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hey guys and welcome back to my channel today I have my beautiful mother with me Marie it feels weird to say that but we are gonna be doing TJ Maxx and Marshalls vlog today so the face [Music]

we have the oh my goodness there is mac lashes $6.99 what are you I'm sure if this is style name or that one looks this is what these look like they're perfect or easy lashes but pretty cool that they have those we even have some Katy Perry covergirl 299 these are the key to cat a wink lucky cat oh my goodness you guys this is the NYX soft matte lip cream vault number two look at how many colors many of you what are we talking here at $29.99 and these are all of the shades that come in in here oh my gosh this their massive you guys just check out this little lip selection there's some Milani moisture like different shoes and knit sense of those and then look at this ba-bah jackpot oh my gosh we have real sugar plum Farina Madison electro topnav Kraft orchid and I believe the rest are these steam but it just goes all the way up jakers whoa what do we got oh yes yes youngin so pretty now what shade what's the place I'm gonna have to prep you just like a distal ileum okay pop pop prizes $8.99 oh yeah it's going in the Kurt I like it this is headliner very excited here I know this is a good in a while nice color yeah but it is nice and fairy time this is lunch poem mm-hmm just a little gross there it's the color color went out with a bang out with a bang it's a matte yes and it's $12.99 and then up here to the Stila we've had some of their aqua serum concealer found the shades teen and deep for $5.99 and then I also got three stay all day liquid lipsticks by Stila these are $5.99 I have the shade raspberry note I don't know that's a multi yeah town in Italy oh really cool three those another Mike Jacob yeah it's lip cream and we have our cubes lip cream what's the price it's magenta for $8.99 this is a good lip pile I also found some Stila lip liners only 399 we have Pinot Noir rose and Merlot oh my gosh you guys I'm so excited finally found the two-faced peach kiss moisture matte longer lipstick we have the shades Sunday Funday where my peaches at muy caliente all for $6.99 and then so these were the Mike Jacobs me to show you there's also some Smashville I create for a color $7.99 and I'm not even in personnel with that color and then we also have a burro I love varnish alter-ego lipstick in the shade between 399 and then I have some more lorac down here 399 further it lip looks in true red also have a lip gloss in heartbreaker also one in chef's better and I think that's it there is also a brunch green that is a lip gloss all of these works retaining all right I found a lipstick Queen same push 7 nice and untouched I love it then moving down we have a ton of makeup revolution all of these are - in my mind I haven't been able to find shade names on these that these are these colors [Music] perfect here lipstick $5.99 we get a shades rhubarb and that looks really cute it's such a good little lip oil there's also some melted latex $3.99 sona's can hot mess we have a Smashbox lip liner set of 99 sugar fireball fireball we also have the Stila off with blow water colored blush in Waterloo $5.99 yeah this is not bad we also have a Mac lip pencil this one is in the shade nightingale for only $9.99 we also have a Smashbox a legendary lip gloss and pout for $7.99 and a MAC lipstick this one is $9.99 this is with Ellie Goulding I'm curious to see this in the shade without your love looks like we also found the Too Faced papilla contour this one is for $24.99 it's for medium to deep skin tones I finally got my hands from the a BH subculture this one is $29.99 it feels a little bit cheaper on Ulta I'm going to check online and see if it's cheaper still if not I might then we have a hue makeup revolution this is the chocolate love chocolate bar $6.99 these are these shades you get in it we also have the makeup revolution Pro HD 399 we also have the iconic smoking I think I show this in the last video porn online the protection the ultimate palette to protect and conceal intership this is for 399 and that's what you get inside of it and the pro HD correct and perfect this one is for 399 tons of good stuff and oh just right next to me they have the original makeup eraser almost $7.99 pretty cool these things are really enjoy instead of buying the makeup wipes these are really good to just keep on hand also have a cat mom d lockets brightening powder this is in the shade golden for $7.99 mean it looks like we have two different sets of elf brushes one is for $19.99 the beautifully precise nine piece and the silver 11 piece brush set for $12.99 so pretty cool that they're here Lancome plus $14.99 what kind of glitch I mean someone of them finger-painting today yeah no it's not a pattern the imprint yeah the road so nice to face pink leopard well price blessing brown sir $9.99 nice you also have the Too Faced chocolate Soleil $9.99 this is their meeting the deep matte bronzer and we even have a Smashbox photo finish primer expensive yeah 20 bucks I mean it's still kind of pricey but it's better than Ulta it's how does it illuminating sticks here by Smashbox one's a highlight step to step the other one is luminate $12.99 this one is it just says illuminate highlights and that is contour all them and then we cut a few Lancome eyeshadows Drake Riviera all that glisten did and save these are all single eyeshadows for $12.99 yeah yeah I think it says 99 yeah frog prince blush $6.99 is system that's from black no no this was a dream but it's been totally we also have a Smashbox camera ready BB water medium to dark fourteen six dollars for a flawless blend how about that tiny some Clinique oh this is the take the day off 2299 this one's supposed to be amazing we also will have a body exfoliator of $19.99 primal ocean 1899 I mean there's just tons of stuff some body lotion super rescue 1729

what'd you find this is Eve plumb and this is let's see it's a moisturizer oil-free it's $24.99 but I think this is really expensive is it I have to check our Jacobs the night $12.99 what do we do I think it's for last Christmas yeah I think so too it is the velvet more mascara the teeth eyeliner and petit magic marker I mean in the last minute found one more and this is a shade got peach so I found four different shades there's just so much toothpaste sure enough I have the Sun bunny the beach bunny and the little flush all these are all for just $9.99 what a deal it's a pretty crazy stack of the ones that I found store was stocked it does not cease to amaze me how good TJ Maxx and Marshalls are well that was only Marshalls where you're now gonna head off to TJ Maxx so we will check back in when we get there okay so we have just arrived new location we are outside of TJ Maxx so let's go hunt Oh


[Music] we also get their prime original two shades almond and four and they are for $9.99 cheese not my shape which yes ignores this one's for a little minute is there satin lip pencil in its answer this is the Smashbox lid primer white 799 we also have more of these chocolate bars I picked up a mass room we also have the Smashbox folding that eyes that are you $24.99 Mac something this is a Mac it's $4.99 every doesn't powder yep Justine Skye oh my god it's me Too Faced chocolate Soleil 399 you need it what are you you are the black cherry be legendary lipstick $7.99 there's been legendary and that is plum roll matte lipstick queen ice queen ice cream do we think it's gonna be great $7.99 oh it's white that's fascinating wonder how it turns have more March it here $8.99 this one is in a debt tricks gentle and I have a stealer color from $5.99 assured hope oh my gosh we have this Sigma make me classy essential kit $17.99 what are you what is in there we have a beef Bo 550 38 40 and then it's so on yep let's let's not think about it $5.99 I also have some real techniques this is the collector's edition $5.99 another real techniques 299 the concealer brush found a mixture Otto this one is on clearance for three dollars that I look inside and it's in one piece this is what it looks like and then also the lorac tantalizer baked bronzer boo didn't lose 79 and looking in the clearance section I found the Pirates of the Caribbean by Laura eyeshadow palette on clearance for $13 and that's what comes in there we also have a Smashbox be legendary lipstick palettes on clearance for some dollars is that shade to get okay so that was it for t.j.maxx they don't really have that much in comparison to Marshalls but they did have the amazing Sigma and abh fine in there so still some good stuff but we're gonna wrap the video up here with a mini haul so you want to tell them what you've got I got the evil um cuticle cream for $9.99 it's this bag it is 0.23 fluid ounces yeah not very big and at Marshall's I got the evil umm moisturizer for $24.99 75 on the website I got Marc Jacobs lip cream in magenta and I got the lips lip color stick in headliner yes so she got some good stuff good stuff I tried to limit myself I only got the Too Faced peach kissed moisture matte long wear lipstick in this Sunday Funday and you can never go wrong with a nude and I decided to go for the mini chocolate Soleil bronzer I didn't want to get the large one because I have a lot of bronzers I don't need that many so I thought this little mini one it would be perfect because it's just so small I think I could get away with using this but that was it for our TJ Maxx and Marshalls vlog video I really hope that you guys enjoyed it if you did and if you enjoyed seeing my mom in it please don't forget to hit that like button leave me a comment down below subscribe to my channel and hit that little bill button so you will be notified every time a post and I'll see you guys in my next video


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