OTHELIA - Short Film Bullying (subtitles) *trigger warning*

by: Vilde Eide

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It is a lot of responsibility, but... But... Do you think you are ready to take care of a dog?

(9 years later)

One of the other things the five world religions have in common is the thought of life on earth is not everything. When one dies, it is actually talking of another life. Yes? May Othelia get permission to go down to the nurse? We all get very sick of watching the blood on her arm.

What has happened here?

You know you are supposed to cut downwards, right? (class laughing)

You can go down to the nurse.. Yeah.. Just go.. ahead. After death they think.. Christians and jews and muslims that they either comes to a heaven or hell Budists they--they--they have reincarnation, but they, they.. want to achieve...

(CARD: Hip Hip Hooray)

"WE HATE YOU!!!" "You are ugly and nasty in your face. Nobody likes you. You smell nasty. From everyone in the world."

Hey, do you wanna play with us? Yes

As if we want to play with you!

Loffen! Come here! Loffen?

Where is Loffen?

Would you come here and sit with us for a moment, Othelia?

What is is? Well... you see... It has happened an accident.. Mom found Loffen on the roadside when she came home. Someone have ran over him. He was already dead when I found him.

There was nothing I could have done, honey.

PICTURE TEXT: "We are also cutting for attention!" Sandra Sæverud: Hahahaha!! I'm getting so sick of her.

"She is soooo desperately seeking attention!" "Can't she just die? Is it that hard, or??" "Right!? Try harder Othelia Dahle" "CUTT DOWNWARDS" "Cuttingwhore!!" "You can do it next time. We all cheer for you!!!!!" "Looool!! I hope she cuts that ugly dog of hers as well." "Omg, yes." "HAHA, it is already dead as a doornail!!" "But she still does it, I guess" "Probably eats its insides, as disgusting as she is."

SANDRA: I hope take you take this serieously SANDRA: Because we mean it with all our hearts. KAMILLA: Don't cut yourself to death tonight KAMILLA: Just kidding. Do it. Haha


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**TRIGGER WARNING** (Skip 1:23- 1:59 if you are triggered by self-harm.) (I see that a lot of people in the comment section have struggles similar to Othelia in my movie. Just wanted to say that I hope everything gets better, and stay strong. Life gets better! Don't listen to bullies, and please don't hesitate to call your country's suicide hotline if you are thinking about suicide/self harm. USA: 1-800-273-8255 NORWAY: 116 123 Any other country, google suicide hotline, or: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suicide_crisis_lines)

Student Short Film An 8-year-old girl, Othelia, experiences that no one bothers to come to her birthday party, as she is a loner whos being bullied at school. The film focuses on the consequences of being bullied, between the time period of developing from a kid to a teenager. Noroff Graduation film 2015. Winner of Diamond Awards Noroff Bergen 2015. Director & Writer: Vilde Eide Producer: Cathrine Korneliussen Cinematographer: Trond Sannes Editor: Matilde Moldestad Grøttebø Make-up artists: Tora Hippsley, Inger Kristin Nesbø Gjøsæter Music and sound design: Even Totland, David Miranda, Ida Gulbrandsen Othelia young: Susanne Enehaug Othelia teenager: Isabel Enehaug Father: Jonny Bjørkhaug Mother: Linn Kiara Eeg Manuelpillai Teacher: Marit Nesse
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