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from UFOs to psychic powers and government conspiracies history is riddled with unexplained events you can turn back now or learn the stuff they don't want you to know

here are the facts according to a 2009 poll by the Pew Research Center almost 20% of US adults believe they've encountered a ghost almost 30 percent said they felt in touch with someone from beyond the grave at this point there's no uniformly accepted proof of life after death yet reports of hauntings poltergeists specters and apparitions keep pouring in across the globe skeptics tend to portray those with a belief in ghosts as credulous or misled while those who believe in these Inka poriyal beings often describe skeptics as willfully closed-minded so what's the truth is there an explanation for ghosts here's where it gets crazy possibly in the 1980's a British lecturer and engineering designer named Vic Tandy was working in a medical research laboratory when he had an inexplicable experience he felt he was sweating but cold and the feeling of depression was noticeable but there was also something else it was as though there was something in the room with me the laboratory was about 10 feet wide by 30 feet in length one end was closed off by doors while the other end Hetal window with a cleaning Bay behind it this lab had a reputation for being haunted and people continually reported seeing hearing or feeling strange things while on the grounds while not the type to believe in spooky apparitions Tandy was at a loss to explain the experience until that is he observed a fencing foil vibrating as though on its own power with a few experiments Tandy discovered that there was something else in the lab a sound he could not consciously register what we call sound is a variation in surrounding air pressure and it's often represented as a wave if a book drops from a shelf on the other side of the room the sound wave will travel between the air from the book you it's a traveling wave yet Tandy's lab was permeated by a standing wave which occurs when the sound wave is folded back on itself concentrating its energy in a specific area candy found the vibration to be around eighteen point nine eight Hertz a quick consultation with the labs Foreman revealed that a new fan in the cleaning room was creating the standing wave the sound waves the fan produced with low-frequency functionally inaudible what the frequency itself was the culprit it appears 18 Hertz is approximately the resonant frequency of the human eye if this low frequency wave hits the eyeballs resonant frequency it can cause the Ida vibrate creating a smearing of vision with this in mind the smearing could easily create things that look like shadowy figures additionally whole body vibrations can induce hyperventilation creating a feeling of anxiety and fear similar to that of a panic attack this certainly can't explain every instance of an alleged haunting but it does provide an intriguing explanation for haunted sites around the world and it furthers the debate between the skeptics and the true believers according to many ghost hunters skeptics are willfully close-minded but according to the skeptics some of the so-called ghost hunters are even worse milking personal tragedy for profit in some cases what we call ghosts can be explained just maybe that's something that ghost hunters don't want you to know a lot of people who throw this stuff out with the bathwater and say that no psychic powers are those people may not be aware of the extensive research that has been conducted now most people do know about Project Star Gate which was a real life thing where the United States government paid for research into remote viewing most famously with a fellow named Ingo Swann some people also might know that the USSR and China also conducted research

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While humanity has yet to generate any universally-accepted proof of ghosts or hauntings, millions of people around the world report seeing apparitions or experiencing ghostly encounters every year (and sometimes these events cluster around specific areas). Why? Is there any possible explanation for the purported appearance of ghosts? - Sources & Links:








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