Crocheters Turn Your Thin Yarn Into Thick (Bulky) Yarn

by: Bronislava 4 HandmadeRukodelky

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hi this is Bryn Slava for head madoka okay this video was requested by clochette ours they would like to see how I triple the yarn and I how I crochet with it so here you see that I am doubling the yarn first then you triple it and you create two loops on each end while editing the video I just noticed that I have a brown paint on my thumb I was working on a painting for a show ignore the loop at the end and pull the yarn that leads to the yarn ball pull that yarn through the second loop just like I'm doing it okay by pulling the yarn from the ball you will create another loop you can see it wrapped around my index finger

here you see the beginning of your thick yarn and I always smooth my strands so it just does not you know it's easier to work with when it's um as smooth and then you can still continue making more loops and you know you can create really long strand of tripled yarn if you want

here I will demonstrate how to crochet with the tripled yarn so I created my initial not but you can do it also the other way you can you know you can start your knot whichever way you want here is another version then you insert your hook into your initial knot and you just keep crocheting with all three strands Here I am crocheting chain and I'm always making sure that I grab three strands and pull it through three strands you know in that loop let me show you how to crochet is a single crochet stitch you can go under two loops I'll show you right or one loop this is one just one loop with three strands or you can go under you see right there you could go and do it there and that means that you would go under two loops but most of the people go under the only the first loop you know under one loop with those three strands I'm showing it to you right now and this is double crochet stitch always go through all those strands

Here I am working on another double crochet stitch and I'm coming to the end so I will make more three strands okay and I'm smoothing it and now I will go and add one more so I don't have to do it all the time oops and I do have some not

here let me show you in a detail how to crochet with three strands so here I have those three stray strands and here again I will go into that loop of the chain stitch I pulled out three strands out I go through one and two again all three strands don't go through two only and then again through two three strand loops and you just continue like that you just have to be very careful when you are crocheting

here I will show you how to do a half double crochet stitch yarn over into the chain stitch and through all three loops that are from the triple yarn okay and Here I am at the end and again pulling through the yarn pulling the yarn through that loop and making it extend it always extending it further and further that's it here you go

so this is how you can also take it apart if you want to frog it you can do that also if you decide that you don't want to use triple yarn and what is really beautiful about it and when you're taking it apart when you're pulling on that string you don't have any knots you just have to be very careful you do not tangle it okay you could be just the immediately winding it onto the ball not like I am just putting it on the side okay you just pull on and you see pull on it and you have your no not our single strand back

so as you see I turn DK yaar which is number three in thickness to number six super bulky yarn and I want to thank you very much for watching and I'll see you another time


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