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what's up fellow key pop fans and fellow dreamer armies army dreamers I can't remember what how I'm supposed to word that Maggie's here again for another video I'm not gonna introduce you as a special guest thing where you've been in enough videos Oh Maggie was standing because Jasper was sitting in their chair but uh he left because the moment that he knows that we are recording he's like I'm out of here in this video we're gonna be checking out BTS is live performance at KBS song festival I'm super excited to check this out Jay hopes up here with like the purple and I love purple you guys know that but Jay hopes doing a little bit of this and he's a goofball and I love him yes you are I'm a goof all myself that's totally true and that's why I relate to goofballs and often times honestly musicians can be goofballs check out this amazing drink I made bass player bass players yes we are usually goofballs but we're also sexy but check it out you guys look at this awesome drink I made for Meggie and for myself thank you it's Seltzer with fresh limes lemons and raspberries baby that's right we are very fancy here on dream you get right but anyways super excited to check this out man we just we were recording our reaction to the twice performance at the Song Festival at the very very end we're like oh man I hope because we've got beat up we've got the New Year's Eve thing going on and a TV or because we want to watch BTS when they come on we just finished twice right you'll see it at the end of that video spoiler alert spoiler alert you're gonna get spoiled BTS TV we freaking ran over there is still recording so I ran back I grabbed there and I'm filling in so BTS makes a special guest appearance in that video and I think it's gonna be fun I don't know yet we don't know yet but it might be cool might not be cool we'll see who knows maybe we have to cut that out might be too dark alright enough of the long intros absolutely pretty short intro 4-minute let's dive into BTS performing at the KBS song festival right now [Music] there you go dory worldwide handsome and I know that they don't say money they're

so proud of these guys man everything that they've been doing is so awesome I know when you listen the radio and you've heard they've been playing on the radio stations here you guys mic drop has been playing here it's the one with designer in it which I do have a problem with that song and that is that Jay hopes were at this missing and I love Jay house for just saying just be nice don't you agree with me Oh Oh God Jaeho obvious all this kick on yeah yeah

yeah you know what's bad you guys I acted the same way and all of these are like teenage girls so I don't know I'm telling you I'm gonna get a tank of the ear I've got my ear pierced

I'm your hope j-hope

oh here we go the magical time is coming come to the magic shop now take off your mask and open your eyes that sounds cool

[Music] the sugar playing piano right now it would not be cool I'd be badass awesome

that's really cool [Music] it's different version spring it is [Music] cool

oh yeah there's the band yeah a lot of the dreamers were telling me that they played with a band love the organs and their pride dude good dude RM has an awesome looking microphones different colors though yeah but I think rms was gold but jimin's is silver so is v's I think I'm idiots yeah [Music] this is a cool version man Jin sounds fabulous so jungkook they all deal I'm just saying

worldwide handsome is back and forth right there [Music] I just think it's awesome

I love that j-hope can sing any Koran and he can dance like a monster I just say it and he's a goofball [Music]

I love the choreography for this it's so good dude this is so good and getting to hear then with a live band it's so much better than here just having a backing track you know it just is [Music] I loved it so damn good [Music]

[Music] oh no there's a pop yeah I don't know if it was something that happened there or something that happens Oh Cole dude [Music] that pin is freaking me out dungeons throat does that thing opens up man it's gonna stab them you to think of all no no I would be so nervous Oh Oh did you see sugar is this Leggio and listen to the music dude which one don't recall the recovery part of the day the band sounds fabulous though it really does that's what I'm saying man all of these groups should play with live bands cuz it sounds so much better and as an artist like as a singer you're gonna feel it so much more you're gonna get into it more too and it just it there's more liveliness to it

Oh No

[Music] I think they fixed it I don't if you guys noticed I think Maggie notice definitely something went wrong with the microphones there Jimin you mean oh yeah yeah no because I was thinking for the show gotta is he drops it drops it no I think they had to gain like high or something I'm not sure what happened they got through it though man very professional and that's hard to get through to you know why

you know I'm not under censure I don't think I've heard you saw before [Music] still

sound guys gonna get his ass kicked after this [Music]

[Music] I like the song a lot I heard this little bit Burfoot I don't know where I heard [Music] that's really cool let's look at all they take German yes I think we missed everything because we were talking but Jim and I think was hitting we caught it later [Music] it's cool how they had the singers now they're going to the rapper is announced which it alpha changes

jayhawks is killing it

[Music] you're the guitar it's badass he sweat on there yeah

oh I love that sugar that was cool what are those drums man dude these guys are such good rappers I'm just saying man

it's not so good I know it really does yeah I love you know I don't know if I really talked about this that much but just sugar has that thing that he does with his voice it's a little bit Marilyn Manson ish I think I have said that before a little bit but I love that man

I think it was one of the August Eve I asked things yeah yeah yeah oh cool the guys are coming in back there that is so cool dude I wish I could play with them you know what I mean yeah hope they change that quick oh they were just wearing jackets that's right you freaked me out at first

hell yeah oh yes [Music] did you guys hear those awesome vocals right there yeah hell yeah dude those stabs

yeah dude I wish they'd turn up the group the band just a little bit water yes because they're really pounding away at it and it needs that

there's a really cool bass line in this song that I really love is that doo doo doo doo doo doo doo it's cool man you can't hear it no there is a bass player playing he's kind of hidden in the back you don't really see him that well but there is dude Wow I was saying this about twice to BTS should released this version of DNA like a studio version of it rock version so good right yes isn't that guitar [Music]

I love that too I wish you could hear a little bit like that [Music] yeah

the fans freaking out they love it that's awesome that was cool I never noticed that j-hope does that weird like folding thing that was awesome listen to him breathing they sounded great dude vocal son of fantastic I love that version not sure there was life since ooh this is gonna be cool nah nah anyone


that sounds fabulous you guys

so awesome good [Music] that was cool

j-hope like kicked my god yeah kick it break the wall or the class they're well done to somebody over there what happen results gone Oregon shot the cannons cannon oh okay

the camera works a lot better on this than it was on ma mas but sometimes it is a little disorienting here - but you think so because I'm trying to focus on the guys dancing but so far oh yes I agree because they're doing it peacefully


it's going crazy man if we love our there will be crazy zeal


[Applause] sugar oh no that was it that was kind of short oh it wasn't sure it was 22 minutes that was awesome you guys damn it with the microphones right hmm I bet BTS is pissed about the microphones yeah I don't know what's going on though I don't know either I've never had that issue before point in life where like my microphone just gets super distorted and stuff yeah - closer to the speaker it's like it when you're gay no that's that would be it wouldn't be feedback I feel like you know what I think was happening you guys because they have two different microphones going on here like you've got the microphones that are connected to your head kind of thing whatever you call those like a headset but then they also had the microphones that they're holding on to I think the mixer is trying to turn on those at certain times and then turn off the other ones at other times and go back and forth so I think he was messing stuff up no it's - yeah being a live sound guy is a hard job and I've done it for a while like for Ruth long time you guys imagine playing bass singing and have to do the sound it's almost impossible but when you're doing something at this such a huge thing and you've got mics going everywhere it can get a little hectic at times but damn it why did it happen why did it have to happen to BTS like but what's cool the professionals they got through it whatever but it's unfortunate that that had to happen that's such a cool performance you know what I mean in that DNA the DNA was that the that was the star for me that was really cool like guitar part in the bridge or whatever yes I know it was during the courses actually

playing different in different parts yeah I know it was cool man really cool and what an awesome choice to have a live band I say it all the time that these groups if they have I've been in it's just gonna make it even better even bigger you know I'm saying I really enjoyed it a lot I just feel bad about the microphones still they're still awesome I just wonder I don't know exactly what could do that I know like if the game like there's different types of levels right if the gain was up it would distort it like that like sometimes if your microphone is too hot and you get really close to it like this like even right now this microphone isn't so hot that it's going to distort but if you have it where it's really touchy and you get too close to it it could distort because of that because moving around maybe but I mean microphones like that those expensive as microphones how they're using they should not be having issues like that and and also it was multiple microphones it was more than just one person's if it was just one person's I could see like oh they bumped into something and they mess it up or it's sweat a lot of spit a lot of saliva and other bodily fluids who the hell knows gets into microphones they should be able to handle that I mean at times yes I can mess something up but that should be okay it's it's it's on the the guy in the back whoever was mixing the sound he did something wrong and I feel so bad not only for BTS but imagine how that dude feels he's probably because they have so many people have to manage the band sound yeah so it's not just all of them yeah bunch of people the rule is set it and forget it remember that you guys that's really how it's supposed to be you should be able to just set the board beforehand which maybe he didn't have enough time to do that but then you can just step back and then if something needs some tweaking then you can do it but besides that you shouldn't have to be messing too much with stuff I think what complicated it was having to switch back and forth between the microphones I think that's what was going on so he could have been or maybe he was eating Cheetos or something and he slid the song if he made those the sliders go to hot something out there but besides all that you guys are me this was an awesome performance these guys always just put on such a good show and the fact that they did that had a live band and had such differences within the songs that they performed fantastic we always so excited to watch their performance oh yeah yeah we ran away anyways you guys we're running out of camera here so we can't talk too much anything you want to say about performance before we go already fine dreamers keep on look happy new year happy new year don't forget to hit subscribe if you haven't already and if you have thank you so much for becoming an army dreamer we love you guys and thank you so much for the support dreamers keep on dreaming we'll see you in the next video and until then yeah

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