Kızıl Denizden Geçişin ve Mucizenin Ispatı (Arkeolojik Deliller -2-)

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[Music] twelve hours could actually push the water to bend scientist based their study on shifting depth over waterways over time some of curse hold to this idea


[Music] they were to camp between migdal in the sea McDole meaning a fortified City or Tower

at the north end of the beach are the remains of an ancient fort still partially standing today it was once a three-story structure capable of housing hundreds of Egyptian soldiers who could have prevented any northern escape from the beach [Music] for the Red Sea crossing was camp before P hyah Roth which means mouth of a hole or Canyon as the children of Israel entered the beach they had made their way through a system of canyons or wadis and encountered this Beach at the Red Sea [Music] from the sea and has been set in concrete [Music] you [Music] features of the red granite pillar include the fact that it is of Phoenician or Hebrew design and is three thousand years old it was placed here for a reason to mark the location of the crossing of the Red Sea on dry ground [Music] this pillar is even mentioned in the Bible a pillar to the Lord at its egypt's border at the south end of the beach is where we can see the pillar a matching column on the other side of the Gulf in Saudi Arabia was found by Ron Wyatt in 1984 and was shown to Saudi authorities [Music]

on the Saudi pillar where Hebrew inscriptions which included the words Pharaoh Ms ROM or Egypt Moses death water Yahweh Solomon and Edom [Music]


[Music] [Applause] [Music]




since the earliest explorations at nueva one distinctive type of formation has often been identified on the seafloor a slender table like structure sometimes standing on end with a coral encrusted base a straight shaft and a circular top it's a 90 degree angle a right angle between something that looks like an ax ax and the weed in the midst of them punch n photographed this circular object attached to what appears to have been a broken axle or hub in D degree angles here which are a sign of man-made structure the Lord looked down upon the army of the Egyptians and he took off their chariot wheels [Music] the chariot wheel with six spokes was the most widely used by the Egyptians [Music] Egyptian chariots were known to use metal hubs in the center of the wheels using metal detectors divers have found metal in the raised hubs that are now covered in coral here we see another four spoke to chariot wheel with one spoke missing and the center raised hub the coral here has preserved the chariot parts by retaining the man-made structure even after the wood has disappeared here we see another wheel suspended on its axle standing at attention it has six folks and a raised Center hub Ron Wyatt made many dives here and located many artifacts

this could have once been a chariot cab [Music] this appears to be another round chariot wheel [Music]

horse remains have also been found here such as this shrunken hoof horses are not in the Sinai Peninsula today human remains have also been found such as this coral covered femur bone on the right lab tests confirmed that it is in fact bone [Music] other bones have also been found a cross-section reveals the bone inside the coral [Music] here we see a chariot wheel standing on its axle in this old 1978 footage shot by Ron Wyatt next we see an 8 spoke wheel with one spoke missing 8 spoke wheels were only used during the 18th dynasty the time of the Exodus [Music] you





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