New Beyblade Burst Battle! Hasbro vs Takara Tomy tournament! Best Beyblades challenge!

by: Blast Zone Kid

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hi guys welcome back to the blast zone look what I got two packs going on g2 zoom sizer dormant or j2 and finger if F - I'm gonna battle them real Hasbro based versus these four - carrot show me awesome attack packed base and don't forget to subscribe to our news giveaway three t-shirts from my new teespring store let's open this one first here is going on G - it sounds awesome like a blob shaped this looks like an armored head the back it's all orange really cool let's put dying on g2 together doom sizer it's the same one as black one I like this color because blue is my favorite color I don't think it's a very good attack type cuz this tip looks more like giant on step I think this is actually a balanced type but we'll see you when it battles let's put it together now let's open July monitor storm on tour J - I look so cool it looks like exactly like the two carretoni but this is like a little darker for tips looks the same as your twenty-twos wow this tip is really cool that's why I'm dormitory is called the awesome venomous snake slithers like a sunni spin destiny bang grip FQ it's so awesome I think this has a very good advantage in battle forge every strike does damage to the bay for Foreman's tip Jaggi it's a very good attack type performance tip it moves around a lot it's very aggressive on to these awesome savage battles the first battle will be dying on g2 vs victory Valkyrie territories

Valkyrie awesome awesome battle he got going on off his toes freak out freak it's two to one that's battles two to two

[Music] sign on it's an outrage next battle join the tour j2 vs. tornado wyvern let's do this let's go Jack yeah it looks like tornado why everyone's gonna go through a big attack oh wow II got oh my off almost tie dormant or wins by survivor finish the scores once dizzy yeah X&Y Ron looks like white Ron's gonna go for a huge attack torment or isn't even budging yes Oh tornado wyvern is why Ron I want you at least win one come on the score is two to zero torment scores winning quit stamina 32 I am tornado tornado it's not gonna face going on yet deep chaos versus fan grip remember guys when this guy is an action he has a very good stable tip so he could go like that and roll round disc yes keep the penis attack yes great job deep chaos that was awesome scores 1 2 0 D chaos is we need to rip bang bang come on you got this oh great oh crap he's doing under attack yes he holds its capability maybe even quick

whoa bring out finish for Bhangra it's two to one let's see if the fingers can make his way back to 2 1 3 2 1 go deep chaos yeah great attack keep attacking he's getting off balance no don't let him beat you the first the Terra told me they win is because going in the winner's circle the next Bey battle boom sizer get your guy off to car Tony let's do this yes yes great punch leaving guys very good at sucking so soon buzzer but doing sides are couldn't take that neat spin finish take it daya 1-0 he'll attack sizer Tsukiko oh my god you Tigers juiciness oh my god well this battle even get contact come on big guy crushes dreams do cutter spin finish doing size where the scores 101 anyone can win this match

so quake launched incisor to incisor no [Music] finish for picking guy up to the one this is very action-packed face [Music]

he moves on to the winning circle the semi-finals the first title will be swimming toward j2 versus dying on G to do this Zack going on yes it feels good attacks it going on swim counter we dormitories handling all to Tex push him back more push your back and more spin finish poor darlings Ward 1 is 0 next battle come on going on oh yes great attack Oh bring out finish or dormant or J 2 is 2 2 0 1 4 dominating Saxon yes go going on no swing counter join me towards ami Longhorn tours moving on to the finals drum tour I know you destroy anyone who's in your path the semi final battle is the chaos versus doom sizer scores to 0 that was way back to battle PCAST yes Roy damn in a little bit yes oh don't let him hear your view your will count probably gonna go down greats down holding up yeah you should will one that wild to saucers didn't even stand a chance against chaos final battle chaos let's just drop into our teens to this first battle yeah great stability yes yes yes yes balance worst finish long for once is the winner of the final battle thank you guys for coming back to blossom please cry please comment and don't forget to subscribe to our new giveaway three two shirts from my to spring and sure to check out my teaspoon store to see maybe you want to buy rib and check out our new design says if you win you get the to your design we only pick it for you smooches bye guys record remember be chaos the dormant or are

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