Bandai Tamashii Nations SH Figuarts Iron Man Mark 47 and Homemade Spiderman Action Figure Toy Review

by: erivera94

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hey guys be sure to like me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram for extra content you won't see here click the links in the description below hey what's up everybody Iran I for bring you another action figure of you today we're gonna take a look at land I tamashii nations SHP crisises vitamin homecoming 2 pack with spider-man homemade suit and Iron Man mark 47 this is a web exclusive dust we're not seeing with actual figures are hidden behind the box here and we also get the web exclusive logo on the front box there if you guys are interested in having your very own it is available at big bad toy store that condors a link in the description below where you guys can check it out for yourselves let's continue on the side of the box you'll experiment and I assume the other social environment there he is on the back we have Iron Man and spider-man both in their poses so no more talking that's gonna mother box and see how it looks [Music] alright so we'll start things off with Iron Man mark 47 very unique looking armor got the silver got the red it got the gold mostly silver which is something we're not used to seeing and I mean that's for sure but this is a little nod to the ultimate Iron Man suit which looks similar in color scheme you know school twice Nolan's now how it looks but color scheme wise yes this is how it's got the red on top in the silver in the middle section of the body so pretty cool that they did this I love I love love love how we getting on new arms every movie is just a just it's Tony Stark it's that's what he does as always Bayonetta machine nations always pulls it off nicely and they did a great job with this figure Ironman it's just like they're their baby it's it's their masterpiece figure they always always pull it off perfectly the way I like it they make great elements it's just a proven fact by now this 2-pack comes with a lot of hands and accessories so I like that here we have normal open hands for Iron Man here in what I've noticed is that these all have their own hand guard a lot of the other elements do you have to remove the hang or to use it use the same one for all the other hands and this one you do not they've done this before and then the and then they've gone back to the old way I don't I don't know what it is I don't know what determines which figures get their own hand cards and which one you have to reuse the same one over and over I really wish they would keep it at this though I like this where you don't have to keep reusing that same handguard and then risk losing that little piece but anyways that's something I noticed and everything is nicely painted look at that I mean Bandai always does such a good job so open hands there and then we do have open hands but with a peg courses for the blasting effects so I got that open with the peg and then we have the open hands but in flight mode so everything's straight straight fingers and all that and then we got the fists on the actual figure itself you get the same effects that were used to so we get the the repulsor blasts coming out the feet the long repulsor blasts coming out the hands and then these shorter versions right here coming out the hands tube so there is that so who yet Iron Man up close you can see the beautiful paint that the metallic gold the metallic looking red very good got the arc reactor right there and then the silver looks good to me the feet are diecast as always that's what they always do they put the diecast feet but just look at the paint how clean it is I love it love it love how clean they paint their figures very nice so there's that it's take a look at his articulation so we do have the head going left and right comes up very nicely goes down arms go forward and back they go in and out we do have that shoulder guard here that hinges we have a bicep swivel we have a double-jointed elbow swivel at the wrist with a hinge it's a bar joint right there we have a diaphragm doing that swivels goes forward and back we do have a way Sobel swivels goes falling back as well so good motion at the abdominal area slash torso let's go forward and back they go in and out they do drop down as I show you I start to allow more movement forward and back and in and out we do have a thigh swivel double jointed knees here the ankles do go forward and back they pivot and there is a toe hinge now my only gripe about this figure is that they could have added and they should have added an open-face plated helmet face where he goes into sentry mode in the movie when he was talking to to Peter Parker and he wasn't really there and it was just a suit but he lifts the helmet open has were actually did it for Marvel Legends really think that's a miss opportunity for them because this is the only way to get this figure is from this 2-pack today and singly release it at all so they did single release the spider-man but they didn't single release the arm and so now supreme it looks great got the nice bright vibrant colors here they really pulled off the look everything looks so good I like what they did here with this figure we have the hoodie so you can have them with the hoodie we also have redound hoodie down here so when you put the hoodie on you take this piece out and then we do have a little red piece here to put a stand I believe it's for a flight stain which they do not come with which is insane to me and you peg it onto the back right here and you can put a flight stand on his back so since we do have quite a few hands here I figured I'd lay them down for you here so we do have these firemen Webster in hands right here and the other side shows the red side of the costume we have the open hands over here we have well to open hands kind of have the fingers out a different position with these open hands here so you can see this open hand and then this is more spread out of open hand and then down here we have where he can hold the web and then we have these kind of like cellphone posing hands here and then of course he does come with the web similar exactly the same as the web that came with the civil war fake white spider-man so there is a medium-sized ones just a small one right here take that out there's a small one and then we have the really really long one right here so there he is with the hoodie it's pretty easy to put on and take off but anyways the articulation consists of the head sculpt that goes left and right it's on ie part entertaining so let's go up and down the neck does articulate as well like crazy arms go forward and back this one's a little bit loose now that I move it in and out biceps well the shoulder also kind of moves around there in a socket we do have double jointed elbows swivel at the wrist with a hinge we have a nice detailed web shooter there as well diaphragm the swivel goes forward and back and then we do have a set of peaceful ready it's not a belt but it's the bottom of his jacket but they made it a separate piece so it's gonna look awkward up here but it's both to go down here waist little slightly forward and back a lot more let's go forward and back in and out very nice range of motion that's spider-man for sure so I like that we do have a thigh swivel w-wants and knees the ankles do hinge forward and back they pivot and there is a toe hinge and those of you that collect both Marvel Legends and as a few hours you know by now that tassel does produce bigger fusion SH FiguArts by maybe an inch here we have the Hasbro Marvel legend version of this homemade suit and he does stand taller than him we got him pretty much in the same pose stands taller than yes he should always one for sure but it's not nearly as detail not nearly as articulated as the s.h.figuarts version so that's the only thing it has over this one is the the height overall all the figures are bigger scale so everything's bigger so I love the vibrant red blue bright colors on north version I like that and I like the web-shooters as well better way better on the fake version the eyes do look better too the little goggle eyes and overall course the articulation now don't get me wrong this figure was one of my favorite ones too it's a great figure by house way they did a good job there but I've had to choose one of course I'm gonna go towards the shv version for sure there's fighting next to the regular suited Spidey which is the regular suit that Tony saw I gave him next to a course the homecoming next to of course the homemade version here so pretty cool and let's get a group shot comparison here I guess that concludes my review on the Bandai Tamashii Nations s.h.figuarts spider-man homecoming 2-pack web-exclusive experiment home made su in the mark 47 Iron Man armor very cool unfortunate that it cost so much and it's an exclusive to this 2-pack only now you can guess Perriman alone if you don't care for this Armand and that's good but if you want man you gotta get this 2-pack so there is that other than that these are awesome figures highly recommend these are great and solid solid figures great for your collection if you guys enjoy the review leave a like if you did leave a comment subscribe you haven't done so already see you on the next one and don't forget I have a great day [Music] [Applause]

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