Darce Choke Set ups!

by: The Grappling Academy

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my favorite gasjoker setup so you gonna love these

if you guys love these videos don't forget to hit the subscribe button below hey guys coach tom here I'm here today again with Reese and we're having a look at - chokes Adams I love that show a lot of my students like the DOS joke and I'm gonna show you guys some of my favorite ways to set the choke cups it's a very versatile show number one is Reese is on hands and knees and I'm in a turtle type side back my composition so this is a really cool position from here but especially those guys get savvy they begin to know where the threats are likely to come from so they get to be aware of crucifixes College oaks back tapes seat belts even the truck attacks so sometimes what I like to you do is use the blind weapons again so all of my weapons can basically from here he could see your coming but I like this one because it comes from a wide angle so when I'm here on a guy okay this hand can't be seen as it come through this hand can be seen as up so I mean obviously can decide back control guys there's a bunch of things we can do but it's good to have you me in like this I like to spread that out just a little bit here and once I'm here I'm going to keep my weight on him and I'm white and swim my hand back as I put my ear onto his back it's imperative when you do this setup that you keep all of your weight on your partner don't let your weight single a good guy with blaster on it so I'm gonna keep my weight on as I circle my arm back and now I'm gonna push his head down as I bring my thumb on to the back of his neck see how my thumb is resting on the back of his neck once I've done that position I'm now gonna put my left thumb in between and I'm gonna go okay so I've got his head here and I've got my thumb here and I put my left thumb in between my right P side and grip and now I simply pull his nose to my right knee and he falls and here we are I run around to parallel I stuff is here I love my arms and I can either scroll my white fruit or get to man and squeeze and finish I like but I do prefer the mouth that's number one number two's he's just lying on his side and the guy is trying to hit escape he pushes me away anytime I see this if I can give my light on the back of it I'll put my right now just got some big trouble so he's here trying to push me away and I'm just gonna grab his head and push my fruit again I'm looking to put my thumb on the back of his neck and then I can lock my - run around two parallel either push my white fruit and squeeze to finish or get to mouth and finish from here I like both again at the mouth probably better okay that's another one of my favorite ways to hit the dots another one that I really really really love is if he's on his back and you're hanging out in a side controlled position and you can't seem to get anything but the only thing that you can get is under his elbow okay which is wonderful thing inside control but you can't seem to get anything the guy's clammed up he's not letting you have it so I like to just grab his head here and now I turn till I get to this position all of my light is on his arm so there's nothing he can do to prevent the dots again from the other side this time I am here and I've got under his knee over okay from a side control position and I'm trying to get stuff but I just can't get it so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna grab him behind his neck and now I turn around my butt over here until I love you start to choke position here okay I then get to a perpendicular position and pull my wife through it we'll get to map lucky lots guys one of my favorites is he's hot oh my god I like to do this from butterfly and say fun so I like to do an arm drag this way and throwing out the pod dolls okay so I'm here my arm drag and now I'm a polka and I almost throw a hook here and then from here I'll flip him over in this line and try to get to man who might finish but if you've got a good squeeze you don't need a flute just get him right well next one that I love which is like a sister to this one is if I'm applying this other guy and he actually passes so sometimes a mother give me my pants or something and I go and he's just gonna jump around my dog and he jumps around like this and then you can catch this one here so my left arm soft furry even though he's inside control and now I can pull his head in and get him yet and then I run my eggs into him run run run run there he goes down and from here he's going to get a big squeeze let's have a look at that one again it's this one you're gonna have timing cause if you screw this one up this guy's on your side control so he goes to pass my god to the Tory and I see like this so if you jump back again whichever way he passes to that's your omelet feeds through so he's here and he passes around so my left arm goes through and up I can then lock it off and run into him and from here you just often quite a tank so say if I just get one leg like this one or this one or boat doesn't matter but I just like to thank you something and then region and squeezy a very tight choke on your hands Viggo guys the darts choke a very cool show a very versatile show and one that you can certainly use to surprise your partners thanks for watching guys I'm coach tom hope you enjoyed some of my favorite ourselves thank you thanks for watching the video guys I hope you loved it for more free videos click here and if you'd like to get our free foot lock mass applause please click here and if you'd like to help support me so I can help bring you high level would you did sue for free every day please click here thank you for watching guys I'm coach

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