Blair/Dan/Chuck 5X04 Part 5

by: windizeful2

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he loved me Gus hey do you know where Dan is can you believe what do you wrote about me reports sabrina is glamorous sexy beautiful selfish insensitive shallow I'm telling you from experience everyone loves his villa yeah I told Blair the same thing but then I realized that that's true why are you always alone not one word have you seen Dan no have you did you see when you learned about about me no I didn't have time to read all of it just the parts about me me too Texas honey Nate hey are you here my agent has been locked in this study please tell me the party's good I decided not to come but what was everything okay no dude it's it's not well I thought Derek really I mean I can't believe I'm not even important enough to marry my own character I'm one of your best friends Dan at least I thought I was you know every writer condenses people for better dramatic effect Hemingway did it Joseph Mitchell did it is yeah you have a lot of explaining to do Humphrey I'm so sorry I wasn't able to stop by Nate I gotta call you back as Blair and Serena are here oh right because they're more important which is why they got their own characters no wait Nate is furious yeah because I am and I'm more furious if that's even possible I could lose my job over this I could lose my fiancee wait what I didn't read your quotes he wrote that we had sex you slept with Dan no you really think I would do that why would you think is this true of course it's true this is why you had me tell your story and why you asked me not to read it I came here because I filled my suspicions ridiculous turns out the only thing ridiculous me shit not Dan your father and stepmother oh right hi your perfect opportunity for a photo everyone in looks like the best piece of fiction is that people are actually happy for Dan Humphreys is this what you've been trying to tell me all day no because it never happened it never have I don't believe a word you say you said yourself that then has no imagination okay thanks but really it didn't happen I would never lie to you you know that I never know with you and that's the problem we're gonna go check on the guests come on Rufus I have no reason to stay here any longer you had better hope I can stop your fantasy life from destroying my real one where I never wanted us to come between you two when are you gonna get it through your head there's no one there never was there's nothing here but friendship and even that's gone now please don't it's time for my entrance yeah you'll be fine here with your friend

they're making a big mistake I'm thinking that Blaire could be trusted yes she will always have his secrets she can't exist without them you were right after him she's never listened to me if you read Dan's book you know how I turn out you have a chance and having love in your life not ending up alone hanging in a closet

don't give up on your own fact someone else's fashion


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This episode full a bad things!! Blair get close to lose her fairytale because the fiance jealousy. and she's want kill Dan Humprey!! LOL Dan get a huge trouble because his book!! and seem he's really "lonely boy" now.. Poor Dan!! Chuck seem enjoy Dan's book but we can see he's really feel loneliness. feel bad for him too!! It's seem "The bad Louis" will be out!! Because he's start have doubt about Blair and maybe it's would be ruin "the royal wedding" PLAYLIST SEASON 5 :

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