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well hello everyone my name is perky of course welcome back to another episode episode 3 of subnautica today I was told the closer the forehead the better you know what I gotta agree with you on that one the closer to the forehead it probably is a better idea I don't disagree with those decisions you've made right there so I'm going to appreciate your feedback and do am I've ever saved that brick he never did nothing for you okay never said it brick he never did anything for you because brookie has done plenty for you specifically in shoving his forehead very very close to you which I mean let's be honest we all want a little bit of that you know I want a little bit of that forehead goodness so with that being said or actually make ourselves a little bit of a waterproof locker right here store some of the titanium we just got now normally I need to start making habitat builders and and those habitat builders and of course because gotta remember the and parts there we go will help me be able to put a bunch of extra new stuff around because I have a little bit more stuff that I would honestly enjoy having right at the current moment but luckily I've got my oh this mobile vehicle base so much what we look at vehicle Bay as well as my C mod here so that would mean that our next step but we have a couple choices we have well we've already investigated the to life putts okay that is another message won't that changed my mind pretty damn quickly let's see yeah I didn't know how bad how many of you know you should have talked so much to your location we're gonna bring you all

man I really do appreciate the voice acting in this game honestly I really do appreciate it a lot okay God it feels so good to have this thing again okay that is the other life pod we need to go to those two things I want to make sure I have I don't have another powerseller put inside this that's okay I could deal with that for time babe well we're actually looking for for now is I need a habitat builder which comes from a wiring kit and a computer chip okay and the wiring kit is to silver which is easy computer chip is to table coral samples a copper wire and gold which I actually have I need a little bit more copper but table coral samples are easy cuz I have a knife so I could actually make these things because I indeed that habitat builder but until then I'm actually gonna go check out second officer Keens last broadcast location which is pretty far away and kind of deep I don't like that that somebody doesn't have mean good things up there's a stalker hey buddy I'm not scared of you as much anymore okay a little loud oh there it is again actually a loss stalkers here goddamn oh there's the reef backs man sometimes you you forget what a reef backs and what are simply just well what our reapers do I actually have the blueprint for the laser cutting tool yet no I don't damn it I need that blueprint to get into a lot of these areas right here which is damn it fish which is a little bit unfortunate cuz I really do need that blueprint that's important and I'm gonna have this this issue where I'm gonna keep going to areas like this and never know which one I already looked at or not I don't know which area I've already discovered so it's going to become a kind of problem oh my God look at this place so is that bioreactor um maybe gosh the seamoth fragment adds whatever free titanium dam is place is intense looking Oh keep it going actually I'm gonna stop right here for a quick second so I can snag a titanium uh it's fine and silver or sweet that's got one I did I think two more or one more maybe I only need one not yelling you one more what is down here I recognize this area this seems new maybe not new but definitely different I'd say I don't like where I am

oh no oh I do they have a map in this game yet oh thank you uh I don't I don't know how I feel about this it's a little dark out it's a little scary I don't remember exactly where this is I don't is I don't remember I honestly don't remember I see a little fish over there official that wants to bite my ass lead led damn it too much leg yeah I need some damn sand stone okay this is sandstone copper or titanium silver or gold yeah I already have go which is fine I don't know where this is this is either in the in the mushroom forest which is okay I can do the mushroom forest I cannot do the dunes if it's the dunes I'd rather die I would rather die if it's the dunes all right silver or hell yeah dr. roar yeah actually hell yeah Gold help know what hell hell yeah

I don't know where this is mushroom forest


nah I'm good nah I'm are hates it's okay I'm good what hit me oh I know the cause oh I very much know the cause i 100% know the cause nevermind nope nope that when I get my Cyclops maybe I get my Cyclops okay I'll go back there but for now for this time being that I don't think so I am NOT going to become another one of these goddamn statistics okay I don't know what hit me but something took down the 65% on my seamoth so I don't know what struck me like that but whatever it was was very unkind whatever it was was not a nice thing and I want to stay as far away from that as I possibly can all right where's my where's my knife there we go survival knife okay I need to table coral samples there we go you see now now we need that habitat builder there's a reason why we need to have a tap builder is mainly for storage and the possibility of getting new stuff like a scanner room that's important especially in this day and age because scanner room simply just gives you more stuff which is naturally important obviously but computer chip excellence wiring kit I'll advance wiring kits Oh excellent so if I can make tools habitat builder oh I can also make a propulsion cannon those are very important damn straight they are all right so now we can start base building oh wait where's my CMOS there we go we can begin our base building well we're actually going to need a pretty significant amount of titanium in order to begin our base building so I'm gonna grab as much of that as I possibly can and this storage is also titania I don't know why I have nothing a metal salvage and that's kind of dumb of me to put in there now well we're gonna need a little bit of glass to and by a little bit I mean we're gonna need quite a bit of glass but that can come a little bit later for the time being I actually want to go to the blood grass Plains I don't like this freaking place over here with second officer keen being dumb but I do want to go to the blood grass Plains because that is a nice very pretty area to stick my basin and the enemies of that area are not that yeah well terrifying me bare Foss there's they're not the not the nicest of things but there we go right on the verge between biomes that's where I want to place my base right on the verge between biomes right here looks pretty solid I'd say I'm gonna hit this fish though you I don't like that fish alright there's that shark actually this look hit right oh no I should build it on the top of this area that'd be so cool looking instead of like I can go from like little top part to top part that'd be neat oh I'm gonna do that all right habitat builder on a big bada boom all right where's that foundation foundation oh there it is oh you need lit off little these were originally only I hate that stupid thing right there I'm gonna you up now back to your little did like no damage but you know that thing okay I got another message on the radio - oh there's my scanner room no I need them I don't have the multi-purpose room quite yet that's unfortunate and it's there again you rekt rekt absolutely erect that's what I thought okay I need a compartment let's start with an x-shaped compartment this is probably a good start ernõ let's do a standard tubular compartment okay and then we can connect

there we go this will work out this will work out well you can make the hatch there oh I need more quartz okay I'll get that I'll get that hatch I need that course ready all right I'm gonna find myself of course all right let's continue the base building now I like this little I like this spot I think it's cool I don't know what I just hit little those old dude it's got to have it okay anyway I like this spot up here I think it's very cool looking it's very very neato so all right I got this I need the hatch there we go hatch assembled and now oxygen production you see it's cool to be in here but there's no oxygen which is unfortunate I also didn't realize that these two things do not like go with each other which is a little bit awkward so let's make them go with each other let's see ah here we go tea compartments excellent there we go ah we're making our or starting things up we're starting we're starting it hmm all right so what we need more right now is what we're gonna do some more foundations of course but what I do need is that scanner room that scanner room is incredibly important right now because that's how I'm gonna go ahead and figure out where a large majority of the things I need are so let us all rightie another foundation crap and another foundation I don't have the lead for that well guess who's gonna go get some more lead oh right brothers a message on this thing what's up approximate transmission origin recorded to databank approximate orange origin transmission approximate well it's in Data Bank but I'm not seeing the where is it where's the life pod there's this one which we've already you we already said V add note no thank you the other one is crap that's not good at all that's far from good he's screaming at me again up there's a shark that wants to eat me alright I need that I need two more lead your silver or ah that's one lead okay we're making our way where was that a lead deposit down ah nuts salt damn those places is covered in salt not the good kind of salt either not the fun salt not the I'm so mad so I'm talking like actual salt salt but this salt is really not used for much it's used for like preservation of food and at the most st. even then it's not that important you know I really like the preservation of food oh my god that thing's running at me fast Jesus I think really wanted my dick holy crap aha Len sweets all right we got what we need I actually it's probably hoop of me to make a beacon that might be a good idea a beacon could be incredibly helpful so I know exactly where my base is every time like I see it right over there you know this is giant Aurora wreckage which is I mean granted very cool-looking but you know uninteresting but making in the blood grass Plains is a very fun idea because there's so much cool stuff that can go on in the blood grass Plains okay so I have the lead now let us pop this thing out so well the habitat builder we have the foundation of course oh I can't make that there because my seamoth is uh is in the way okay foundation get that thing going excellent and those legs should pop out right what happened to the legs the legs are gone

I have an idea they try something let's make one quick tubular compartments X let's make two quick tubular compartments and then let's make a vertical connector one and two and then we'll make another tubular compartments which immediately makes a scanner room ah look at that you see that's just cool looking that's just that's just neato ah ha ha there we go now we're making progress all right so I think I need to make a ladder but that can come later so if we get in here we can run over here and then we make a ladder here we are ladder connects two floors so then if I want to I can climb down and here we are scan a room sweets unfortunately this place still has no oxygen so I'm going to die soon let's get the hell out of here back into my seamoth see this is the this is like 90% of the reason you get a seamoth is for consistent oxygen whenever you need it all right there we go a little tubular thing going on down there ok so what's interesting now is that this I need power without a tree but it's one I need I need power so in order to get power I have two choices I have solar panel or bioreactor now bioreactor is pretty easy to make I just need a wiring kit in titanium but I also need some blue but I can get some Lube also there's the solar panel which I can actually make now it only works during the day for the guests but it's still something so let us make that solar panel okay right ah here we go solar panel so let's place you right up here quartz copper titanium or okay I can't make another one because I'm out of quartz anymore titanium and stuff or copper or not to tell you more but you know okay power is still minimal because this is no sunlight who would have guessed that solar doesn't work without sunlight so the second thing I would need to make them would be a bioreactor bioreactor is right here needed titanium wiring kit okay complete vital signs normal detecting trace amounts of foreign bacteria continuing to monitor I don't like that I don't like that at all okay how do I make a fabricator oh that's so easy that's so much easier than it used to be table coral sapper sample and titanium lay my out of titanium oh wow I'm actually out of titanium that's so weird it never happens goddamn okay I'll go back and get more titanium oh okay but table coral sample and titanium is so easy to get plus I need a little bit more quartz so I go go over here and grab some that stuff for the base or it's one quartz two quartz three ah so much quartz excellent all right back to brick base one answer there oxygen is flowing thank you very much base climb on down here's my scanner room excellent excellent excellent okay well first things first actually I'm going to leave my base I know it's but I gotta do something real fast I need to create myself this bioreactor is the first thing first so you probably oh I know that goat bioreactor only goes in a multi-purpose room crap oh damn it okay write it someone goes in a multi-purpose room son of a bitch okay well you know how it goes oh I can't do that how do I make it how do I make something attach itself to the other I guess I really can't unless I give it a t-shape oh well that's the case almost good of these construct you would make you into a t-shape shape that's want that t-shaped compartment that's not how that's supposed to look at all no please stop yeah god damn it there we go okay t-shape there we go better better okay this will eventually become a multi-purpose room until it for the time being is simply just gonna be a two but it'll eventually become a multi-purpose room okay now that's done it done I can hear with my oxygen now I can create my fabricator where are you fabricator excellent right at the end of the hallway perfect now that you're here I can make myself some water which I'm actually desperately close to a desperately need right now excellent so now this is one of the times where it becomes very very rare that you ever even need to shut up that you ever actually need to go back to your lifeline because there's just so much here that you don't really need to need to worry about you know everything that you need is here so now that's done with I can leave and okay can I make another solar panel any other copper oh that's fine I'll get that later but the time being let's see well first things first let me drink that water slurp slurp and then I need to drop that beacon right on top of here excellent and then I'm gonna edit the beacon name it's gonna be called brick that's not how that is supposed to be brick base one hat hell yeah all right so if I ever go really far away it's right there I'll always know where my bases excellent my base is very non-functional right now and it will look a lot cooler later on I hope but for the time being it's a it's a very it's very like you know nothing special I'm gonna hatch down here just in case I want to only go to the scanner room but for the time being hello scanner room okay so I see I can look at all this fun stuff here if I want to find any you know I need new things going on so let's try let's go fragments so we can start scanning fragments I can also use the fabricator to increase certain thing it's like upgrade scanner room range speed but these are all like I'm not gonna get magnetite for a long time and the camera drone any computer chip and Magda pal I can't get magnetized anytime soon so I am looking for fragment pieces which I've actually found too but I can also wear the cameras there we are I can control the cameras as well some them out to certain places so there's a few fragments out there you see you see this isn't this cool isn't this neat oh wait actually I can use this camera because I can go super far distance away and use this to go find out what the hell's going on over here without risking my own life you see this is the nice functionality this thing you can get wait actually I'm trying to remember if this thing actually gets fuzzy it won't let you see after a certain distance oh oh oh laser cutter oh crap laser cutter piece you see this is what the cameras are for where's my seamoth seawall oh this is what the cameras are for this is the reason we have the cameras where's camera one there's camera one laser cutter piece I need that for these records Rex you see it so there's a couple fragments in there I need to get the scanner room a HUD because if I get the scanner room a HUD I can put it right here and by doing so I'll be able to visualize from my seemeth everything around the area I can find the fragments the pieces I won't need to use the cameras to find you know and that's very very useful oh is this gonna be another one I'd even knows this one it is yes oh thank goodness I needed the laser cutter like I mentioned earlier in this episode it really sucks not being able to know what's what and where's where don't look at me shark Sharkboy and Lavagirl

hell yeah oh this my little camera truck yeah little guy it's so cute those reef backs man they are loud and they're mildly frightening

I didn't realize I was that close to those things I didn't realize it was that close to war pers those are war pers ah if you don't know what they are they're either their enemies but they teleports and they teleport you and they can't with you when you're in your Cyclops but they can rip you out of your seamoth and out of your prong suit and I'll put you in a random location they do a lot of damage they're not that scary if you keep your distance but they're pretty scary if you don't Amanda because they yank you out of your important areas okay what do we got here damn that's a lot of fragments oh damn so all right let me control this camera oh it's loading that's kind of cool em I think it gets blurry or the farther away I get yeah it's starting to get blurry what's down here I need to figure out what the hell is down here I can't see very well those is getting a bit farther than I'd like

nope I gotta back up I can't go that far it's not letting me hide my visions getting too blurry that's not letting me dam mashup with a scanner room closer or maybe there's an upgrade to increase the camera range I'm not quite sure damn it oh well that's ok though I think this is gonna be our stopping point for the time beam look at all these fragments right here something that could be laser cutters or even pieces the Cyclops there could be so much here I might get those laser cutter pieces ASAP I can work my way through all these Aurora wrecks and we can really get far so thank you so much for joining me on episode 3 of subnautica hope you enjoyed your time here I've been loving these videos and I will see you on the next bye bye

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