Edelbrock VS Iron - Rocket 350 on the Dyno!

by: Nick's Garage

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[Music] last time we saw the olds 350 rally engine Nick was just about ready to move the freshly rebuilt small-block over to his dyno room for final testing now we stop back in for an update after he spent his whole Friday working with the golden v8 we finished pretty the whole engine together and this morning ended up putting on a dyno and then we ran it for 20 minutes to a break in the camshaft then all the testing we checked for vacuum leaks or leaks warnings everyone fine then my customer came in then we said okay let's that's it for horsepower and torque and we started getting horsepower like 350 360 370 over far away from 400 but from the factory this thing did 310 horsepower and there's not many modifications on this motor we draw maybe brought the compressor up a little bit put a little cab we did support work and that's about it but we're really looking for Foreign Wars power so we tried every weekend all day now after a long Friday spent working on the engine we find Nick in the 350 still in the dyno past closing time he's tried a big double pumper carb he experimented with different spacers bolted on bigger headers but kept falling just short of his clients goal and we're stuck with 391 horsepower and all my custom I left the dyno room I guess we're giving up on it and that's it but I have to custom to bring in the intake manifold the original piece because here we got the aluminum one from elder Brock I needed a fitting so I can continue putting the finish on the engine you brought it in and I don't want a surprise I look at this and I'm impressed I realized that this intake manifold seems a little bit different from the elder Brock the carburetor seems to be sitting a little bit higher the runners are a little bit wider so I said maybe this one could make the extra 10 horsepower we're looking for so now I was thinking like hey let's try it on the morning so I called my customer and asked what do you think it goes Nick whatever it takes to make 400 horsepower let's give it a shot we've done everything we can to get one and horsepower but after see that anything manifold hmm it looks impressive it looks like it might do the job I might get that much power out of it here it is Friday night everybody's gone home clients at all and now I'm curious I'm going to move the sitting manifold here tonight just to see what we got [Music] Nick's passion for power has kept him working late to plenty of times but he's also got plenty of good people who lend a hand tonight it's his brother George who has stopped by after a day in the park store and is ready to pitch in nick has been wrenching on engines with his brothers since before the ink was dry on his first driver's license he's got more room in his shop now than he did back in the basement of the family home but this is still what he loves doing best this is really old this is back yards time with the key ratchet no air tools no electric total nothing time-consuming but you know what I still get to drop that like in that early 70s is what we did [Music] pretty soon nick has got the aluminum intake off and his hunch would seem to be confirmed the runners are measurably larger on the original cast iron part here we go we start with yellow bot it's a snug fit fits in pretty snug tight and now we're going to go to the cast iron and here we go we see almost an eighth of an inch that's on the width stride over here same thing now let's go back to all the rock here we go snug tight snug tight now let's try overall height here we go now go from another block see that and now we go here again we have one Wilson a stop again as you can see we might get our Bowl Dan horsepower my personal on a range it's promising but Nick knows there's lots more to getting horsepower than one quick measurement he's going to have to dyno test to see if his theory holds water so the next morning he's got Vasily bolting on the freshly cleaned original cast iron intake man of I think wants me to put the polyculture or that in take that intake was fo Rochester Parker which has a scoreboard plant you see one thing the bolt pattern is on the same it's a little bit off there so we're going to need an adapter it's a weekend so everything is closed you can I don't want but I know exactly working fine one so we can make the engine run today [Music] this 72 CUDA has got a late 440 in it now he can borrow the part he needs while his car's in the shop and order a new one on Monday [Music] you

but the full force came with a spread bore you dick and that's the adapter plate so we can put some spread board to square board and those were good so the user Holley carburetor [Music] that's your work [Music] dick doesn't like the apparent restriction that this chunk of iron in the middle of the intake might cause but he's not willing to start carving up an original piece just yet so he leaves it as it is for the purposes of the test

[Music] Jerry mi got the cast iron key mindful install and I'm ready to make a test and I hope we make the four horsepower and then let's get it started at a super we can do [Music]




Nick wants to make a few poles dial in the air fuel ratio and find out what he's making with this setup [Music]

we need to reach in the car beer okay we'll go up to John in the 12th yeah I went mid wall sidewalls at full throttle and we got 13.5 it's running terrain that's Richard out the city change the Jets quiet this holds 350 has seen a lot more testing than the average motor that Nick puts on his Dino but he doesn't mind a bit as always I got the energy and my healthy I could do it and I will do it forever why not enjoy this this is what I love [Music] you

- well - a 12-9 Richard go up with a jet two Jet's so you go down the row two more up yup [Music]


and [Music]

well the very quotes twelve and a half to thirteen it was registered as you've ever got change anything

384 carry getting more stuck at me it's not the result Nick was hoping for but this is why he keeps a dino in his shop so he can do real tests and get real answers if this was his own motor he'd keep trying but it belongs to a client and the client has already said that he's happy with the other setup here we open up our to test cast iron versus el Doubront the dotted line is the El Tovar mouthful we did that before and as versus the cast iron we put on today is the solid line so what you see here is that the elder buck is the way to go the aftermarket intake does seem to be wider open up top and Nick would love to try modifying the original to see if he could get more air and fuel to the cylinders but it's the client who's calling the shots on this engine and this is as far as he wants to go for now [Music]


a few days later the 350 is still on the dyno this time with the Edelbrock Performer intake back on

it's being started up for one more poll and there's quite the audience here to see in here for themselves

NIC's client Tony and three generations of his family are celebrating the rebirth of the motor for a car that means a lot to all of them

that's the thing about what Nick does he doesn't just build engines he's building people's dreams

and this dream isn't over yet you know Nick isn't going to be happy until he gets 400 horses out of the rocket v8 when he does you'll be along for the ride


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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nick and Vasilis have finished putting together this beautiful Olds V8. Now let's watch as they warm it up and stretch it out in search of 400 HP. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Basic Implosion", "Deadly Roulette", "Eternity", "OctoBlues", "Upbeat Forever" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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