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[Music] how's everybody doing today great yes water low the field is called in the air and yeah we're actually fishing one of those days that we didn't catch something so we just try to forget this let's go ahead on to the 10 bar so we picked up and edit in and hopefully uh if you find my printout but yeah by the way I like to think everyone came up to us and said hi and the good thing about the video and by the way I don't mind sharing my video for those people who appreciate them and enjoy them I mean there's always a few people that have negative comments but I guess you can't you can't please everybody but yeah we hit it in and now we're actually living alone from our friend so it's going to be a hard time because a lot of boats out here today so hopefully we'll find improvements

yes that's what I call this thing but yeah right now is about cool afternoon and we're taking kind of hundreds where I'm going to go ahead and put on burgers on the grill and have a week so this is basically the same thing that it was going to weekend you know when you go to the park and find a group and close the hamburgers I do the same day as if I do it at that fan Bob you know they actually get a little bit of you know view love enjoyment kind of fun in the water it has something but I'm gonna go ahead and finish up the burger sauce we are very hungry all right we're gonna go ahead and jump in the water and have some fun [Music]






[Music] I don't think they were King to do we actually don't play the thing about good faith on the float









[Music] all right right now we're going to take a little walk around the sandbar and see what everybody is up to and like you see I think you guys going to lose big trouble because actually out of the water completely is going to have to wait so long and it's like a nice hike on this and to move out because he's going to be stuck here a lot

people young I don't know Oh


okay I'm going to leave you guys look at the videos I'm going to go ahead and you know enjoy myself jump on the water have some fun and I'll you know don't be afraid to comment you know ask any question and a lot of people have been asking me you know we're all over sandbars I mean you've actually grew hello marina ain't no come up so you know come up there just this is like five minutes off top of the marina going south on the and of course also however also have poor rental so if you're coming down from up north and you'll have a boat you go ahead and call them off and reserve a boat you know if you want or you can just go ahead and rent a kayak of a Lolita River Park and only about a about 20 minutes for pattern with a kayak yes it's another great day at the temple [Music]


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today we are joined by some friends to have some fun in the sun and enjoy the water. just another day at the sandbar having a good time. feel free to ask any questions about the video Instagram "frescochannel" link to the floaty http://amzn.to/2vAEhGU

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