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today we're looking at a rather special motorhome this guitar go chic s+ i 58 all a hundred and sixty five thousand pounds worth of it in this rather fetching silver line trim it sits on IV kodály chassis a six and a half ton rear-wheel drive chassis with a 205 horsepower engine that powers this monster vehicle along and it can actually tow up to three and a half tons so not your average Motorhome and you will have to make sure that your driving license is up to coping with such a beast before we go inside though let's have a look at some of the features that make this vehicle different and special on the outside like most continental a classmate of Holmes the only cab door is on the passenger side but it's not really an issue because you have got the habitation door on the other side as well and on this fan you have got an electric step for this door which is an unusual touch external storage is a little different to these hatches lift up couch style and you've got double floor storage right the way through full width of the Motorhome so masses masses of external storage and you really can use it in this vehicle because you've got well a standard 1.3 tons of payload potentially if you go for a heavier chassis as most people probably will well over 2 tons of payload now when you see the size of the garage you'll appreciate that you really could use all that capacity plenty of room to carry a motorbike bicycles barbecues outdoor furniture whatever you want on your holiday sporting gear it can all go in here there's plenty of room and plenty of payload and there's also an external shower on the far side so if you've got stuff that gets mucky you can just quickly hose it off there's a 235 litre freshwater tank too so you won't run out of water in a hurry of course the iveco has got twin rear wheels as well as rear wheel drive so plenty of traction especially useful when you're towing and then the habitation door well if you used to the flimsy sound of a lot of motorhome doors listen to this more like a bank vault and then the step well that does a bit of a party piece too despite its eight and a half meter length driving this guitar go is not actually as daunting as you might think part of that is down to the ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox which really does make driving an awful lot easier and that is super smooth it's as good as any automatic gearbox in any modern car visibility is great too with these twin lens bus style mirrors which give you fantastic views down by the sides of the vehicle but one of the big differences compared with some a-class models is the view out of the windscreen to the front of the vehicle you can actually see the road much closer to the vehicle because of this sloping dashboard it's a Qatar go sales point and it really is worth looking at now this steering wheel might look as if it belongs in a 1960s aphromoo sports car but it does have a purpose when you arrive on site you just undo a couple of captures and it lifts out of the way to make swiveling this seat much easier

there's a bit the trademark guitar go feel to this lovely six seater lounge all trimmed in beautiful leather the round table well six of you could get around the round table no trouble at all and it slides out of the way or to one side when you don't want it although it is permanently cited but the things I really like are the TV very neatly just slides up from behind the sofa and then when you've finished watching telly the sofa just pull a strap so that you can really relax

at first glance this might look much like many other European motorhome kitchens but there's a lot to say this Corian star worktop is very nice the sink cover flips in and makes a little work top there the tap has a shower hose style extension this kitchen roll holder even an egg timer then all the drawers and there are lots of them lock and unlock centrally and if you forget to press that button when you drive off it does it for you draws include bottle storage waste bins everything you could think of really they've even provided Qatar go brandy glasses then over on the other side you've got the usual fridge freezer and tech terror with the oven and grill up and up above but you will want to be tall to cook in this motorhome if you're using that oven in grill it's very high even for me another Qatar go speciality if you like is these clocks over the door don't they look very yacht like and then hidden behind this translucent panel are the control panels for the inverter the Aldi heating and general lights and water systems and so on and and of course the satellite dish but the translucent panel hides them away so that the lights don't disturb you at night and then the double floor doesn't just offer storage from the outside of the vehicle there's storage from inside and also access to key servicing issues like the water pump fresh and waste water dump rails and so on let it up a small step to the ensuite bedroom with twin wardrobes on either side of the bed and a third wardrobe here next to the shower now the shower isn't just any motorhome share it's got this sort of power shower unit at the top and a little handheld share as well to reach your extremities then on the other side of the vehicle the toilet room door actually folds around and shuts off the back half of the vehicle is a private area the cassette - has its own special feature when the cassette itself is full you just press a button and as an optional extra then you have this sewage tank which will give you much greater independence from site facilities and emptying facilities there's just a curtain to provide primacy between the bedroom and the shower toilet area but once you're into the bedroom water bedroom it's got a really good sized Island bed with good access from either side and then these wardrobes have a neat touch in as you open the door they bring the hanging rail closer to you about that true a neat little touch another neat little touch is these recesses at either side of the head of the bed so you got somewhere to put your reading book glass of water your specs whatever at night so if you want the ultimate in German quality a bit of style and a vehicle that you really could live in long-term take a closer look at this S Plus and if you're not completely sold on the iveco version they do the e line which is pretty much the same thing on a Fiat Ducato Alko chassis right some is coming I think all I need to do is heat up the speedboat and well coach Jazeera here we come


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