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what's up Brian and I are at Walmart right now my goal for this video is to find something weird or stupid or something to use and game escaped me and here we're gonna play a game escape using the said item not a shovel not a shovel you ready here you want to keep on using mine that's that's mine okay actually I can't want to get a microwave we've been in Walmart for five minutes and already lost Ryan found him this is what this is a this is what you find no this is what you need because it's those small kids for kids let's do it no that was really easy that was like the first thing we found I found lightsabers and I was thinking about just hitting you and you hitting me over and over again I would that's a huffy Ryan found rockets rocket rocket power great show great show dude that is a steal oh yeah we can listen to on the road again on the road alright Ryan is on the phone but he has to do the claw machine oh do failure I don't I don't want to put anymore my hand to it see they think their success we're gonna go look really stupid and really hurt ourselves we did it I'm surprised I fit yeah me too this is I think it's made for six-year-olds I got broad shoulders maybe no I'm saying there's no way we're gonna see our feet when we skate but shove your face like this it's like your heads being nested alright so we're gonna play a game escape I don't know how this is gonna work at all I won what I don't know why you chose that you know I always know I'm an idiot the best part of this is gonna be how weird it is the film due any minute I got the angles check it out I'm ready all right go stand stationary whatever you want I'm gonna go right there all right I'm ready hmm here we go no okay you can't see your feet you're doing this do you play roblox all right do it oh that was good don't do that no I didn't pop it good you shove it sure you know how badly like I don't want to get to the kick flips and stuff I do not want to do you know me so well I know you don't like that trick I know because it hasn't wind it you have a freaking answer oh no dude you can see your feet before you pop it then once you pop you can't see the board anymore it's weird goodbye board dang it you want to redo it you did sure I really don't want to do this I don't know why I really like pushing my neck on this like it's comfy that's why though that was a good one to know now you're gonna light it see dude it's all in the neck lock this is the way to do it then I can see the board basically yeah what would King say protect your neck that's all right okay great Wow

he'll flip the dark slide I like lost heelflips I can't even do it without this thing Uther have a I would punch you if you did that if I ended it [Applause] [Music]

Ryan never does that tricks knows eight they work yeah that was good no ski trainers knows not okay why feel good that might be top ten dumbest tricks to do in a game escape will look so stupid I like our puffs best that was really good it was good

dang it dude give me no shoes a bigger bubble I'll trail up every day was the cockys thing you've ever said you look like a lego guys what the world ride oh my gosh how are you doing that [Applause] did you have really good cake looks good I buy your kick both of you please for team walls I made it eight dollars on Steam yesterday oh look at you dude every trick is scary everything goes in front of you sector like every no you fell like Gavin oh that was scary like almost scary then scream for you look like a candied cherry look like a half sized blueberry really should just be a blindfolded game ski I have blindfolds I don't know why you're trying that I'm only at a high oh yeah well you look like a happy Jerry let's puppy oh my gosh why like why in hell I don't do that trick I'm so bad at good that Sam's trick I don't stop whoa with the clear coat dude if you bid oh geez we have like a crowd now oh did I hit your butt just take it this you yes you have egg is it's a to eight we have one more oh I'm getting it back to the future vibe on you now that's gonna be Landin I know this is your video um friggin taking over at some accounting it oh look at you are you a tease you should be winning because you're like trying significally harder for my tea no oh my gosh I was popped to the sky [Applause] you wouldn't read it okay that was perfect I can't do that trick [Applause] no way what in the world are you doing you literally learned that like yesterday four days ago okay that was almost nine hardflip I wanted to see you try it one more time you know bubble you got I lost that was hard that was like way harder than I thought it would be how many times have I said that these are plated yeah I am went too hard in the bubble I hope you guys enjoyed this video I feel like an idiot and I already broke this I don't know how because I barely wore it I'm gonna sleep in this I don't yeah if you guys dug this be sure to give it a like all that fun jazz subscribe to Ryan and that's it that's all I'm gonna say right right over there yeah they gotta click there I got it you're lucky this realtor

I played lacrosse in high school [Music]


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