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[Music] everybody how's everybody doing everybody having a great day and yeah oh you know we're now taking up a little one today cuz everybody's busy here at the house so I'm gonna go ahead I'll meet up my friends there the same bar take you guys along for the ride yeah you know yeah like you notice still thank you for another ski is I saw one some movies for another one so if you guys know anybody's telling to do one as a good price another a Yamaha eacho so I'm looking for especially blue I like the blue well yeah are you gonna go have some fun and we'll take you guys along I don't know if you can notice on the camera but it's kind of great today is not the sunshine is not a hundred percent out let's do it doesn't stop than Miami people to go out in the water or crazy people like me but yeah I'm gonna show you this there's somebody actually in front of me doesn't matter of arranged anyway you're gonna get wet so it's all it's all good actually it makes a little bit better because it's what it's great like this it's less people at the ramp so is easier getting it out but the good thing about Florida weather there's always sunshine somewhere behind the great clouds so looks like it's gonna clear up so by the time I get to the rapid it looks a little better so now that means good it's a good thing for fun





right here catching beef someone yet you see I crazy it was so there's gonna be a crazy summer that makes me wonder if I even gonna take out the let me have to come in early now cuz I normally get here at around 10 means summer time I'll have to get out here like I don't know 9 o'clock 8:30 that's Florida for you everybody loves water let's go


a bunch of seaweed in the water Wow wonder what's going on that means there must be a good fishing day today but I didn't go fishing today and I notice there's a lot of sardines at the ramp too bad I don't want to be cold shitty night hit stink let's go see what everybody's up dude Oh Sara Lee - so hopefully you know I'll get better towards the end of the day

[Music] Oh friends with Chado yeah little man yeah hanging out today on the Jesse [Music] they look ugly but I guess is clearing up boss sounds good man yeah he doesn't have he has a regular that little cooler seat my radio that's how good oh well nice to meet you man sambar is kind of early so it's kind of dead so I'm gonna go ahead and take you guys over to uh I guess like leave that because Nixon I don't know if I'm gonna write that far but i'ma go over to write leave that's another Island everybody hangs out they have an action to quiet I did a video a long time ago with it I'm gonna go ahead and take you guys and hyperspeed on the jet ski so let's go







[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] we have reached our destination this is like sleep done I don't know why see what Google calls it but I think if you look it up it says like liter and this is right now it's pretty good actually even though all the people you see here because normally is that even in rough and now come here to park between the jet skiers and a boat and actually sometimes they make to roll a roll board on the sand and a roll both of all a roll of film on the water and get some crazy that I guess that the word that kind of you know kept everybody home and I'm just gonna go ahead and clean five continued on here the either I'm actually just includes people actually camping you so long I gives me an idea I just made these in the future I don't mind camping and designers actually is close by face time with you guys committed laïcité and the knees and cause Whitman is right north of Rhodesia cosmic on you see on the east side channel won't down south to baseline okay well did you guys hear what watch the books here and now I'm gonna go ahead and keep right [Music]



I should be I'm already here down south I'm gonna show you guys another island that's near here check it out we just got here to Monument Island and I guess this is usually packed the jet skis but I guess since the day was cloudy today everybody decided to stay home but it is it's clearing up and I feel they eat and the water is getting warmer to us a good thing

I guess look later doing today is gonna get full again I mean start getting more people here [Music] and I guess I'm not gonna go down to Nixon today that's pretty cool

yeah there must be a charter

yep wherever this island you'll find people

so I'm gonna head down south I mean up north back to Hall over hopefully meetup my friends up there I'm gonna show you guys a magic trick I'm gonna hit hyperspeed bug you got a special point right here see that blue button right there that's the hyper speed button so watch I'm gonna press it and I'm gonna up here at hello or sambar ready watch close now

it's a hyper button I'm already a Haulover see that's a magical blue button I'm here see what's up with the sambar today when I came earlier in the morning boy in the morning on when I got here it was less way less people but not like you see even enough and a bad cloudy day people still come out have some fun




yeah I guess I musta got something some block or something of length that's why it's so fuzzy so sorry about that guy

all right oh no what the hell

yeah me too

okay I got down you buy the food truck vote to figure out that was getting kind of hungry slaughter in Norwich actually buy something or you know go home or wait let me look around and see what their bottles up


now here's something that really caught my eye I really enjoyed them playing volleyball and reminding me Oh God mine's the play volleyball at each other time and I think it's a pretty good idea because actually just guys now you don't have to worry about hitting the sand for fall in the water so it was fun watching them play


well it was time to hit home but actually I decided to take a cruise by dreaming you know a little dream doesn't hurt anybody maybe I win the lotto or something in the future and buy new one of these

[Music] [Applause] [Music]


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Today i'm taking out the jet ski Yamaha Waverunner for a little ride around miami beach sandbar and islands. The day was cloudy but it doesn't stop the miami people from having fun in the sun or water. I met up with my friend and also may some new ones . Also I would like to thank everyone for the support to the channel. Now you can shop on line

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