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modern you guys it's Karen and I wanted to do another puppy training video I've only done one I did a video talking about how to train your puppy to use a bell to go outside for his business and that's what our Watson does and it was very very easy to train him and enjoyable and it really really works well for us other than of course he means it to just go out and play as well but those of you that follow my vlog channel regularly will know that I had a huge problem with separation anxiety with Watson as a puppy what's then well actually not just as a puppy he's still a puppy now but it it was an ongoing problem Watson is known 14 months old so he's still considered a puppy until he's 18 months not much longer till he's my adult dog rather than my little baby although always be my little baby of course but yeah we really struggled with it and I think that we made quite a few basic errors when we got him this is our first dog as a couple both of us had dogs in the family when we were children I grew up with dogs but this was our first dog with just us though we were definitely inexperienced and I would do things completely different this time around okay coaches left when kept here I feel really weird talking when he's like in the vicinity I know that strange but never mind so what was I saying yeah we were inexperienced and didn't really don't have to handle it and there was a lot of people telling us to just leave him and I don't know in hindsight maybe wish it off so let me tell you what happened with Watson so Watson is the only dog in this house hold on we got another puppy and the kind of separation anxiety started almost immediately like within the first week and by that I mean we tried to leave him in a try to put him in a playpen and if we left him in his playpen he would scream and try and get out the first mistake we made was we tried we decided we would do it slowly and Kev sat in the room he took a day off he sat in the room and he I'm just going to sit and read my book and we're going to get through this first bit we'll let him scream but I'll be in the room so he shouldn't be frightened you know that I've left and then we'll start leaving him for a few seconds that's what they tell you to leave for a few seconds build up to a minute build out to five minutes that kind of thing so this is what we decided but it didn't stop at all and so we've got a trainer out and she said first thing she said it's the worst thing you can do is be in the room because you're excuse me you're putting yourself it's like putting a donut outside of your reach and you really want a donut you're not you know within reach but it can't reach you you know so and she said the first thing you need to do is do what you were doing but you need to be outside of the room so we tried to do that and it just didn't seem to be working and whenever there were occasions I had to leave him because I was working at the time I was working from home but I remember I had a meeting and I would leave o most stomach would churn when I knew I had to leave the house and I would get to the door and we started off with him in the kitchen behind a security gate that's where we started and the playpen just did not work out we gave up on that so we started him off in the kitchen behind her security gate and he would scream and like throw himself at the security gate and try and get over it but he just wasn't going to manage it and he could see the door directly so that was just awful for me because he just he was in such a state you know and I went away thinking what if he gets and so stuck it between the bars or hurts himself trying to get over it what if he gets to the top and then falls you know there were so many things in my mind that it was just awful so then we tried him in the crate because it was created when we got him at night we created him in fact no we used his crate all the time at first and he seemed to love his crate but they just got to a point after a few months where he wasn't keen on going in his crate and we took the decision to let him out of his crate most of the time to this day he has his crate and he loves sleeping in it when he comes back is with the walker now when he comes back he'll run in and he'll guys it's correct but we never now close the door and we never leave him in it but we decided at the time let's try its crate and see if that works so we created in the way that I checked what was going on apart from obviously me leaving was a video camera I just put a camcorder in front of the crate and I would switch it on when I went and I'll insert a clip here of what happened the last time we created him so I put him in the crate left and it just wasn't good it was absolutely horrendous and when I watched the video back I was really really upset and I just thought what are we gonna do you know we tried to think could we leave him in the living room but the other reason we stopped the kitchen throw a bit a bit disjointed but hopefully it will make sense to you is we'd like videoed him jumping up onto this not right onto the side boards but he can get access to the thigh boards so I knew that I needed to move him away from the kitchen we've eventually settled on the hall actually that was the best place and that's what's worked for us and he still has a view of the door but there's a good reason why he doesn't now mind us leaving so it wasn't it wasn't that what some what separation anxiety to me was suggested he didn't like being separated from me or from keV but it wasn't necessarily the case because he was always extremely happy to go to daycare and still is now if we go to daycare he like he doesn't even say goodbye to us you know years off he's super excited and he goes in there and he's always been that way but not in every situation like I remember we went to see my friends and I went to the bathroom and he was widened with the fact that I was in the bathroom you know didn't like that he was away from me there but it was more being left on his own was the prob for him as opposed to the separation so I got another trainer in and during all this time of course we have tried to leaf in him for a few seconds building up it we just never could build it up because I couldn't even get to the door without him being in a state the first thing I've tried before we got another trainer out was conditioning so one of the things you couldn't do is to deep condition is not the right word but he obviously knew the cues that I was going to go out so it was meeting my Co bunking my shoes on getting my bag on checking the doors were locked I usually go for a way before I leave and he'd start getting worked up and I could tell he would follow me around and be really anxious he knew that I was going to be going and he was getting worked up and said that the time we both left he was worked up when I was worked up so I read about this deep conditioning so I just don't do any of those things or I do those things throughout the day without him without actually leaving so what I started doing was I put my coat on walk up and down take my coat off I put my shoes on and leave my shoes on I turned the keys in the door I'd open the door I'd shut the door and I did this for a few days constantly and he did start to get used to the fact that opening the door did not mean I was going turning the keys did not mean I was going go in and collecting my keys from where I keep my keys did not mean I was leaving and it definitely did they're not the problems with that that they don't tell you about when they're advising you to use this kind of course of action firstly you have to keep that up forever because well for us it I needed to keep it up because the minute that I stopped taking my keys you know turning the keys during the day then again became associated with leafing and the other thing was that despite all the conditioning you did at some point leave I did at some point leave the house and he would then realize and he would then get anxious and he would start screaming and jumping at the bars and all of that so despite the fact that you might deep conditioned them to all of these cues you still are going to leave at some point so that wasn't really the solution for maybe that I was very anxious when I was and that made things ten times worse because he could sense my anxiety for sure the other thing that we tried was a lot of we would live in Kong's with peanut butter with cheese with everything that he loves to eat we would leave but he wouldn't eat it he would not touch it he didn't get so far as he never had an accident other than when he was a very small puppy and that would have been more to do with him being a puppy than the separation anxiety and he didn't draw so he wasn't an extreme case from that point of view because those are the signs if your puppy is drooling has accidents when you're gone its destructive they are all signs of extreme separation anxiety wasn't quite that bad his actions were bad like I said screaming throwing himself at the bone it's another sign of extreme separation anxiety because that means it's actually physiologically affecting them that they no longer have any interest in any food their own only goal is to get out and find where you are and to not be alone and I remember at the time actually somebody at work really really feeding me right off because I think she asked what I was doing at the weekend and I said that he was going to stay with my friend because Kevin I needed a dinner date we needed to go out for dinner because we hadn't been out for so long and you know it had been a really stressful time etc and she sits me you do know it's just a dog you just need to leave it and I felt that somebody that doesn't know dogs at all she has cats but she doesn't obviously know about dogs in it what I would say about that is it's dangerous separation anxiety is dangerous it raises their blood pressure it makes them more and more anxious which doesn't do them any good at all it makes problems with their digestion but worse than that there's been cases of dogs that have gone through a glass window that have tried to head bathroom walls and have injured themselves like it's the real problem so it's not something to be just thought of all right some people believe just leave them screaming and they'll get over it and I'm sure there are cases where they do just get over it but that would not be my choice at all so we got this on the trainer out and he was absolutely brilliant the first training we had I talked about it on my blog at the time not my cup of tea didn't like the woman at all and actually she didn't give us in Solutions anyway this guy turned up and he was absolutely brilliant and it's funny because I had said to him I wanted to spend the hour that he was here talking through everything and I wanted to give me answers I didn't really want to do anything practical I just ought to talk had all this whole list of questions and I wanted answers to them which is typical me I like to control situations but he arrived with we did sin talk and he did or immediately do a couple of things with Watson and he said right I just want you to get out and walk out the room and I want to watch what he does and he was watching to see if what some was up to me and and what I was doing you know and it did turn into a practical session but he was 100% right to direct it that way and it did just work and the first thing he said is you've got to stop I bothered him he said you leave the room and you look back at him with a worried look on your face like oh you all right and he said you've got to stop that because you're giving him anxiety you are saying well I'm leaving you you do you think you'll manage kind of thing so that was it was good that he had you know the balls if you like to tell me that and the other thing you said to me which was really really encouraging but also sad was that he had never seen a dog as anxious as Watson or gets worked up as Watson because when anybody went past the window sometimes what some can lie and ignore people at the window but he other times everybody going past regardless if it's an old woman children other dogs or whatever he howls and jumps at the window and just goes crazy and he said he's very worked up and he suggested a few things but funny enough I was already doing them but they'd be great for you if you haven't already tried these go immediately and buy them the first one is max econ tablets in fact mitigating those said to me try max accom tablets I already Newsmax accom they are liver-flavored tablets 120 in here and what son loves them so it gets one of these a day crunches it quite happily I don't know how much of a difference it makes because it's it's never been off them since then it can see with me and I think it's hopefully it's mostly the behavioural changes we've made and some of this I think is hell then I also do in one of these which I know it's in a Mac but it's actually Valyrian and skullcap and I just use a pill pocket and dip in one of these something else you can try I haven't I gave him one one evening and it didn't seem to do anything these are a California Poppy extract they are they're quite big capsules and I don't know how to give them a big capsule without a huge thing of corned beef or cheese or something and then sometimes it gets it the capsule out so you have to give in some more it's quite difficult and if you open the capsule it's quite a bit of taste and he won't eat anything so I'm not yet figured out how to give him these but that's another option and that I believe has worked for a lot of other people I'll link them for you below that if you need an adapter spray and I think some I've already gotten his axle a few infuser no diffuser what an adaptil diffuser in the hoard and he said well that's right it's great that you've got the adaptil diffuser expect but I would add in a spray because when the adaptil diffuser it sets it at one level throughout the whole day there were periods of time where Watson was being anxious and so a diffuser whilst it would generally calm him it wouldn't focus on those really anxious times and he said with a spray if you spray it 20 minutes before you're going out it will be at the most potent and it gets a real hit of it and I thought that made total sense the only thing was spraying it then became a cue for me leaving if you see what I mean but that wasn't a problem because what he sent was ignore all of this deep conditioning he said because of the problems I've mentioned he said otherwise you're always going to have to avoid getting your handbag or going through a way of doing any of those things and it's going to make you anxious he said we need to make it that he wants you to leave now bearing in mind he wasn't interested in food as a like I could leave him a call but me leaving he was more focused on that and he said you've got to start with it's really hard to explain but let me tell you exactly what it did so he started off he put what's an in the kitchen and closed security gate and him the trainer and I stood in the hall with treats and what we used work cat sticks these cat sticks that was so soft and easy to break up and they're just like liver or chicken or beef something like that and if you just stood there and he said he is completely staring at you and focused because that gate is there he knows he can't get out who wants to see where are you going so we first before you consider leaf in the house you need to get into a state whereby he could look away from you and he's okay with not focusing on you then you start to move to the side then you start to walk to the door and you do it that way it's not just leaving them in a room for five minutes that kind of thing so we stood staring it and really it took ages and who said he's very very stubborn but it will happen so we just stood for ages notice and Watson stood at this gate staring at me and then just one second who looked at the back door and looked away and we clicked and threw treats into the kitchen and so obviously then clocked that oh okay she's not going anywhere at the moment therefore I can have a tree and it's just me looking away that gets me that tree so the anxiety was lessened from me going away and he became interested in the tree and so it was slow like it took them up but not that slow it didn't take me weeks and weeks it took me a few days to train him that but Watson is a very fast learner I have to sacked in that hour we progressed to mean walking to the door and walking back and then I throw in a treat because he didn't not because he didn't look at me because he didn't bark or anything with me walking to the door and walking back and I could see his brain process and the kind of oceans actually leaving then what we did was have got him into the hall look I remember that that was the second visit or not put him into his bed I told him to stay in his bed and I would walk I didn't even walk all the way to the door the first time I walked a few steps away came back again klicking treated him for staying and so at first you're just getting that association of your okay when you're on your own and I'm around the house to quickly jump to how ended because it's just a progression of that what we eventually did was taught him to play find it when I was leaving so we've all ready to talk taught Watson we had already taught him find it so if you don't know what finder is it's basically you get something like those cat sticks or anything that's tiny little treats and you hide them around the house so I would put them on skirting boards underneath the chair on top of a chair places that he can reach and get to you then give him a little smell of it and you say find it and sort of at first you can help and you can kind of say find it and sort of point but eventually he'll get the game and he absolutely loves the game and find it so what I do now and I just the first time it happened I just couldn't believe how well it worked I rip up pieces of whatever that stick I use little duck treats something like that I will put some in a little box I'll put some along the skirted board I'll put some and a little thing that you roll about and then as I'm leaving and he does get he follows the cues he follows me around getting my coat on etc as I'm leaving I say to find it and then I open the door the first time he did kind of look at the door and you could see he was thinking hmm do I want to find it or do I want to panic about mum leaving but I went out and shut the door without looking at and that was very very key because as I started that the practicing leaving the house seemed centrum you've got to stop eyeballing him you've got to not look back at him you've got to leave as if there's no problem at all and so if I leave don't look at him he I I could see from the camera that I had and that he would look for a minute and then he would like all find it you know and I would sometimes even shout the little looks finds it and he would run up and find it that it just went got better and better since then and it progressed to the last time I left him he he didn't even look back he just I said find it and he was off and he's now not bothered at us leaving sometimes he doesn't even get up from his bed and I never imagined I would be there I really didn't because like I said he was kind of stuck to my side and he would go off into on his own in different rooms when he felt like it but certainly I never thought that would happen ever thought he wouldn't notice me leaving or he'd be okay with me leaving and then progressed further and now when I come home and he doesn't run to the door that was the hard thing as well because you have to ignore them when you come in you've to just do something else first because otherwise you are making a fuss of the fact that you've been away and you're saying oh my god I've been out there in the bad bad world you know and now I'm home thank God so that was very hard the way that I got through that I pretended out on my phone I know it's crazy but it's the only way that I felt not guilty coming in and speaking to him it's treating him a bit like he's human and it's ridiculous but whatever gets you through and so I thought I got my phone and I've come in the door and say hello yeah I know I know in my head if he didn't understand any of it then he would understand that I was on the phone and therefore I couldn't pay attention to him but it meant it no I didn't make a fuss I'd then put the phone down by which time he'd sort of wandered away and stopped jumping up because he'd normally jump up the big waggy tail and everything it was heartbreaking and then I could say hello that's what I did or what we did actually no it was a lot me because careful is obviously out working so it wasn't me that had to practice this and also the interesting thing was when keV used to leave what's then it wasn't really a problem but because keV was working and I was working from home it was me that needed to get to a point where I could leave him and feel okay and not path my anxiety on because otherwise I was just stuck in the house all day and I couldn't even pop to the shops you know literally I never went anywhere in the first couple of months I didn't leave the flippin house and less careful see yeah and even then keV had to hold him because if I left he would pick off and some people believe that it's like he was because I'm so anxious and I am an anxious person which is a big problem that he was worried about me you were never sure is he worried about being alone or is he worried about me out there he can't be there to protect me and so he wants to come with me so that he can protect me or is he worried about being on his own he's certainly not worried about being on his own now and he doesn't seem was worried about me going he does sometimes he is sometimes bothered like if keV and I are walking with him say we're going to the car and I'm going off someone has taken in for a walk he doesn't like it when I live you know but he doesn't it's nowhere near the way that he was before and but I said when keV used to leave him at no problem at all from the very beginning keV has been able to walk out the door without puppey chasing after him I mean maybe the first time happened to chase after him but keV can pretty much leave and I think it's cuz keV is calm and doesn't have that anxiousness about him you know which I found very interesting because clearly it's me that needed the work you know so I hope that that's been helpful to you I really wanted to do this video because I cried so many tears about it I am obsessed with my dog I admit it you know people say to me that I talk about him and treat him like he's a child well I don't have human children he is my fur baby and I don't apologize for treating him as such because I don't do anything to harm him I'm know don't overfeed him or like I've had to go through this period of training him to be okay without me and actually let me tell you something that somebody said that really hit home because the problem was I didn't know at one point I said to my husband I'm just not going to go out it's fine we'll never leave them alone and therefore you won't have to go through this and it's fine you know but I thought well what if I'm ever in hospital or what if I have to go away for whatever reason that's not very fair to him you know something that my neighbor said to me they've also got a dog and dogs are very good friends now they make each other very early on and they're both puppies and they just love each other but she said to me how can you teach Watson that you're going to come back if you never go away and I thought that's so true the big thing for the dog when you're leaving them pop your dog because it doesn't just have to be happy that that suffers from this is that they don't know if you're coming back when you're coming back and if you'll be okay you have to teach them that and you're not only going to teach them that by constantly going away and coming back again when that is going I did that I went you know I didn't immediately after the train arrived leave him for an hour I went sat at my car for five minutes and came back I went for ten minutes I took my laptop with me in fact that edited videos in my car and then I would come back in I used a camcorder like I said or you can use and there's an app called at home video that is really really good if you've got two devices so I use my iPhone with my iPad and that you can talk to them through it as well which I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not but and yeah when she said that to me you know you're not gonna be able to teach him that you're coming back unless you actually leave that really sunk in to me and I thought the right thing to do is to leave him because I was feeling guilty for leaving him and feeling terrible about leaving him in that state and I I felt like I wanted him to understand I don't want to leave you of course I'm coming back there way to teach him you're coming back is to leave him and prove it and come back and everything's okay and nothing happened you know and then do that more and more and they'll realize okay she always comes back you know so I'm really gonna stop rambling now so I'm sure this has been way too long but like I said I was desperate to put this up because it was heartbreaking for me and I didn't feel like anybody really understood I didn't know anybody else that was going through the same thing all the advice wasn't working for me you know people are say giving food and I was like he won't eat food you know and so I just wanted to put this up in the hope that it will help somebody else in that situation so if you've got any questions at all please do leave them in the comments below I have got many many videos of what's and many vlogs of him and like that I will put maybe the beginning or ends maybe when I was talking about I'll put the vlog in so you can see if I still got it of him in his crate although I hate watching it and and how bad he was and that's how he was in fact that was kind of mild the one that I've got on video because he wasn't throwing himself at the bars like he has done in the past that's the other thing if they're in a crate and acting like that they can break their teeth and it is dangerous so thank you very much for watching today I wish you well and I wish you luck with all of your separation anxiety problems that you may

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