Surviving Your First Day In BJJ!

by: The Grappling Academy

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surviving your first day in BJJ what you should be doing have a look hey guys first time I'm here with Reece let's have a look at what to do to survive our first day in Brazilian Jujitsu now obviously you're going to survive no one's gonna be dying on their first day of Brazilian Jujitsu I hope but guys at the end of the day this is a real contact sport and at least in my gym when you come and start training you're rolling right away and take use if you contact rolling now you're probably aren't gonna be able to hack you still in jiu-jitsu because it isn't apply to a sport like boxing or wrestling or anything else like that I think when it comes to surviving the first day in jiu-jitsu guys there's a whole bunch of stuff like etiquette and gear you're know you and I have other videos on that the most common question I get from beginners is they've finished the technique part of class they learn how to bow or not bow call the coach coach or professor or whatever you have to call them but then they go to role and they say that I don't know anything what am I meant to be doing here's a quick and easy guide be on top when you stop wrestling you're probably gonna start from your knees and you're gonna slap hands like this Merce gin you stopped me in slap hands and give like punch knuckles right and so once you've done that then you're wrestling okay when you are getting tap tap three times on your partner right and try to verbalize it to say yep tap tap tap okay and then once you tap you slap hands pound your knuckles you start again okay if in doubt try to be on top okay so if I put three something's back now like this okay as a beginner you are gonna likely not have a gig yet you might be either you know do stuff like I'm wearing today or you might be in just street clothes whatever you're allowed to wear for your first session but here's the deal if you're not wearing a key do not grab your partner's key it's like a massive skill thing where it really nullifies a lot of what he you can't pull on your shirt you doesn't want to tear your shirt off or anything like that so once you're on top that is step one step two is to try to get past his legs the easiest way to don't get triangle a million times on your first night is to try to get two hands under the legs like this and although you can do this with 50 steps you basically just want to do one thing get past his legs okay now I would not suggest learning the technique like that but on your first night that's all you need to know now that we're here on the top we want to get better than where we are do not let these legs come in underneath you if you leave a space he will put you back into a guard or a half guard we are always trying to keep something in his hip in the year ahead now we can look at getting to mount so once I'm in mount like this as a beginner this is as good as tapping because if I could get high on him and start punching you know I'm gonna win this fight okay so this is a really good position to be and people are gonna be trying to roll you off okay but if you can take them out the only better position than here is if your partner starts to roll down and get your hooks in and you can take them back like this your hooks in okay this would be even better but not quite as good for striking sometimes now let's talk about some realities of your first night in Jitsu you're probably gonna get your other sport to bed now like if it's a good gym like at my gym unless you come in with an attitude problem like people should treat you really nicely you know beginners in gyms I think should be treated even better than experienced people in gyms because you know they're kind of a bit helpless and defenseless so to speak so when you're underneath here's the deal whether you are under me side control or mount or any of these positions you guys want to stay tight ideally you'd be so tight you'd be like a ball like this but if they're on your belly like if you're in my side control race I want to keep my my hands near my neck okay I got a stake tight like this I cannot afford to start getting opened up he'll attack my arms he'll attack my neck I'm in big trouble here thank you so what I want to do is I've always want to stay talk and then when I can I either want to get him back between my legs okay using a hip escape or if you're strong enough about that and roll them and end up on top but it's not the most long-term sustainable strategy using strength okay so don't rely just on strength but have fun don't forget to breathe when you first start rolling you know like how do you think well I'm not gonna die of course I'm gonna breathe yeah but consciously breathe because whether you're competing or rolling for the first time most of the time you're not gonna breathe too well so breathe and relax the most important thing is you don't win any rounds it doesn't matter who you tap they're your new buddies you're not gonna have fights with those guys they're your training partners you are there to help them there that'll help you what you want to focus is on learning so don't quit you know stay until the end unless you're throwing up stay on the mat but try to stay calm of mind so you know the mistakes you made because I think your first couple of months of jujitsu is learning how to not make mistakes then you start learning how to actually do techniques okay so there you have it guys a survival guide for your first night or day in jiu-jitsu I think Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the sport full of incredible people and some incredible both benefits both on and off the mats you know in the fighting arena by se and so good on you for taking the first steps to get started hopefully this will make your first night of rolling a little easier but just take it slow you've got questions ask your coach ask other students that have fun train hard drill hard roll hard and you'll be walking but in no time and maybe you're gonna be the next champion out there thanks for watching guys take care I'm coach Tom see you next time thanks for watching the video guys I hope you loved it for more free videos click here and if you'd like to get our free foot lock master course please click here and if you'd like to help support me so I can help bring you i leveled you did sue for free every day please click here thank you for watching guys I'm coach Tom I

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