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what up YouTube I'll be what 450 and I'm at Darfur 1:9 yep and we are trapper react right now about to react to the top 10 anime characters who could destroy the world so let's get into it blowing up the planet yeah piece of cake it's like sending an elephant to step on an end the title of gold saint is supposed to carry a sense of pride with it welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 anime characters who could destroy the world we publish new videos every day so be sure to subscribe for more great content for this list we're looking at the heroes and villains who are so strong that if they wanted to they could and in some cases have destroyed the earth prepare yourself for a few cosmic booms and spoilers down the line [Applause] over 10 come eat ng Tenchi Muyo series what is your main reason for living my reason a whole harem of alien gills as well as turning out to be the reincarnation of God now you're just being greedy Tenchi well not exactly the face that comes to mind when you think planet Buster Tenchi nonetheless has such divine power inside him then a few occasions that he's ascended into his come II form he's nearly taken all of space and time along with him

we sure he would never purposefully wipe out all of life in the known universe but just in case keep him happy ladies we like living

number nine sailor satin sailor moon series each of these ladies are named after a planet you'd think blowing up one would be a little counterproductive and yet Sailor Saturn is the living embodiment of destruction and rebirth

willing to uphold her duty to the end who powers have managed to wipe the floor with many of the Sailor Scouts most fearsome enemies though tragically every time she goes nuclear she risks losing her own life in the process trust us you don't want it to burst out that death ribbon revolution anywhere near you

number 8 the anti spiral gurren lagaan there is nothing special or unique about you fear of the spiral power that leaks in the hearts of mankind gave rise to this creature whose sole goal in life was the eradication of humanity for the greater good of the universe this doesn't stop him from being a colossal tit however one with such godlike power that he can willingly transform his body until he topples world's

which he does forget about destroying one willed this insidious creature is so strong he uses entire galaxies as a means of attack luckily it's nothing a good drilling can't fix number seven miss Oggy come Ogawa medaka box certified sketch don't be fooled by that ugly adorable face of his this natural-born loser could undo every aspect of world piece by piece if he wanted well he has been traditionally known to kill his foes by impaling them with giant screws his deadliest ability is that of all fiction a power that lets him deny reality what you do Costanza what do we mean by this well during a scuffle with the deadly artist as machi kumigar occasionally removed various colors from existence until all that remained was black and white suitable tunisia just imagine where he could go from there number 6 toneri otsutsuki the last narrator of the museum tour sing Italian okay and you could not talk about any hint you couldn't there are plenty of strong Naruto villains who could probably do in the planet if they really put their mind to it but then again none of them tried to literally drop the moon on the world

[Music] with the design to steal hidden answer for himself for some reason about all of humanity in the process this fella nearly succeeded in his mission by using the power of his own ocular ability the tenseigan to send the moon hurdling from orbit and destroy everything beneath it as sannomiya Mullaney skin Okoboji sheet all could occur be she unfortunately all he managed to accomplish in the end of it was to make Naruto and Hinata a Canon pairing number 5 Boris one punch man sure Saitama might be one of the strongest beings in all of anime but it's fair to say in terms of actual intent for mass destruction boris has him beat I was once a traveler exploring the universe ravaging everything in sight while he too eventually fell to the fists of the one punch man Boris was certainly no pushover as he cycled through his various forms he was able to sense Saitama flying to the moon with a single kick and that leaves energy blast that we sure would have carved through the earth if not for our hero

now under II used to be revered as the deadliest being in the cosmos number four psyche the disastrous life of psyche ka Pakistan no come on Reba it's almost like kill me there are psychics and then there's psyche imagine every kind of superpower you can and chances are psyche has it is disposal teleportation telepathy super-strength telekinesis elemental control hypnosis invisibility precognition time manipulation and that's even within putting limits on himself take away his suppressor items that come in the form of shades and antennae and with just a thought psyche can alter the minds of all humanity a stage most kalahasti psychic thank goodness he just wants a simple life filled with coffee jelly number three horror sensei assassination classroom Oh normally when you see a mass of tentacles it means you've stepped into the wrong kind of anime but in this case it's the signature ligament of the world's most unexpected teacher after easily supposedly destroying parts of the moon the entity known as korosensei bounced to destroy the earth unless one of his students manages to stop in even with a cubic unica thus begins the crazy escapades of the single most deadly yet proficient tutor ever one who isn't only great at helping his students overcome personal endeavors but also can fly around at Mach 20 and demolish everything in his path number two everyone except the archer to just limit it to one where to start yeah beerus a god of destruction whose job is to wipe out worlds in order to maintain the balance of the universe then this Frieza it was pretty happy to blow up planet Vegeta and Namek because he don't like it

it took like ten episodes to explode because of fillers everyone's favorite Prince Vegeta remember that time he blew up that bug planet back in his villainous stays booboo sell even Goku has it in him to annihilate everything the exception of course is yam sure Haruhi Suzumiya series with but a single thought this happy-go-lucky high school student can also all of reality all wipe out the universe and it's up to one cynical student and a bunch of supernatural beings to stop her from doing so defying comprehension with the intent of her abilities Haruhi can create alternate realities trap herself and everyone else in a time leap so the same day can repeat 10,000 times and all that's just when she's feeling jolly heaven help us if she gets pissed we should use her gifts from good huh do you agree with our picks check out these other great clips from WatchMojo and subscribe for new videos every day I won't have to use their gifts for good Wow do so much good but that's that I like that concept no because you don't mean later yeah I say that like if people get certain abilities like what would happen if you woke up tomorrow with like these superpowers which would be good or evil like psyche cake and I may look like to cuz he got all these abilities and he's more normal life except for life and that's what I mean like if you had all this power to like destroy the world order a universe like would you you know like how would you conquer the world would you have everybody grab watch off heat would you be a God among me you know especially like are the innocents die no that'd be like yes so yeah I mean like some people probably know good something probably like I'll rule the ball or something you know if they had the power obviously well that was a cool little top team the only thing that stood out to me was of course pickles number three or number two with everyone I think was number two you everyone but young Jeff the image on sue can destroy the work he just thought was a youngster at that point yeah I mean I'm winning but I'm not yeah they can just like do all these different abilities through training and all that stuff and focus and they they change yeah you would think someone like Chris should be able to destroy see even there's his Dragon Ball yeah he has to be at least like like he has to be stronger than what a Super Saiyan was during like fries yeah god I gotta be hopefully baby should be because even the movies not really doing justice even order arcs I should say in Super I mean he was killing them dude yeah exactly he's stronger than us representing was [Music]

that's pointless for me cuz I don't even know that destroy the world of course that's our reaction of course if you enjoyed this video like come subscribe thanks for watching as always

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