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I got my eye on you kiddo is only natural I have been your enemy for much time but I have seen error from my ways yes yeah we'll see about that I ask you all that you should take me somewhere I could be resting up and then I get back to my own business and I never bother in you again may heaven strike me dead if I lie My dear young prince yesterday you are showing yourself to be a true leader a wizard Oh cut it out will you with only power of your mind you are lifting up largest rock in the world then you are destroying ego cap I'm not in the mood for your old banana oil I'm very sorry you'll be polite to him kinder hospitality is sacred to us he came to us in peace and that is how we must accept him ah this is where a luxurious tent all comforts from home and one was what delicacies he is preparing for us Google the bed we have to get the crystals going on the map if not we risk missing out on the next appointment I know but we have to get rid of snart cough first I don't want him to know we're even today for instance it's my famous couscous and sauerkraut true exquisite and appetizing

well our little luncheon seems to meet with your approval starch cuff give it some zing I am forgetting I am on diet

wonderful we are one big happy family such beautiful union oh unbearable is the only word yeah it's even worse when he tries to act out goody two-shoes he's walking into the woods how could I being such a fool as to thinking only from oil and money when is such a beautiful world surrounding me do you think he means it talk about gullible know that I am once again friends with fur hunt I feel in your life should the beginning one thing is sure we don't take our eyes off him for one second what's the matter snorts cough he's disappeared the crystals the Mack no everything's here I didn't I wonder what's with him well let's go get some breakfast you should taking some healthful exercises before eating your highness you must keeping yourself in front for your instructor once the obsolete baguette run early as will you I'm in perfect form Holly would you leave the exercises

nitrite you slugs lighten up and make it snappy excuse me I have a phone call to make extend your arms bend your knees let's see some action headstand kicks

macmaine we picked up the third fragment of the shara man but the visit to koala park didn't last long enough no love a duck don't you ever miss a nice English Meador with some nice English cows on it no I only miss you daddy oh and where did you pop hurt from your little sweetheart are you lost and sorry daddy I'll have to call you back later so much for daddy eight blew me good thing she misses me all that fiercely we're going straight back to mommy break my fast way to adventure weaklings I agree with Ben I'm starving yes we go back to things I cook a nice Ukrainian meal now then love you where's mummy oh good morning mrs. koala you not afraid at all are you you understand him a good friend of yours you're going to introduce me to your whole family is that it there's so many of you will have to organize a lovely homecoming party

shadow stop them curses man where did flush both go over then hope your plane come back at once I'm sorry butts today not be virtuous is too much what my heart

untie her and go away do not even thinking of escapement resign yourself class of its Amaya you are my prisoner oh yes dearest wish from my heart by the way finally give channel where we'll next fragment of magic crystal appear registration number three

after more than 900 years of preparation it's finally ready how about a little explanation Ali huh it's one of the greatest enchantments my old masters nm ever came up with that place and gig well how does it work easy anyone who drinks it turns into another person trying to break into snatch cuffs building would be suicide to buy myself into smart cough go to his office and free tilde if you're trying to pass for a lion at war just put on a Maine Sun and learn how to roar of course nobody's going to see through it just a done minute this year pricing gig is like very very powerful it'll make you look just like snatch car from the get-go but you have to be fast if you don't scarf down the antidote by sunset you'll forget about being fire hat and your plane into snatch cough forever okay if you love to it

disgusting yeah the person gig wake time for hat but northern is shadow now ain't that curious what do you think I'm still me though aren't I lean what at least until sunset hmm the girl she is not talking and Farhad he is not yet rowing up the time has come to take care of another little matter

I was expecting you Abdul snatch cloth I imagine a master that you might be feeling a slightly bit upset for what I am doing down there in Australia I just like being betrayed but I let you go ahead do you know because it was part of plan wait I want I should show you something try to guess whom I am currently keeping prisoner and Patrick love milk I don't need yes I see everything then you know that I am kidnapping Tilda but you must acknowledge astuteness not bad for a stupid mortal yet at times games gets too complicated snarl off

don't worry about a thing early okay I'll get it done lay off using your own voice you gotta remember who you are yes you right yeah hopeless haha what you are done you lazy for foof nix your evilness we are always small time yeah I'm not paying for you to sleep on drugs now look lively of course your perfidious Ness that stinkpot 500 be showing up at any minute keep your eyes peeled yes sir what you are waiting for you idiot hope you got once these new pieces of glass get to work move your what are you doing here we thought you'd gone to the forbidden desert you are telling me when I saw going is no no no forgive me sire no Theodore I could just telling me a prisoner is still where I am leaving her oh yeah she's still in your office in my office fine I will just taking away their end but you're awesome miss your personal elevator is the other way of course my drug I was just testing to you but but you've you all right you are doubting me

I can't wait for this to be over look who's going into your office snorts coughing person or so it would seem I mean what is going on our potions elixir has given flat your appearance it was a clever move but a very risky one as well Tilda I can't do in speaking with my own voice anymore no it's coffee or poor excuse for a human being to make me look like such you can come up with something better than that you have to believe me Tilda there's no time to lose we've got to get out of here leave off your play-acting and not about to fall for it will do you screw ain't you where did you get them what have you done to fire how do you monster what I can do to convince you I know what's this see they come back to me

tell me what I can do to set you free go to the computer on the disk press the bottom key capturing them yes sure hello you are daring interrupting me imbeciles here evilish we don't what you are dog arrest him you are not understanding this is that Fathead Farhat who is disguising him score he's all the way around the Shire therefore you must obey me tell me the truth I don't really know what to do miserable clod don't you see he is not me he is Farhad taking off mask excellent idea try pulling off my beard see how far you get yes liar

get away from me it's so romantic you risked your life now we know the truth you're for it mate getting away from me I take a little safer play your order your people to know you are waiting for her to get away quiet and take off that stupid false beard

my compliments farhat you put one over on snart scoffs what you won't find me such easy pickings no I'm a little more astute than our Ukrainian friend how will you turn back in the forest without the antidote

you should have seen him around it's just the same thing because I am a large cloth I am your precious Ally oh no you are nothing much to begin with and now you are nothing at all thanks to Ally stupidity I now have a new ally Farms but you must look and you cannot or you can do anything I want the predestined paladin of good now passes into my service farewell you think er enough just trying to help you there's got to be a way company to see - I must drill gosh refine sell howling sandstorms the transformations irreversible now but Hut please come back to us not telling me what I should be done nothing we can do this isn't right there is nothing you can done to stop me because I will become massive one

so far do you like your new life tell the truth you likey though don't you it gives you pleasure and strength ah it makes me wanting to have more and more to have everything I want to turn the coercion into cease from petroleum this should not be difficult for someone like you no certainly not but what about the poor people what will happen to them they cannot adapting to a new situation let them die we are going into action we must destroying these miserable case tonics are you really willing to go so far as to destroy the Sharaman for of course is insurance policy for triumph of e will I let myself be called like a lame-brained fat head can you hear me your majesty Oh shadow I'm so glad you're here has something happened to father heart I feel a barrier has been raised between him and me we're losing him your majesty we have to do something to save him that's coming what the crystals down there we'll get rid of them once and for all new da master Shinigami show anger now is your chance for hearts crush them with a rock crush them into dust forever

person little spirits why is she still wandering free it is keeping my mind but as soon as I am destroying Sharaman I am putting little match in their place the stores on do not betray your heritage I beg you silence no foolish words will stopping me I guarantee you do you remember this are you waiting for

shadow clear the way yes hot you can hit me what they'll be dead long before the crystals get here hurry hurry

mother father I'll be back I swear yes you're me back to die with your

didn't you ever hear tell but well there's life there's just can't believe you're here it's a freaking miracle no it's no miracle it's our destiny you'll never beat us a head of us that means he is no longer myself enough of this chewing the fat get into action and make it quick show me I wasn't mistaken and Willy see you know not worried not worried you're not making mistake I find the miserable brat farhat and this being

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With a dirty plan in mind, Rashid kidnaps Tilda and brings her to Petroglobe Palace in the Emirates. In order to rescue her, Farhat transforms himself into Rashid, thanks to one of Alì’s powerful potions. This strategy works splendidly, but the antidote to the potion is then destroyed by Egohkan. Farhat remains in prison in the form of Rashid, even assuming Rashid’s own wicked personality. For Egokhan, this is a great victory: the predestined champion of Good being taken for a faithful ally. The true Rashid, by then out-of-step with his double’s malice, is isolated in the prisons of Petroglobe. Tilda and the others do everything possible to help Farhat, tracking him to the depths of Egokhan’s wicked mazes. In the end however, the sweet voice of Farhat’s mother, Dolunai, is able to revive her son’s true soul, saving him from the awful spell.
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