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you talk to me differently than you talk to the other actors Josh and I have worked together since we became friends when we were 12 when we start to work with other people like Tom Cruise he gives them more permission to kind of abuse me that's me you always say that's me I'm pretty confident efface I'm not thinking deeply just you and me that's ridiculous of course Tom's so lovely and we get to be so horrible to him does he always like dance talk whenever you write a similar I'm in it your describe me as waddling you know if they just waddle into the thing hey I'm just trying to work on my career and get it in the direction I have moves how they only kiss you because you look at evil yeah that's a news oh I want to be a sidekick in NCIS the hipster yeah yeah every party we just ended up standing alone together not talking to other people why do we

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Josh and Tom express their BFFhood. After being adored by critics in Australia and the USA, the award-winning comedy/drama Please Like Me, created by Josh Thomas, is back. In season two, Josh tries to get through the day without upsetting anyone. There's a new dog, a new rabbit and a new baby. There’s no big twist. It isn't Lost. Do you get pivot?

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