We Werent Ready | The First Week in our Skoolie Bus House

by: Rolling Vistas

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so we got to meet up with our friends one more time before we left and they made sure to send us off with lots of booze and baked goods so thank you guys if you're watching we love you


[Music] so we've been staying in in Longmont yeah we're just in our hometown at a campground that's nothing special but it's been great for our needs while we finish up some business here we've lived here for three years and I'm really embarrassed to say like we haven't even explored the side of town we just had no idea that it was this impressive the dogs have been just absolutely loving it in the st. Vrain Greenway it's incredible [Music] so this is the first time I've ever tried to use the dump station like at all so this could be really good or really bad we shall see we've been in the bus for three nights now we've used our wood-burning stove cuz they got down to like 41 last night which was I was excited about I like I like cold weather and I definitely wanted to fire at the stove so that was cool we're already just by living in the bus experiencing some new things so I'm trying to start off on the right foot and get work done in here hasn't been a problem working on a portrait right now of cute storm

suco is actually looking out the window watching the equestrian show across the street and loving that Franky's comfortable she decided that she wanted to be up here heels girl and I'm making some mac and cheese well how many days if we've been in the bus proper this is our six so here's what happened so we thought we were moving into the bus Monday night we were not ready Tuesday night not ready by Wednesday night we were sleeping in the bus but it was in the driveway of her house Thursday night is flow Friday night we parked at this campground which is in our hometown so this is our six yeah I guess so we thought we were doing a pretty good job of getting rid of all of our stuff we had yard sales we had we're giving stuff away like loads car loads of stuff come to find out like once we started open up opening up and really dealing with the stuff and drawers and cabinets and the stuff that was kind of tucked away that was where everything really was and his stuff it's useful but you have to decide am I going to use this in the next six months and if so where am I gonna put it that was where this dress came I don't know where a lot of stuff is our storage and organization right now is still very much like who knows that we're looking for a ton of stuff right now so we're really hoping to fine-tune our organization and and know where everything is and be a little bit better about it but right now things all that to say not to not to talk too much about what has happened so what really what I guess the interesting part is is how the bus has been there have been some some struggle since and things that were still figuring out there's also been some good things we've noticed things going exceptionally well everything has worked nothing has broken nothing has everything is working the way we expected to be working the biggest question mark I think for me still is still just the health of the engine and the mechanics of the engine gets a little warm so we're gonna have someone look at it just to change the fuel filter a few other things before we make our long first trip I clipped a corner coming into this campground like pretty hard I was like whoa and Paul Paul Paul everything stay put everything and like aside from a legit accident that's as rough as it's gonna get not that I wanted to do that but it was nice to see that and that much of a jolt everything was fine so let's talk about what has been a little hard I've hit my head several times this explains a lot yeah and I scraped my arm a couple times changing clothes and stuff I'm learning this space and I've like hit some corners I've hit my head like trying to get it to curtains and stuff apparently I don't have very good body awareness but I will I'll learn the space but I have like had a few minor scrapes um trying to figure out tiny living Tuco sheds so much every morning we're gonna have to swing we're gonna have to suite twice a day if we want it to be halfway decent in here it gets messy really fast not just the floors with Zucco hair but like the countertops get covered with and food prep stuff just leave it and forget about it right yeah and trying to figure out where to put shoes has been a little bit of a struggle well no we know where to put them we're just not putting them away I thought it was gonna be really easy to eat and then one of us do the dishes and we take turns but there's no big deal but we've been leaving dishes in the sink already and that's a bad sign well not as that sign we just got to be better about it

Tiffany also had some dentists work done today so yeah so that's why we stuck around a little longer in Longmont because it turns out some of my silver fillings from childhood we're starting to corrode a little bit there was the very beginnings of cavities around them so I got four fillings replaced today anyway not to make this go on too long something that has been fantastic that we touched on briefly when we showed our hiking vlogging sort of part of everything is that you know we're in a part of the town that we don't spend much time in and we totally literally just stumbled upon what's called the same rain marine wave the past three days we've walked in a total of almost 20 miles which we could have in our defense the green wave goes basically all through the town we went to the east part of it it's kind of cool not like super impressive let's be real and so we were like adds probably all kind of like this and yeah it was kind of nice but you know not not inspiring and so urges thank you know we'll pass this fight the west side of the Greenway is night and day difference it's gorgeous wildlife beautiful ponds places where 2co can run and splash like great bike trail it's been great duping we've sort of sacrificed going into the mountains and hiking and taking the dogs a lot of cool places because we've been working on the bill pretty much every weekend every spare moment has been the bus and so we've been ok with that for the most part because we think the bus is going to help us do more hiking and do get out more yes we're still in the same city the fact that we're here in the bus on this side of town has made us explore the area and we found places that we didn't know existed so if you're in long line if you're living in the Longmont area check out the saint brain Greenway especially the west side around Hope because so sorry for the long hiatus we've just been getting everything together figuring all our stuff out we've been busy and we haven't driven the bus much we only driven across town so the real the bus is gonna be put through its paces not tomorrow but the day after so Wednesday the bus will really you know we're gonna get it on the interstate for the first time and we're really gonna see how it performs it's geared for the interstate so it should be fine but I'm a little apprehensive about its temperature I want to make sure that it doesn't stay at 210 or if it does doesn't for long thanks so much for watching guys really appreciate it thanks for sticking with us while we've been silent please if you'd like our videos please do like and subscribe it helps the channel a ton and yeah we'll see you next time we chat we'll be in yeah first destination yeah there supposed to be some smokes yeah we have some business to take care of there we're not going to be there very long because it's supposed to be snowy subscribe if you want to follow along if you're interested in becoming a patron there's a link below and we really appreciate you watching thanks to all of our patrons you guys are great really appreciate that community guys

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