. I really did sympathize, and I'm just hoping that you're not gonna make the same problem. Cuz you might be hurt again. I mean you are my beloved girlfriend! I do this for you. You causes me indigestion! But you are eating so well. So appetizingly. I should put my brain somewhere else by eating something spicy! To get rid of my stress! This is how I relieve my stress. Okay, okay.

Is it good?

One more thing. There's more? I didn't do anything!!! When I eat something good, I relieve my stress by doing 'Umm~~~ This is so good~~~~ Isn't it delicious?' kind of thing. But you're like Umm... Why do you eat this? It's just rice cake! You know the book that I liked. . I thought I was the author. I feel like my brain is taking a rest when I'm eating this.

(A tranquilizer) Nice timing.

This is the most tasty thing in the world. You know that I can't eat spicy food. Yes. / But I'll try this time. Let's share this taste. I'll eat it and explain how it tastes like!

It's spicy, but... Can I drink this? / Yes, you can. His ears are red! Wait a sec. I got a consolation. Oh, really? Why? I just thank you for this effort. Oh, really? I don't have to eat more. Really? But! / Thank you. No more. Just staying by my side, asking what happened, listening to me... That's all I need! It was my fault. Too much information. I offered you an advice even though you don't want some! Sympathize first, console for next, and then give solution. Promise? / I promise. No more thoughtless TMIs for girlfriend. Then! Say something, Min-Soo. I'll do whatever you want. Really? / Yes. I'll buy whatever you want, I'll go wherever you want... Together! I'll do everything! Then... I... Don't be angry. As soon as I listened to that, I got angry. Honestly... Stop. Don't say that. I want to be alone for several hours. Honestly, I was sad. I want to do something together when I'm struggling... I even miss him! But by him saying that, it feels like... he doesn't need me. Are you angry? No, no!! Are you mad at me? No!!!

Sorry. Give me a sec. (You want some tissues..?) Oh, no... I just want to eat more Tteokbokki. You were alone! That's for work. To be honest, I'm kind of sad cuz I don't know whether it was just my mistake I thought I am the one who consoles you. No, Lala... So sad.. It's you that consoles me the most. But I just want some time to be alone and think alone. Please believe me... / Okay, okay. Okay then... I'll leave you alone. Really? / Yes. Thank you. We're different in this sense. I get more depressed when I'm alone. That's why I go out! It's just nothing! Just walking around the park... reading some webtoon, playing games... I think that'll make me happy. Okay. You don't want me to call or text you? Contact..? No, just don't do it today. So can I just leave? Yes. (I don't know what am I doing...) Wow. So pretty. (Excited) Nightly walk in park, not bad. This cleanses my mind, and... make my loneliness enjoyable? Isn't he crying at somewhere?

I think of nothing... I'm just... It's just so refreshing. What if he goes to a pick-up pocha with friends? (Chocolate milk) (Same sight, different thought)

Lala, I'm doing well. I'm so happy right now. The day when I want some loneliness. (Who is she phoning?) I... to be honest, I miss Min-Soo when I'm struggling. But he actually wants to be alone, not thinking of me. This makes me so sad... But he says it's not like that. It's just his head is so perplexing, so he just want to be alone... Desperately. I think I've seen this kind of thing in a book. . It says that men need their own time in their own cave. It's okay, since I have Tteokbokki. (Suddenly starts to run) (PC room) (How could Min-Soo get consoled! Playing computer game!) (Kimchi fried rice consoling him)


By the way, Min-Soo eats nothing when he got stressed. That's why I worry...

(He's eating so well lol)

(So hot!!!)

(Even a dessert)

(Relieving stress by eating) (Who eats nothing when he got stressed) (Doing Mukbang together even though they're not together lol) He gets so depressed when I'm not by his side. Really.

Hah... I should've be a rapper. One more song! One more? Okay. If you want more!!! I know him pretty well... I think he's doing something productive when he feels stressful. Okay, next song.

But I believe Min-Soo can get over it.

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