Chilling Beer and Carbonation - Home Brewing Tips under 5 minutes

by: Gash Slugg Brewing

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okay just bottle me beer and thought of another tip under five minutes Tiny's idea mate so that one of the beginners so you've had your beer that's been aging aging-- it might be a week it might be two weeks you've had in the bottle might be a month and you want to try it see how it's carbonated now you can like I do another time just whack that in the freezer that's a 750 ml bottle it's what we normally bottled in which is our 3/4 of a quart pretty close to it anyway and you know whack it in the freezer 45 minutes would be cold you get it out you'll hear hiss when you open it and you'll have some bubbles and stuff now that's okay but the best way to do it or the best way to judge your carbonation is to put it in the fridge for at least two days two days you want it in the fridge for what happens the same as when you're kicking you're going to have a lot of carbon dioxide up in the top here and a little bit of pressure when these puddles cold that carbonation that co2 is going to dissolve into the beer better there's already some in the beer of course but believe me you'll get a better judgment on your carbonation of your beer and what your best like if you put it in the fridge two days it's hard to do and you don't have to do but it will give you a better judgment of what your final combinations like or what it's how it's getting you know that always get a little bit better if it hasn't finished it all depends on the temperature there's nothing wrong with having your bottles in a slightly warmer place for carbonation than you would for fermentation for fermentation you know you might want to keep it down to 18 degrees or lower for lagers which is what I usually do 18 to 20 degrees i ferment it just to keep the flavors nice and even for one of a better term but to free your bubbles carbonate it doesn't matter if it's up a few degrees more than that into the very low 20s is fine anyway that's the tip you want to test your carbonation properly and it drink your beer the best you can leave it in the

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