The Meg Ate My Beyblade! Megalodon Funny Battle & Movie Spoof

by: Blast Zone Kid

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hi guys over that's the blasted you guys might think I'm in an actual alright it's actually not hurts a query with a Megalodon on the other side the show guys really I'm so scared in order to save my life I made a deal with the microdots we wouldn't eat me I told him I had feeding one of my juicy bass whoever's the worst Babli out of these four and get pizza maybe subscribe enter our new awesome people here's the bass - leopard from the new set the new winning Valkyrie from the vise leper said then you bloody Longinus removal by sliver set and Archer Hercules so yeah listen to these awesome Travis guys here's what we're gonna do whoever is the worst be out of these four will get pizza makers two big weights the battle and the stars doing battle so first three points wins

he looks like he's moving around with


looks like either feel like I saw bloody launching this new attack bit so I'm gonna give that one so survivin finish for bloody Longinus what do you launder this is winning wool vice never be struck me let's find it it's one one they're tied

this looks like



take another look at the deep end all right guys this is it I'm gonna throw bloody launcher some water you guys ready





you have said to the megladon one kind of happy because his voice is doing this he's not really my primary anymore so well I guess this is goodbye bloody so whoever is the would be out of these four will get feets image so let's say our gillies this is the final battle let's see which one gets feet to the Madan loses sorry in order to see one of my awesome juicy days if one of them lost here's what's gonna first round would be like Archer Hercules versus the new wing Valkyrie from vice leopard set new weapon would win up and move on to the finals and this guy should be what is going on okay so he will be actually in the second bracket just like the roll tour and then

thank you guys for coming back to the lesson everyone secret by the pudding I know he's already torn up in pieces by the megalodons - okay bye guys have an

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