The Hardest Deadlifts Of My Life - feat. KHABIB

by: Alan Thrall

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[Music] got a large iced black coffee no cream and no sugar and it was iced coffee yes all right no Sun I don't know free you anything else yeah is there any way to purchase like a reusable container yeah you want a hot one or you want ice one let's call the iced one I have a regular one or I have one with a mermaid on let's call it the mermaid

bitter is better baby speaking of coffee Joey's that Mary's gonna be in town in about a month he is the co-founder of the McDonald's coffee Club so we're definitely to have some club meetings when he's here yes [Music] before that before [Music] what place is it New York champion John I'm dead looking day you wanna join me yeah that's fine alright I'm gonna make these deadlifts hard today you call that like not stiff leg dead lifts just all back no quads ok how about a deficit too sure my Shane how about that no bail no straps how about weightlifting shoes sure how about fubar what's that from the MB power centre Instagram fubar deadlift training bar make life hard on yourself training pioneers like Paul Anderson knew many years ago that one of the secrets to gaining strength was to make sure a train euless harder not easier while defining the fubar we took all of the qualities that make a deadlift bar or a high-quality barbell easier to lift and did the opposite 1.5 inch diameter no neural no whip textured powder coat 55 pounds this bars diameter challenges your strength from the floor and grip but training load does not become 100% dictated by grip a 2-inch axle [Music] [Applause] [Music] what do you think sucks [Applause] [Music] I'm gonna change to change twelve-and-a-half 25 [Applause] about 50 good enough I'm not gonna get fancy just gonna lay them on [Music]

stop boys please no their 20 each

well that stay there if not won't move on the inside [Music] down J alright John thinks he's a better deadlift than me he's more symmetrical he won't lose the chains so we're trying to same method

[Music] Sam

[Music] I think you should title this video to me the hardest deadlifts of my life but I might change it to the ugliest deadlift session of my life [Music] [Applause] [Music]


yeah Oh John

yeah come on [Music] let's go [Music]

[Music] on a deli like that I'm pulling these as soon as that leaves the ground I want to use my legs so when I'm pulling here I want to push my knees forward can I dance woke up what caught you you were here you went polar then you bent your knees and your knees just tip yeah





all right so for my stiff leg deficit no belt no straps chained in weightlifting shoes deadlift for today how much were we using I have not been counting I'm sure something you're gonna want to know 55 pound bar so this is 3 15 25 35 45 55 3 55 10 pounds more for the bar it's 365 365 455 ish so there you go alright khabib 's going for a single just a deadlift here he's going for 10 on the bar including the foo bar wait 90 pounds and chains 500 pound deadlift come on ah easy okay I'm gonna do a quick instructional portion on how to load how to put chains on a barbell so the way that you commonly see is someone hooking a ball hooking chains up like this to a bar well first off the point of the chains is once there's that's the bottom of the lift there's little to no chain weight and as you stand up and links come off the ground the weight gets heavier and heavier so it's used as an overload movement so if I was doing chain squats you'd be heaviest at the top at the bottom the change DLO the weight is liner out of the bottom and then it gets heavier as you stand up so that's the point same concept just bands it doesn't make too much sense to put the chain weight or the chains right on the bar like this whether you doing squats bench so today we're gonna plug squats because up here yes all the chain weight is is that holding in the bar when you're down at the bottom you're only DLO Dean a handful of links ideally you would have all the chain weight at the top and then no chain weight at the bottom you can get a full effect of the chains also when people put chains directly on the bar like this and they're swinging it makes the look very wobbly maybe you're going for that effect but I usually don't in training I always like to change to be just barely touching the ground at the top that way they're stabilized they don't move around they're up here there's give me a lot of swing around so the chains are kissing the floor like this so instead of doing like this right you have to figure out where your height is at the top where your height is at the bottom and you would take a so this is a to change I fold it up in half and then I grab the center link it's two separate chains and what I would do is put a beam or a carabiner like this and then you use a feeder chain so this would be a smaller change and that's what hooks on to the barbell like this so the heavy chains are dropped down lower now here I don't change drink we've got these from elite ups yes and you can hook two chains up to varying heights so what I would do is hook the chain up like this it'd probably be much lower than that let's say that works for me so when I unwrap the bar so when I unwrap the bar steps back the chain is barely kissing the ground like that there's all the chain waiters on my back and then it's at a good height or when I squat at the bottom there's no chain weight at all so I can get the full effect of the chains I hope that makes sense the Train Unchained coming at you live from unchanged strength

[Music] Stephanie are you excited about the jerk clinic tomorrow a jerk tomorrow will be an aqua mathletics tomorrow for a jerk seminar I'll make a video so stay tuned for that it'll be the next video that comes out see you guys tomorrow and headed to Ockham athletics like I said earlier poor jerk clinic it'll be the next video wait and see how much I jerk I need some help cuz my jerk sucks pause and hold whoa that's it until next time

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