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hello everyone I hope all of you are fine I am mrs. Mendez okay and let's continue our session today into today inchaallah we are continue practicing on the questions of yes or no question and regatta camel tinea last a lap tight melted really ill as elevated yes with no question our normal as elaborate Eric Nam I will a Lahore Baku money health let's start if we have an answer like this dialogue TD willow and Annette GABA lady yes they played football well yes they played football well how will I formed this question is a haka win sol de we will repeat again that the first step is to cancel yes or no and if the night we'll all in all hot one dinner hey England cancel yes oh no we will repeat the steps all the time one color not all food mechanically if we don't find a Marez we are to make up scissors look at the verb Loma English emily is will artful answer alla Shane I'm in my home scissors captain adora Oliver we looked at the verb and we found that it's played but settled verbal in in Hawai paid so I will ask well dad Allison K the Hannah's I'll be dead why Lee because if I find the verb in its past form with Edie or irregular past we used death Allison and allow a ttle verb a fairly lousy a logic low with a Almo detail Lihua so a meadow fluidy irregular past the an ahmadi shares all of idle chatter we use dead diamond stardom dead with the fan in a luxurious DBQ maneja had body the next step is the subject the subject is they Valhalla Tania here in Nana adore Allah is subject to the fauna in the subject in Fulani Elena but Lana McKenna be cool after yes or no in hobby kun bodies with no attitude no Hanna Killman they I will pronounce addameer they okay the third step is hot wah Delta is the main verb in X infinitive form without any additions hot wort LT hey Ferrell si si Lang's even a GABA a logic low almost dirty little finale without any additions in Ha woman rear I thought so I will cancel Evie and put play Washington and I cancel it easy left kalmyk played while hot bath l verb play in its infinitive form Alicia clue Elmas Dori illogical ooh-la-la me without any additions in easy here at the shin here Adolfo buffa Halima Bakunin hesperidum L passed by Compostela the al-mahdi a Yankee dilemma Peggy haha lol on a hollows alt Baudette wooded heartedly intense in no free pass hadith wisdom and another Hanna Beth alpha pass the Batali and Madigan verb ala chuckle ooh Elmo's Dory lavillenie without any additions we read a bit of a Christian and Decatur had already dead they play hell home cannibal the last step is the rest of the question hot wa barakatuh hey abhi L which is in here football well football well here crow tell column lead so that question else up killer in so al-hawa did they play football well held home Mike a noble Abu Korek wise the answer was Willie Gabe again it yes they played football well Iowa home okay noble Abu Cora quite another example miss El TEB only know she didn't sleep late no she didn't sleep late hey McKenna CH bit mammoth a her okay what are the step a heel hot or number one cancel no and it's a friend not hang cancel no Maya has a better not then make up scissors because the theory here is red with him Hannah Hannah Mel scissors in luxury in Antigua is one hostile Baudette table on take care matters - in the dead in first our heart 50 - capital in the hobby date instead but didn't attack like capital but I did ask with that then right she the subject so that she the third step hot was Delta right the infinitive form which is sleep because we said that after don't or doesn't or didn't the verb will be infinitive automatically Medicaid electable verb Aloha kill me sleep I will fell asleep leave la una and no bad don't out doesn't uh didn't invoke a decade away cool a logic low in Missouri latina Ali so I will write sleep and the rest of the question Avada kid had to kill me sleep over in Sue Ellen hurricane much late so the question will be okay de Sol high cool did she sleep late hell hey yeah name it the answer was no she didn't sleep late she slept early she slept early when I better go with that was that with blondie hey I'm an amateur macaca she slapped he a name it that regular verb I will post asleep slept she slept early Johnny battery another example yes I went to the zoo last week yes I went to the zoo last week a WA and a-rod another hat el-hadji Hotel higher when it L is war Almaty how can i for me this question is a hacker wins Elda number one cancel yes number two there aren't M or L or R to make up Caesars mind eg no L am will Israel or Allison Amman in obsessional muscle foe so I will look at verb Abu Saleh over blondie I found went late kill MIT out verb went lower data which in its irregular past form will whole fish a clue L Molly bass in shells irregular welcoming of regular verbs only applicator for example a lafete who ordinarily met a regular wasn't a very regular and irregular regular Yanni Chaz Yanni they are verbs don't follow the rule hey fil map data battle cada okay and we keep them as that opossums am home market young and my about this verb is a will will pass for Mateo is a hot tool is more detail and I come to be hot easy or D or I easy okay type D charisma regular verbs yeah Nia file Montezuma became she ala l Castellano Italian L pass be a hoodie be Hashanah hallelu little mod double irregular verbs Delia file don't follow the rule map data battle cada and we keep them as them of Napa's rooms am Houma such as they go in pasta Hamish gold pasta Taha went by miss bide boat sleep sleep he has slept run mister and Here I am and so on wagon padalka de ella no to handle is more irregular verbs yeah i mean a file chelsa don't follow the rule knocked at the basher card if alabaster doll and verbal a time the in Houma wait where El Camino in Tibet in Horeb irregular past for so I will ask whether death Anika any shape with them in Envy Hollis wish I you muscular will ask well that who has a babe with okay the next step is the subject the subject here is I and I will change it into you in the subject line Z who I with the fan in IE I booted laugh oh you okay if I did you bad Academy kill hot rabbit at in main verb in fairly assess Longhi the verb will back to its in front of form witches go handle verb higher guy last loop laho ago and I cancel Halloween TD halls where a guy goes a mammoth plate can signal if you hatena play bass without any addition knifes it came and went mekin Sofia is Debus and I live in Hawaii our houses in the irregular passport ferritin Braga l went regatta allaha la echo and the rest of the Christian body in Bexley so the question will be 2 L hi Cole did you go to the zoo last week hell intercept it AHA Snuka LS boy al-mahdi yes I went to the zoo last week ok the last example yes Ali dad his bed this morning I wa Ali red tips aru in her dog shop this morning onion herder so with eat my nail key where it's be dead in past samples I yesterday will last week and so on okay number one cancel yes and look at the verb I cancel yes well Hoppus Oliver Lane immolate when Emily is well our economic up scissors I found the verb is dead Anna it in Enfield hora debt so it's in X past form with a bond adrift in hawa Alice a clue but they are el-mahdi so I will ask well that dead and has L be dead okay the subject here is Ali and the first letter is capital letter because it's appropriate now and Vadim is subject Hina Holly Eileen Holly Bell nominal a lesson to kun capitals MA named a proper noun where L first letter she let's me going capital if I did I Nicki be a little track elephant verbally hadna applicator a mechanic Pedulla mechanic for us at the fan in a llama be could L main verb behind e who will do how does Odette it's not related to that auxilary home al who Shalaka bill auxiliary Lana's LT be ok malucia a lockable values are the Lannister theme to Alec Amanda help Hanna home my main verbs hey fil Hina as I say as a as a a verbs au goes are you plays I eat they drink they a verb for didn't okay so that main verb is dead but I want it in acts infinitive form so I will change it into do Hanna's verb who added like an Anna Isaiah fill in front for Mateo to shackle Mazda replay all Anna of tally will in front of but added who I do not does had showed her others well in front of for who I do okay so I will write do did Ali do and the rest of the question has bed this morning he'll a lyric tips read on the hard to stop the answer yes Ali dead his bed this morning Iowa I leave a tip city would not so today we practiced on there be to do questioned in the past and we will continue in a gas station inshallah okay Don couldn't heard the door of Nautilus in apt adverb to do but we passed way on camera mother Gaia enchilada and at the end I hope that decision was simple Sharik and useful don't forget to follow us on water to a limit channel within suitable electronic mechanical thallium thanks for your last

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