Mezco One:12 Collective BLADE Action Figure Review

by: erivera94

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hey guys eater ah back again with another action figure review this time we're looking at the Marvel mezco 1/12 collective blade regular release because there is an exclusive out there from Toy Fair very limited and hard to get so I'm just happy with this regular blade very excited for this figure and the back side shows all of the accessories which he looks like a combs well lot and then we have some photos down below showing some poses so he's in so if you guys are interested in this figure you can actually pick it up at once type toy shop calm the the links are down below so check it out there's Instagram Facebook and his website so I'll hit up Austin for your order of blade or any other mezco figures for that matter so check this out we have a little note by Masco saying figure sword sheath clips onto a magnetic clip that holds onto figures back with magnet sheath can be worn on top of coat or without the coat so it sounds like it's a pretty pretty strong magnet there and what's referring to is this clip right here pretty interesting that they gave us a little note for that I guess there was a chance that people might not get it but yeah there it is there's a magnet on his back and you can clip the clip and this clip is to hold this sheath there and you can actually do it with the coat on which is quite interesting so the figure looks great to be honest right off the bat it looks real good it gives me this um like Punisher vibe like this figure is on par with that release in terms of accessories to its give me some some Punisher vibes for sure will this turn out to be as rare or as sought-after as that one maybe not but maybe so who knows but we got some leather or pleather for the pants here it looks really nice it really does and we have a little holster here on the on the side of the thigh which I will show you what it holsters in a second we got some holsters on the belt very good very nice so he comes packed in like this without the coat the coat is separately packed in and we have a leather coat here and it looks nice it has an actual working zipper it comes zipped up let's get it focus real quick on actually its get closer to it and you can see the texture on that and what it's made of look really nice it looks like it's a new coat too and let's see how the zipper works here there you go so on the inside it is red very nice it looks like we have some bendy wire for the edges of the coat too and we'll apply that in a second to him as carry on with the accessories that he comes with here he has a shotgun now I don't have the toy fair exclusive I don't know if that one comes with more weapons than this or not I can't confirm that I watched the review a while ago but I can't remember whether or not it has more accessories I know it comes with a bald head so it does have different you know accessories in terms of that anyways before I get carried away here is a shotgun very nice you can pump it here it's a little loose for my liking but still it's the fact that you can still pump the shotgun it's always nice there's not any actual shotgun shells which they normally do that but we do have a actual strap here which looks really nice in the house a clip where you can actually is it's a working clip I don't know what this is called in real life but yeah you can actually pull this back and clip it on to that so that's nice I like when they do stuff like that and we have a submachine gun don't know the name of it but I know it's a submachine gun so I always like the detail that they do on their weapons and the fact that it always comes with an extra magazine a moveable magazine too you can see the bullet there it's always nice we have a bullet hole so you can put some effects here so we got some effects that we're familiar with so we have this right here we got this with punisher and i think we got this one puncher too so you can stick this in here and i do notice that they and they made this piece of white now maybe it's a stronger plastic because i think they were breaking off of some people's guns but yeah you can fit that one on there and then i think you can also fit this one here too there you go always nice to have these effects always nice I think this would work better on the shotgun and see if you can apply this on the shotgun yes you can so that does look better for the shotgun here we have these rocky looking bullets or accessories here there's not a specific name for this on the back of the box it just labels the shotgun the effects these and some other accessories here which I'll show you in a sec of these right here they label it as vampire slaying accessories that's how they they labeled it on the box which I found that kind of funny in these you can actually holster on the side of his leg here so you can see you can fit this in here so that's ties in like that or you can put it the other way too if you if you wish to put it up and you can put three it looks like you can put three here and then ask for the other three because we get a total of six I think you just have an extra extra set in case you lose any of these so that brings us to these vampire slaying accessories very nicely done to see these breaking if you are a little rough with them I don't think you can turn them try oh yeah you can it's a little stiff but yeah you can turn them like this so that's nice to see and then ask for the hands we have a pair of fists on the figure we have one right hand it has a an open hand but the fingers are close together you have a pair of grabbing hands a pair of trigger finger hands so this is for the weapons we have this left hand that is posed at like this only this one hands like he's clawing somebody then this left hand is to grip the under barrel of the shotgun I would assume then we have this left hand with a thumbs up here this could be for these accessories here like this and we have a right hand that has D to the middle finger and the index finger posed as so and we get not one not two not three but four of the same sunglasses why do we get four I don't know my school likes to do this sometimes it gives the give us a lot of extras of the same thing I guess their intention is if you lose it you have some more but we do only get two heads here so you can have them both with the glasses and then you still have an extra set of glasses which is nice to have for other figures maybe but here is this other head so I will show it since we're talking in the glasses fit on just fine I do feel like trying to get focused like his teeth are kind of slanted on mine I don't know do you see that I am I being too picky here I don't know but I do like the sculpt I do like his haircut his tattoo on the back his his expression of the vampire teeth here and then without the glasses he looks like this as for the head that comes attached on the figure here it is and I want to put the glasses on and see how it looks with the glasses I do like that these glasses seem to not look awkward they look good sometimes when you get removable glasses like this they don't look great on some fingers but my school really did a good job with these so we're not done yet we're almost done though we have the sheath that we mentioned earlier with the sword right here and then you can of course put the sword inside the sheath yes so and then the clip that the little warning sign showed us right here and then that clips onto his back so you can cheat it just like this so checking out blade up close we see the t-shirt he's wearing the belt and just a closer look at the texture and the sculpt on the boots here looks nice let's get on to the articulation I still got this piece here I'll sleep it there so the head will swivel left and rights on our typical nesco ball joint it's gonna look up it will look down a lot which is nice you can see how the tattoo on his neck will connect with the head alright so the arms are gonna go forward it goes all the way up without any hinder so that's nice and that is without the coat I assume that what the coasts gonna get really hindered well check that out the arms are gonna go up a lot it was under my impression or under a lot of people's theory that this is the body mode use for Gomez could be not sure but if it is then it is highly articulate it's okay bicep swivel a double jointed hobo a swivel at your risk with the hinge we have a diaphragm joint that swivels goals forward and back there is a voice well now this belt is a loose piece that keeps going up so it's a little annoying but we do have the pants combine with the shirt but it's meant to be covered you can't tell there you go the legs will kick forward but let's pan out here alright so the leg will kick forward about this far could be higher but that's as far as it goes in and out about this far we have a thigh swivel double jointed knee and we have a boot cut in ankle hinge a pivot which is not too bad I've seen worse and then there's a swivel at the ankle too so with these side holsters you can place some of his accessories here so I'm gonna try to deck them out with the most that I can fit on them so these are gonna have to close here be careful I always want to be careful and then these just slide it in perfectly look at that I like that and I don't see why you would want to but it is removable too to remove the belts completely you get it to look like this but if you ever want to put it on another figure then you have the option to remove this off of this blade here and man yes this is looking good I definitely want to display this guy with the coat on it looks so much better I mean it looks great I mean it looks good without a tube but this completes the figure for sure so very nice he did a great job with the coat I think they did he I mean it looks good it really does look good it fits him well no problems there if I had it any issue it would be the zippers pretty big of course because it's got a got to fit our hands to work it can be that small and it kind of sticks out like a sore thumb a little bit you know it's just a big big zipper but it's not horrible I mean could be worse yeah that's that's problem I only gripe with the coat other than that it looks great let's try let's try and see if it's true if this magnet holds up to the yep it does it is strong enough to hold the sword through the coat right there so very nice very nice so next to a couple Punishers here by mezco this is their 112 collect the original release Punisher and then this is the comic-con exclusive from last year I believe it was the spec ops Punisher on the right side I don't have the fun I think it was the fully loaded Punisher that came with the coat I think I could be wrong as there's like five finishers but I don't have it these are the only two that I have but I I really do put this blade up with these guys I think I think this is definitely one of their best figures for sure next to another mess coat with a coat we have old man Logan and it just seems like all the figures that have coats are really well made really well done so I really like those Logan figure a lot they did a great job with this coat too and yeah it definitely looks good and there we have next to the MCU Thor Ragnarok Thor and now next to the homecoming spider-man stark suit I just reviewed this one too and here we have Steve Rogers and here he is next to the mascot himself Gomez and a few couple random figures I have sitting next to me here is Michael Myers also mascot 112 and they're Jason Voorhees so I think you guys for joining me on this review of the Mezger oneself collective standard release of blade definitely think you guys can't pass this one up I just feel like he's gonna sell out I feel like he's gonna be a Punisher he's gonna be like a Popeye where he he's really hot and he's gonna it's gonna be gone before you know it so hit up one side shop before they're gone seriously because you might regret it he might become another puncher I don't know but I do put him up there next to him whether he sells a lot whether he what-have-you pegs shelves or or doesn't sell at all I think this is still a great figure nonetheless and anymore wolf and should really really really grab him because he's he's definitely the best blade to figure out there right now so I hope you guys know there you leave a like if you did leave a comment don't forget to subscribe and as always have a great day [Music]

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