The Oklahoma City Bombing: 4 Unanswered Questions

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welcome to the show and thank you for tuning in on April 19 1995 20 years ago this week a man in his late 20s named Timothy McVeigh detonated a fertilizer bomb destroying the Alfred P murrah Federal Building shortly thereafter he was apprehended by an Oklahoma State Trooper during a routine traffic stop and in June of 2001 after a controversial series of legal proceedings McVeigh was executed by lethal injection for a few brief months this would remain the most catastrophic and most recognizable act of terrorism on US soil but decades later two decades later questions about the Oklahoma City bombing remain not just in the minds of people on the fringes of the mainstream media but also for relatives of the victims some federal investigators and even some people who are implicated in the attack here are four of the unanswered questions number one how many people participated in the conspiracy leading to this attack and mind you this is not a theory this is an actual conspiracy in that people participated in secret to do this thing the question is who were these people because you'll see in the original reports there are descriptions of John domes the first John Doe is typically thought to be Timothy McVeigh the second John Doe however that's a very different story and it still hasn't been positively identified there are a couple possibilities there's Kenneth Michael Trent Adu and then there's Richard Lee Guthrie jr. remember those names because they come into play later especially in the second unanswered question the suicides associated with this event there are two that people will tell you are at the very least suspicious one of the first of these was a police officer named Terence Leakey now Terence was a hometown hero during the events of the bombing he was about four blocks away was the first police officer to respond he rescued several people and he wasn't you know a braggart he wasn't super arrogant about this in fact the rumors on the street or were that he really refused to have too much contact with the people he rescued because he was just doing his job on May 8th 1996 he was discovered in a field what people believed happened was this apparently he attempted to slit his wrists and his neck climbed over some barbed wire into a field where he shot himself allegedly he died from a gunshot to the head this was ruled a suicide people who don't buy the official story believe that geeky had some sort of insight that would contradict the official narrative of the bombing second Kenneth Michael Trent to do one of our potential John Doe number twos died in federal custody however the medical examiner called to the scene refused to agree that this was a suicide the body was covered with bruises cuts looked like it had been beaten beforehand and the examiner didn't believe that these were self-inflicted another person who didn't believe this was Trent - duze brother a practicing attorney named Jessie Trent Adu and Jessie will also come into play later in the story three a familiar name that you might remember from the initial proceedings is a guide named terry nichols who helped McVeigh build the bomb and assisted McVeigh with a couple of other pieces leading up to the bombing but according to him he didn't know exactly what was being planned and we're probably not going to find out all of Nicholls side of the story because according to him he's been repeatedly denied access to journalists to sending outside mail it's been interfered with he contacted the lawyer we just mentioned jessie trend to do because he said that he had proof or evidence or he had testimony that there was a high-ranking official of some sort directing McVeigh toward this attack now at this juncture we should point out in all fairness that it is not uncommon for people who are imprisoned to seek outside help and to say that they have more information that didn't come out at the time of their original trial this happens often with many sorts of convicts and many sorts of crimes forth and perhaps the most disturbing concerns the ATF and the FBI and this leads into this hole who is the high-ranking official that is Terry Nichols guys talking about well at the time the ATF and the FBI despite being arms of the same government we're at loggerheads and we're not friends their communication was very poor and this has led people to wonder if there was a compartmentalization of information where you know the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing so this is a valid question how much did the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms know about the possibility of an impending attack and how much or how little did they tell the FBI for people who don't believe the official story of the Oklahoma City bombing one of their own answer questions would be why were there no ATF agents injured in the attack if the ATF was the target of this attack on the Murrah Building there is some stuff that happens early in the new cycle about this event that muddies the water here because there were claims that two agents were injured then there were claims that four agents were injured one agent was apparently injured in an elevator shaft however one of the relatives of a victim of the attacks delved into this a little bit deeper with the help of an investigator and they contacted the elevator company who said that story just wasn't true the elevator company checked everything there was no elevator in freefall there was no one injured in a shaft it didn't happen and this story disappeared from the news so within this realm of allegation these allegations of a cover-up we see two sort of diverging theories here and one of these diverging theories is that there was a cover-up after the fact of bungling right cover-up of a a lack of communication due to departmental rivalries or agency rivalries which is possible but the second idea and perhaps the more disturbing idea ties into what we've been covering this week the idea of a false flag operation the idea that someone or some faction in the US government worked purposefully to have an attack like this take place or like you will see in our earlier episode on is the FBI manufacturing terrorists somehow put these people put McVeigh and the people he was in contact with in touch with the techniques expertise and equipment that they would need to successfully carry something like this out at this point it's unknown if these questions will ever be answered to the satisfaction of the people raising them and we have to say that legally when in the official US court system they have ruled that Timothy McVeigh was responsible with the help of Terry Nichols maybe not knowing entirely what he was getting involved with but as far as they're concerned that is a case closed situation what do you think do you think that the official story of the Oklahoma City bombing has been told in truth or in full detail is it the truth told slant like that old Emily Dickinson poem we'd like to hear your thoughts in the comments below and we'd like to hear if you have any other unanswered questions about this or other terrorist events do you think it was a false flag do you think that these ideas of false flags are just fear mongering and sensationalism tosses alike subscribe if you haven't yet share with your friends and if you would like much more information then check out this week's audio podcast on the Oklahoma City bombing over its stuff they don't

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- The Oklahoma City Bombing: 4 Unanswered Questions

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