Jeulia 3PC White Sapphire Wedding Set

by: Tizzy-Licious

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hi guys so we're going to take a look at the Julia three-piece three carat radiant cut created white sapphire wedding set um it's a three piece set we'll get into that for a second I just want to read a little something from the website that comes in sizes four through twelve there are quarter and three-quarter sizes available under certain numbers size for size 10 size 11 and size 12 all cost $20 extra and you can get an engraving done inside for an additional $20 this here is the box that it came in and as you can see is a much larger than your regular ring box and it has two drawers with little ribbons to pull them out and we're going to start at the bottom the bottom drawer has a little gift bag in it and inside the gift bag comes your card if you're giving as a gift and inside of here is a polishing cloth for cleaning up the silver we're going to stick that back in there you know what everybody is awaiting for the Rings the Rings themselves also packaged in a little box and inside we have our rings now I got five fingers so this is a jumbo size ten ring set for me if you're going to go the traditional route and use this as like a wedding ring set this would be the engagement ring we can take a look I've got four stones on each side of the larger stone get this little swirly design under the front of the stone same as on the back and because it's not actually lifted I was trying to figure out um what metal this is because it just says white sapphire wedding set but inside there is a 9.25 stamp there's a 925 stamp in there so that stands for silver it says Julia s 925 that's what it says in there so there is the engagement ring part and we said size 10 that's how big my fat fingers are so there it goes fits perfect to size now we're going to look at the wedding band parts and these have these surround the main engagement ring there are four stones on each side for each band and then there's five Center stones that will go around the main ring so we'll go ahead and pop this down so you can see the set together is that beautiful absolutely gorgeous or just gorgeous gorgeous my only thing is with it being so sick that I would actually need to go up a tiny bit I think for the bands otherwise it could be a little uncomfortable to wear for me um right now it's actually not too bad so there's that and I love this I just think it's absolutely beautiful it's like a lot of bling but not being too much bling I don't know if that makes sense to you it's just not like a huge show-off piece but it's very nice and flashy at the same time so there you go and you've got it up close and personal I will put a link down below if you're watching this on my youtube channel make sure you go ahead and hit that subscribe button give me a thumbs up if you like some of these put items that I show you and if you're on my blog taking a look at this you make sure you hit the subscribe and enter your email that's over on the right sidebar up top you'll be able to find it nice and easy and subscribe I have giveaways and all the stuff coming up soon so make sure you're in the loop so you don't miss out

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