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welcome back everybody a broadband here today is a very special day we just got here with the pre-release of version 1.0 of the forest which means basically it's got a percentage I think all the content is gonna be in the final build of the forest I think some of the stuff they're holding back there's gonna be another release tomorrow so this is your one and only spoiler warning for this video if you don't want to know anything to do with the story click away right now because this is gonna reveal everything so we're gonna be covering the alternate ending of the forest which just got added and if you haven't seen the original ending you need to go and see that first because that covers how I get to this point right here so go ahead click the card on top right of the screen and watch my original video on the ending and that will bring you up to this point when you get to here in that video go ahead and transfer over here or you could watch the whole thing so let's go ahead to the artifact here and oh wow that is loud that it's very loud now in the old ending there was just this they've updated the you I love it here we've got three matches to revive Timmy so this presents us with a choice we could either bring down the plane or shut down the artifact now this is alive and ready so we already know what happens with this ending let's go ahead and shut down the artifact

now throughout this video I'm gonna do my absolute best to reduce or eliminate all jump cuts so you get the entire experience there may be a few silent parts but let's go ahead there we go the artifacts have been shut down now in the original ending always like turned to stone and the original ending we've got an elevator over there now in the original ending we took down a plane so I assume that plane is safe and sound though let's go ahead and go into the elevator here it seems that's the only other thing we can do we can't go back into that one let's go in and use our key card right here it's going to put the flashlight on here now I don't know if it's taking us back into the lab that would be interesting maybe there's a hidden part of the lab there's a lot of doors in there so maybe this is a secret area just wink wow we are so deep Daniel a lot of rustling a lot of sound effects I'm gonna go ahead and get the torch out for you here maybe it's a little bit brighter yeah I think that's probably a little bit more suitable so we've got some junk here by the looks of it a few books and I can incubator I'm not sure what that is that's interesting so let's continue down into the cave here there's only one way we can go oh we've got a few

oh I can equip both look at that cheeky let's keep on going it's getting kind of dark down here I feel like it's really dark actually all that we go that's much better I put the blockbuster filter on for you and there should be a little bit brighter what the crevasse let's go ahead and climb down now maybe this is the red bands area this could be it like a hidden spy I really don't know what to expect down here as you can see the cloth is also red which is a huge part of the update huge part of the update at least I've got to go underwater here so let's go ahead and get the rebreather on I don't think we can go anywhere else so we can go left or right by the looks of it doesn't seem to be anything that way so let's go this way this is such a weird experience to be in a new cave you know like in a game that's been out for so long or like in a bit early access it feels weird because we don't really get many new caves at all and this is very interesting so let's keep going this one's that coffee down here maybe a worker okay ah let's go down here I want to check out what's at the bottom here

man this cave I think we're bit cold we've got a door or bad so we've got this door right here from the climbing rope now this I must admit I had to cheat for the key to get through this door which I have in my inventory is not in this current build of the game you cannot get it legitimately so I had to spawn it in and that is this right here the artifact question mark question mark question mark we can hold in our hand right here it's a very very interesting so let's go ahead and pop it down now you cannot get this in legitimately in the game we have a very strange noise up ahead it sounds like it's coming from up there to be honest but don't pick this up what is it's our weapon we got a new weapon okay I can I can mess around with it a little bit here looks like we've got nowhere else to go through this area so let's climb back up this rope here and get back to the area I'm gonna pop this away so there is in our inventory the artifacts that we've got a new artifacts it glows blue or red yeah so we can also proceed and pop it down so let's do that shall we or we can't do that in here but looks fit so let's pop that away okay it's a lot of coffee down here a lot of coffee so apparently a lot of people been down here it's not a secret area let's go ahead and keep going through this tunnel here a lot of collapsed beams here that looks very peculiar very strange rock formation very strange

huh we've got what appears to be a breakable wall we see these in the caves quite a lot high explosives dangerous how convenient let's go ahead and just get some er dynamite and blow this bad boy out of the water

geez I wouldn't knocked me out alright then let's go ahead and proceed wait why are we gasps no I can hear wind we must be near the you know surface Hey


all right is that it are we done so there we go that is the full alternate ending for the forest that's a new content added to the game now I want you to let me know which you think is better this one or the other one where we bring down the plane personally I think this one suits a little bit better and plus you get the bonus have been able to carry on your save now when you're in that mountain base up on the top with the the artifact above you the choice you have to make is very difficult so you either attempt to bring down that plane and find a survivor to resurrect Timmy your son you've been fighting for this entire time now if you go ahead and bring down that plane you have become the person that put yourself in this situation in the first place the red man you have become the red man so you're also doing some other survivors if they survive a plane crash to have the same fate as you or you could go for this option and accept it for what it is his son's dead you're not going to mess around with any artifact to resurrect him and you just accept it and go about your day and become a recluse on this desolate island for the rest of your life I think that is a great great ending for this game so if you enjoyed this ending a playthrough and make sure to press that like button below it really does help the channel grow and let me know what you think too this ending in the comments below thank you so so much for watching I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you in the next one [Music]


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