Brownhills: Auto-Trail V-Line 635 campervan

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behind me is this v-line se the 635 model that we're looking at today is a six point three six meter van conversion based of course on a future car table it's a distinctive looking vehicle with this silver metallic paint alloy wheels and the full length awning down the near side over the sliding door like all V lines it's a classic rear lounge layout designed to be a practical and spacious two-bath in the Highlands of Scotland or maybe by a Cornish beach with a lovely view out of the back there could be no better place than than this to sit and relax you've got a big spacious lounge area plenty room to put your feet up a coffee table that doesn't get in the way and just lots and lots of room you can invite friends in for a drink or just relax and enjoy the view opening windows on both sides opening windows in the back doors as well and a big roof light above see plenty of opportunities to get fresh air in if it's not perhaps warm enough to open the back doors right round you've also got a full dining table that uses the same leg but just a bit of extra surface to cater for four wheels at night of course these long cities are big enough to act as single beds really without doing anything perhaps just take these backrest cushions off and stow them down on the floor and you've got instant single beds alternatively if you prefer a double then these base sections just pull out and of course the backrest cushions drop into the center to make a really big double bed you've got reading lights in all corners too which is a nice touch and of course a TV bracket here as well because this is the extra long Fiat van there are no real compromises in the kitchen area you've got plenty of work top even before you add in this flip up section at the beginning fitted microwave of course and then for cooking not just three gas burners but also combined oven and grill and then storage or cupboards down at the bottom but you've got four good-sized drawers as well I'm n on the opposite side of the vehicle underneath the Wardrobe is a decent-sized fridge and it's got a removable freezer compartment so you can increase the cooling space if you need it despite the relatively compact nature of this feline you've still got a fully appointed washroom with a cassette toilet a shower and a space-saving tip-up basin so if you're staying at a festival or maybe wild camping in the remote parts of Scotland you've still got everything you need to stay independent of campsite facilities

although the main seating area is of course at the rear the cab isn't wasted or forgotten on site even without bringing into play this coffee table you've still got a useful surface here perhaps on ideal for a laptop or maybe just for a cup of coffee the cab the optional media pack fitted to this particular vehicle gives you the touch screen radio with sat-nav and reversing camera and the pack also includes an 18 and a half inch flat screen TV for the rear lounge this example also has an upgrade from the one one five bhp engine to the very popular 130 bhp unit brown hills sell more autotrol motor homes than any other dealer and they stop a full range from the big tag axle couch belts down to the entry-level tributes and these v-line van conversions you

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