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shut if you say you're naturally a time joke again that you didn't already say I outside you must have skipped leg day escape room today we got shadow and Joel joining sidearms in an eye today and today we're gonna be doing the red button Wow one room one door one bloodied knife one shadow beats making it impossible to read one side arms also doing the same what happened last night you need to know are you sure you want to know you need to leave be careful though no matter what happens don't press the red button hit the button are we allowed to go back in let's let's from the beginning I have an R next Oh cuz you're ready shadow no I didn't I don't hit the red button and we go back in after we beat it and hit the red so what if it spoils okay yeah there we go that's doom loading loading well I see shadow I see shit okay so these things on the wall right here behind shadow we probably need to is this the whole room man says just loading what are you talking about fuck we got rid of our worst player guys wait we can reload here and you too you're so anxious Kato you can see your time we have 44 minutes remaining we can hit hint if we need one

oh yeah alright oh my god I have a knife I don't think there's anything in here though can I not open these okay yeah what are the fuckin what's this noise probably a combination though it's against wave shit oh wait I got this people are we just try it we just start an escape room with you that is not gonna work you need to put a four-letter code in there yeah I want to read the cut assemble these on the wall yeah these have to be something yeah that's probably what we need to figure out first there's another symbol another symbol behind this thing you see good fine Joel can we move this whole thing okay so read what number of it we need to find a key to open this we need to find a code to open that and that's really all we have right now is there anything on the knife at all what if I look at these upside down I'm gonna crack my neck you know what I don't know if that teaches me anything so as are any of the symbols the same it looks like the one in the very bottom and the top right are the same right all right almost the same all right I think they're identical yes no look at the top oh that's a pattern on the wall yeah you're right they're identical and then be something that this gives us a number four right they're all pointing up boys this one is that one upside to no you shut the light off maybe maybe it's maybe it's like a black light dude well it's somebody jerked off all over the place we'd still need a black life to see the semen and the other stuff shadow you know what what was that say yeah you motherfuckers you gotta hit the red breath you gotta hit the red button to hit it whatever you do you see how oh my god fuck this game alright I know the combination now how do I look at this look at the thing that turn the light back off and then look at this but the door that opened eleven four five three I mean this one right here - it says oh where's the other one speedy how do you not see this back up oh it's it on both doors noob is handling that little safe and then we just oh boy that's the real red button so is there anything else push did he push it motherfuckers think I ain't gonna push this button doesn't want to come in here wait okay oh that's not one we want to push T il easy okay so now we have to redo everything cuz we did that find do people need to smoke weed okay 43 minutes so this gonna be like multiple rooms well is there a way to move this I don't know Wow symbol back hello five seven six - I mean it most definitely is it that it opens something yes yeah what if we how we button but click the damn door yeah goom's click the enter Wow a a martini martini that's really what it is hmm those colors down here so what's this say okay I got a little some type of code on the wall there's alcoholic drinks on the wall all right and I found this I found this letter I didn't find the courage to press the button it's a crazy alcoholic that is playing with my mind I never should be playing with weight I never should have stopped at this farmhouse to ask for help he comes every day gross at nine o'clock and takes one of us I only managed to learn one thing his favorite drink so prong is important all right I picked up the b-52 recipe and drop it on the ground so there's drink recipes in this to pick up the martini recipe is that the martini recipe so we're looking for a drink cosmopolitan is Martin a cosmopolitan is much for doing that spell Don hey there's a code right here two four six eight you guys on a plug plugged it in everywhere it's right here yeah try that why it's not gonna be the door oh my god it's gonna be the fucking same okay wait was it the door oh here's all the buttons that we would need for that thing over there then right oh wait what's two more yellows Oh more numbers over here hey more numbers over here three seven five nine I'm trying to know this is it gonna be in that order [Music] nope what three five seven nine markers we got to hit the square button that's all we gotta do oh it opens there's a I

have a clue to read all right do you remember Oh God we're fucked do you remember the number that was on the corpse did anyone pay attention to that and the first number on the corpse is the red button the reset button I hit the red button it opens up that thing fine so maybe if you get it again it is you can't go back so well I guess we're kind of screwed unless we get I'm hit hit the blue button four times side I've ever in the same color here I'll just I'll be I'll be the one who's just crashing over it's not you can't it just turns it off and on three give it four okay and then try hitting green seven times seven okay you hit yellow four times you fucking it shows up yellow for us I think but anyway yellow three times said yeah little three times you said blue you said fucking yellow three like I said I don't know my colors do motherfuckers had potatoes one two three my screen it looks like there's no blue one I don't think this is it anyway these buttons have to coordinate without at some point somehow okay anyway we need throughout this drink spelled wrong thing his favorite drink is important hey martini martini hey what hey yeah this little picture thing right here oh oh here's those numbers again three five seven nine I'm not a child I'm not amused by blocks game is there a place to put you'll put the blocks in that order somewhere right oh hey over here yeah do it so line it up like that I have three now cuz shadow sucks Harry ready where'd my block oh I'll do them all guys since no one's very good at blocks I see I mother trained me well back in the day so right here hey butterfingers who dropped the fun way I don't have a nine I have a six

oh look another six so what's that I grabbed it so it's two more windows of numbers and then a door with a nine on it so a one two three four on a left window five six seven eight right window nine as a door and 0 on the top window I'll drop it if someone else wants to look at it bruh there's a picture of a house here we still haven't figured out why the favorite drink is important yeah they're light we can turn on and on these controls are so stupid maybe we have to use these blocks first something else hey a martini martini I just don't know what the favorite drink would be important for right now we only unlocked outside so need a key for this I probably still need door code this door is not open obviously oh we didn't open the safe yeah yeah three main things this is the main thing oh we can move the numbers the blocks I hold on if you click the block something happens see you turn the box different colors so is there a code let me just drop this right here wait get the house yeah anyway you do that I don't know but it's on the red button so now it's currently possible okay so it's you see the colors the colors are changing there's a zero at the top you can if you click them they change goal okay so where was or is that code or blue so far is blue how do you know that look at the this shit over here maybe like these buttons on the wall hmm I don't think I don't think that's with that I think that's more for this but you might ever use this code 2 4 6 8 on this blue wall painting right here did we ever use 2 4 6 no no I didn't how can you use it ya know we did we did wait and it wasn't successful with anything but I try to run a video yeah I know so it might be used for this I tried making these let me just say that we are dropping these pieces of paper and we're just they're just like standing up skills but I bet the answers we need nothing that part of the group actually did we fuck up do we like not have number on the corpse from the picture shows why would we have to remember it doesn't matter they want us to look at the corpse again over here that was just letting us know that we need to find a corpse picture again so we're good on that part so what if we read those clues we got again about the brain and see if there's like an innuendo or some like type of you know mix about the wall by the way there's like it's like half bottles look at this like a light half and a dark half so they're not full bottles why is there two things of wine I don't know these could be numbers I mean it could be and you see these wet Grayson's right here we know those are tomatoes and limes nevermind I thought they were wet raisins I don't know how do we know what his favorite drink is that's like if we knew a shadow was reading and I'm not sure I didn't find a courage to press the button crazy crazy alcoholic that is playing with my mind I never should have stopped at this farmhouse to ask for help he comes every day gross at nine o'clock right it's not 9:00 yet we're almost nine o'clock and takes one of us I only managed to learn one thing his favorite drink is important so we need to figure something out with his favorite drink and there's all these drink recipes here is there any look and see if any of the bottles are like important vodka or something like that so you say your drink is no we need look at the okay look for the one that has salt and has a lime in a tomato in it okay because that's gotta be Bloody Mary okay this is it yeah Bloody Mary a vodka tomato juice salt and lemon great that's it then so we need to figure out what to do with that one okay can we is there anything on that side how do you know how did you know you need salt just assaults on the wall look at the wall there's salt although all the ingredients tomatoes lemons and salt and vodka are all in the wall right or vodka isn't maybe I don't know if I could was but those are on the walls these spell Bloody Mary Rose no I think shadow said that favorite spell wrong as you spelled the British way so I think you just making a joke about British people oh there's nothing to a spelled wrong no fucking for for Americans I was looking for stuff that was spelled wrong on the walls because I thought shadow said that was a part of the clue okay no I appreciate the great joke that British isn't really speaking racist it's my favorite hey what would you say the time was it's 8:30 right now yeah a clock on the wall it's not moving I was 9 and doesn't move so we have the Bloody Mary which might mean something because of the wall and then more importantly we have this thing we just got which we need to like click the numbers or do something with is b-52 a drink it is but it could also be a clue where do you see be done on this day one of the drink menus the cure Irish Cream Liqueur you're in Grand it something the cure boys we might be fucked here I know did we ask for a hint so we're gonna keep fighting through this here no I am we didn't do anything with the knife in the other room diddly no I feel like we can't take it with us are you sure that's not no maybe we should Oh figured not because there's uh this is box over here you would slash it open don't you slut which is well know like it's being held together not held together but it's being held shut by like a screw so I was thinking maybe we could use the knife as like a screwdriver but I'm not very good at hand simulator so [Music] trying to look for a hands this is the last thing we got typical last thing you got is an order of what you got to do next like what I mean there's five Tomatoes and four lemons and two salts 5 4 - oh my god say thank you for what that's actually important now so what's the order on here so how many 5 codes are there 1 or 1/2 of 1 so it's 1 so one of the one of the clues is 1 5 2 4 you want to try that on some shit oh my got it guys wait how are you getting 1 5 2 4 because that's the order that the ingredients are on the Bloody Mary recipe but I don't know unless I counted them wrong right there's one vodka there's 5 tomatoes there's 4 or lump lemons and there's 2 salts right yeah yeah so do you think it's only the drink so some of these other drinks have like shit on them too like this one needs juice of lemons and vodka do you think it needs to have all of them probably and I don't know if this light box might be more relevant with it oh my god what how do you zoom in oh wait that's something you guys notice I'm stupid the - no I thought you were the woman notice that no I wasn't I feel like this boxes has something to do with it 5 for some Nadia zoom a nun things you can zoom in so I just get out from here you can't when you're inspecting my second hand but like with the scroll wheel but you can't like zoom around the wall we gotta figure this shit out over here with the drinks and I hear that's the last thing that we do yeah you're right don't even miss boxes for that's an annoying sound boys we have 25 minutes which is still a lot of time so we're gonna get this um fuck me mate might be another amount as well alright so what are all the clues we have right now we have we have these buttons on the wall here that coordinate to this thing most likely right we know we need to figure out his favorite drink which at this point is there another drink that has all these things in it no I mean there's Bloody Mary but well there's also mark on Street let's talk about the let's talk about the Angels and things we ever know more than what we need like we have this note we have this sticky note with an a a martini and martini on it we have menus we have all we're supposed to do with this house we kind of just left it that's what I've been putting codes into that and honestly it might be a certain color pattern of those being the right things from this vodka shit you know any mean one five to four I can try it and each color pattern yeah so fucking annoying is there a better place to put this we put on the bed I'm like a little on the floor fuck do you not land where I put you dude gonna like turn your body it's one five to four right yes I don't even know where you would put that once you do the combo that's how we got it saying I don't know it fits into boys let me try something here all right take all these things drop them get all the you know the drink recipes and they're all color-coordinated right so do you think the one like if a drink has vodka in it it red is the first thing you put into something and then it probably goes to this thing with the colors like this one's pink and what's in a gin it's not even on the wall well is there more than there's five on their right to see if there's someone we don't need five for sure so hospitalities also vodka right does it not have Jannah thought I was a martini vodka calls I guess wine until what are you saying the comas Gordon excellent well there's four things here vodka whiskey rum wine if you divide a drink that has each one or one of each in it I was thinking maybe that red would be vodka green would be whiskey does that make sense but that's clearly maybe not it and then those colors would work with this box okay well what are the four colors of the drinks I don't know guys should we ask for him I feel so lame

there was once a painted little house surrounded by numbers fuck weird he found that unless two-four-six-eight does that mean this is to pups a haunted house Jefferson said on the thing fucking hell dude if you missed the number by an inch you pick it up oh here's your screwdriver Sarah what'd you do what'd you do two four six eight on one the house I thought we already did that number on there what's the house this city is lay oh hello what the fuck yeah would you find that it wasn't in the box how did you know is that a screwdriver open this so does that mean let's don't assume that's last boy the pills say Z Z Z and then have a yellow and then a green circle on it Z Z Z yellow green lemon lime so with the buttons do you click it four times on and off or do you click it four times in total I think probably four times total what's the first one I would say red probably the last one because it looks like red can fit on the wall over here but I might be wrong or what does the green reason one two three four five six two four six eight and then red is what five one two three four five now is that you clicking it each time coming off yeah that's what I was you can click it off click it on each time see I don't know yeah because like house again lights are still on which is weird so I think we need to turn them all off and then do it click one click off click one click off you did that with greens Tomatoes Yeller

how'd you get that shit to stand up that's impressive okay um we're back to being fucked again all right so should we look at the pills then maybe open this like so for seven three five I mean that's I don't think we're done with those buttons okay what does that say more pills oops as I dropped it geez easy blue circle yellow circle okay and then I have Z Z Z green yellow green and yellow what did those numbers just blue I believe it's blue and yellow I have yellow and green if you want to turn on the yellow and green at the same time it's blue and look it's kind of gold though someone else went mama take a look at that and see if their opinion changes us dropped in from the store in my computer screen for tonight he thinks that the purple weapons are pink so he doesn't know his colors get him away from that shit

can I see the other one Chateauguay everything is there anything else on the pills I could possibly like give us a number for the door the other pills under the table should we try should we try blue yellow green yellow and I mean did you already use the drink recipes for the numbers did I miss that what do you yeah we tried that okay do we try that on this one yet what did I come up with the drink number you set some by the number of tomatoes and the lemons okay so vodkas one tomatoes are 5 2 4 1 5 2 4 and this one we have it that's it's not gonna be the door we this box needs to be open yeah and I think this is the only this is probably this is probably gonna have a key in it which is gonna open this I don't I don't know are you asking I mean there's no way for us to like reset this box like this and we saw the numbers on the inside of this trunk you guys saw these numbers right in my mid died missa what there's numbers on the inside of this trunk where how did the black ones that's just gonna keep it did you guys try the five dollar game law there's three Z's on the h1 just oh yeah yes and then what's the Bloody Mary recipe but I could tomato juice salt lemon stop open the damn door what sorry how'd you get that just so we know if you guys sell about three Z's and then something about bloody berry it's like he looked it up - it was so we just skip shit then right theoretically well then what yeah we got the door open but what is it lead somewhere man that's blame is why do we invite siders I specifically told not to do that this time oh fuck holes there's 30 minutes less

[Laughter] you think it's seven nine one four what the fuck wait who hit the red button red button what the fuck I don't even see you Red Bull you teleported me to a room Isetta well fuck's the red button there's no red buttons here did we get split up hi Joel he's an arrow telling us to go left here yes plus plus 7 9 7 plus plus 9 2 7 + + teleported means shadow Oh shadows back no no we're back up and we're back down but we have to let go through the map again okay just stop what are you banging in with the fuck is this a never-ending loop type of thing how was it teleporting you I don't know I'm like running into a wall and his hope words me oh it's one of these things I think yeah it's not an exact square they hold on side stay right there I just transported me to yeah yeah it's like a teleporting thing tape that would check out that time any shudder were you at limbo she has a return you still trying to figure out how we got here honestly am i we might have we might supposed to be if we missed something we needed to bring into this room no I just accidentally Becky okay I rise are two pluses on this shit how do we get out of here again sure alright so you see how there's two pluses it's something something with the numbers that has to be rent unless I can you know I'm back in the very beginning room huh you're with us son I'll see you though

so are we back here I don't know why Rebecca good when you do we need to get loop there's arrows in the ground those click yeah how do I leave this room again like I knew it was going on and then side cheated now I just don't know where we are anymore oh I'm not you completely cheated these plus signs are above these two numbers right but on the other walls they're not in that same location they're like in the middle 9 7 7 3 I mean it's definitely aware that we're supposed to go to so if you add them together at 16 10 5 there's only four spots on the thing [Laughter]

specially math what no what if there's like the missing spots for the number like you have seven and nine maybe no cuz I'm why the fuck would be a plus J fill me mm-hmm yeah there's a nine over here now three four plus plus 1/9 and we done goofed it should we ask for another hint boys yeah I'm done Nate H alright I took the pills all I see now is colors colors and by out that light up oh look at that that's a hint for the last room yay but you could eat all we know no I bet you could eat the pills huh I think we had the the combos we did I just didn't know how to use a fucking button machine I never get to click one click off so that so this hint irrelevant has already out of that room yes I mean to be fair we probably would've never got here now we're only get one more hint even we get that we're not gonna have much time left dafuq does this mean are we really gonna fail it has to be something with the numbers if a numbers nation the problem is I don't know why the fuck like why is it why is it teleporting his back I'm gonna assume that's a glitch I was it not 69 69 numbers from the shit did what does the plus plus me dammit so I think um here let me a personal number oh so these are the fall what symbols divide the numbers up into okay the plus symbol they like divide the numbers up into four different sections so I'm thinkin so like seven to seven sixteen is one number I'm just just just fucking I think you're supposed to go in one direction Hey yeah like starting from this seven you got seven to seven so that's 16 and then the next subset of numbers is 3 5 oh yeah 9 1 so that's 18 and then 4 3 4 1 wait no that's 3 and remind I'm an idiot dude why do we keep telephony back sniper name to walls yeah I'm just

9 + 16 + 17 18 this is confusing a photo should be writing this down it's a 9 or a G it's a 9 but it looks like a G because whoever wrote it so ever wrote it suppose favorite with the U so I just try everything you possibly can we have a hint in 78 seconds which will probably help us with something else that doesn't have anything to do with this room so we just assign someone to try every number you should only be like 10 possibilities you know what I mean

[Music] dude why just touching the walls thank you backward fucking Yolo it's obviously 42:13 in it what is our second so the next do you think it's gonna fuck another clue since you didn't know one thing so it's like if I touch one more wall and get sent back on a freak the fuck out dude trying to look at the shit it keeps fucking me no stop guessing every number probably won't do it though I was doing a quadrant well let's wait for the next 10 20 seconds I think it's gonna tell us like do something to drink side I'd open oh really sir I guess we'll see eight seconds five seconds two seconds

[Music] how'd you do that you fucking looked it up again you're a freaking moron why would someone watch this video they can watch it live in [Laughter] wait what was it so basically since I cheated this video is just one big middle finger to your face yes I what explain yes yes that sounds even worse than fucking cheating you can't cheat if we do an actual scamp room together what's what was the number seven eight eight five why the guy just like the Wang is like I wanted no I want to know explainer I tried because I kept getting launched back to the first

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