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by: Alan Thrall

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hae-sun Allah he dogs Garvey squat debt yet Espen and a on Duvel please start so most of do squat hey Ali hope I'm a confessor is various suck Mary yeah let me get Hado what's up everyone before we get to the training footage I want to announce that I will be releasing a new video every Tuesday and Thursday from now until the end of time in today's instructional video make sure you subscribe if you haven't already so you don't miss out there's a bail that you can click on to get notifications if you like or better yet just stay on my channel 24/7 don't ever leave on Monday you guys saw my overhead press training today you'll see some squat training next Thursday will be bench press training at super training the following Thursday will be deadlift training here a ton Tim strength and the Thursday after that I'm going to release some archived footage from a few months back this summer Tony sent monadic real world tactical took me through a workout and damn near killed me I haven't posted the video because one brings back terrible memories and two it was like a three hour workout so it's a lot of editing I've also got a bulky sample diet video with a rant about you skinny guys coming out Tuesday I've got a warehouse gym tour that I'm still making some business tips for you guys want to open your own gym I've got an equipment review video a barbell review / God so stay tuned let's get to the training footage




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This workout was performed on Wednesday December 7th. I am currently following Brian Alsruhe's Free program outlined here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhUW-gnMN_Q&t=158s

Today was: (Heavy) Squats: 5x3 reps superset Jumps: 5x3 reps (Light) Power Cleans: 4x5 reps superset Pistol Squats: 4x5 reps/leg (Medium) Strongman Medley Keg Carry Farmer's Walk Tire Flip Bench Press Training coming Thursday Dec 22nd Deadlift Training coming Thursday Dec 29th Real World Tactical Workout Thursday January 5th Follow me on IG @untamedstrength Untamed Strength Apparel and Programs: http://www.trainuntamed.com/category/store/

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