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[Music] yo yo its robo and welcome back to the channel for today today we are going to become a youtuber face second eye I'm making a video right now for YouTube I've got like on this channel I've got like 40,000 subscribers on my minecraft channel I've got like seven hundred and forty thousand subscribers um I already am a youtuber well but check it out this is the you tube tycoon here in roblox and yeah as you can see I've built a couple of things so far and I've been building up my money but here's my little computer it's actually not dissimilar to my computer right now that I'm doing this on mind-blown but uh yeah cuz I've got two monitors and I yet touch the table to collect the cash okay so just like jump on the table okay perfect so I've got a lot of cash right now because I've let it build up I've got 10 G's so let's buy whatever this thing is okay and by silver YouTube dropper look at that that's a nice YouTube play button silver one you get that four hundred thousand subscribers I already have one of those for my other channel but anyway okay let's go what do we got here buy a golden button oh now that is what you want that you get that from 1 million that would be nice um okay so buy a rainbow of Greater for a thousand bucks Oh your rainbows better be good bro you better you better upgrade that good ok so what else can we buy now cuz we do have a lot of money as I said before by beginners weapons stand interesting speed coil mmm I'll take a speed coil alright alright alright ok what's over here first floor walls okay that's a nice upgrade by a door oh very fancy door protect her we're just buying everything right now buy some windows oh this place is looking good okay bye UK you to burst and Auk you to burst and in do others down TDM oh what's up dad we got dad already what's going on and by ethan gamer ethan gamer I thought he was oh yeah okay I don't know that guy's select character or we can like turn into dad ah I wish I was here well Dan has got 15 million subscribers so he's a little bit of a bigger youtuber than I am so okay a bye youtube crates so they're very pretty indeed ado buy a yellow rug not sure why we want to get a rug but I'll take it okay it's just a pathway nice and by stairs interesting and okay we're flying log by YouTube crates again very nice indeed sir okay bye super dropper dropper amazing dropper okay you're gonna pay for that 50 row books my row books are nearly all gone and my toes I might as well just buy it you know it just i just just do it just just get it you know just just get it okay so that's done okay we run out of cash now at gravity coil for fitty and what's over here an epic duck what what is that that is epic I've got a duck scooter right now okay let's make our way outside in this bad boy oh we can't okay wait okay sorry excuse me just just wanna pop outside for just just go for a ride hey guys what's going on just your friendly neighborhood bro po the YouTuber riding around on his duck scooter I think if you run into these YouTube things they give you money let me sleep dude - yeah it does it gives you money I'm just gonna write around get money off these all day dude oh it's really hard to control he's gonna get that one uh-huh okay dude I know you're trying to get it but I want this one oh it's gonna be racing who's gonna get it yes I got it I feel so mean for that guy I'm just going around on my scooter collecting all the money they're not gonna be able to get it cuz oh I'm just I'm too fast for them okay no okay well I'm in the water okay jump out okay where it where is that that's our place there right okay that's scoot over again scoot go I don't have the sound on owner is there let me see says stop music I forgot I was turned to sound on four different types of games I knew yet got one who want to hear that I need to get one of these in real life and duck scooter I love it okay let's get back into our place we should have a lot of money built over by sheiks we haven't collected our money in a long time let me see twenty-two twenty-two thousand boom oh we got twenty four thousand now that's pretty nice cuz I bought like a double up grater as well you guys didn't see that but I did it anyway okay explosive rainbow crossbow get out of town that's sick that is unreal okay what is this this is a just a katana cutting people in half nice okay well the rainbow crossbow is definitely by far the best right now okay what else is over here and ldshadowlady hello ldshadowlady you're looking good congratulations on making this game that's pretty cool so yeah guys congratulations I'm not jealous at all that you guys are there and I'm not okay and by lights excellent is that downstairs finished already Oh guys we're doing good we're like six minutes in and we've got like the whole of downstairs complete and we've got 27,000 to get going on the upstairs alright alright alright okay what's going on up here buy a rug for 12 G's alright what's over here another conveyor I will definitely buy another conveyor I want to make that money make make make it make make that bunny okay what's this a diamond dude sugar button oh my goodness by rainbow crater no problem sir and buy another conveyor over this side oh we are just blazing a trail through this place it is nice okay Ruby youtuber oh my goodness rubies and everything rubies for jiae's you know okay and by advanced weapons stand oh my the green hyper bike oh well we we gotta have a go this thing let me see what this does [Music] look at this thing go oh it's sick okay it's a little bit easier to handle that a doc as well okay well I miss I miss that money thing your own it's pretty sick leaves it leaves a trail and everything wonders that trail kill people okay I'm in the water oh I'll just jumped over the water that's pretty awesome okay so yeah we were getting a lot of stuff this place is pretty it's pretty sick I've got a mitt and so who else are we going to have who's gonna be in the US I might imagine Dennis will be there because he's the biggest roblox youtuber live is so let me see you what's week was skeleton slasher what is that what oh well that makes you fast as well whoa whoa whoa I didn't want to do that that was insane that was crazy those things are the weapons in here pretty sick I mean look at this crossbow yeah that thing is awesome is that a plane to shoot Blaine oh oh that was close hey it's so sick what's that thing in the middle look at that I want to know where I want to investigate what that is I love this Boeing I have to get a few kills with that bow now in a while but let's continue to become a youtuber I know in real life where are you - Berlin roblox we're not a youtuber okay so so much money 50 G's I'm loving this okay I spent like 150 150 row books at the start to get the double-double money which I think was a good idea it was a good idea indeed okay bye rocket launcher we never really liked the rocket launchers but what I didn't even see what that was a rainbow megasaur what was this thing what is that what is that cyclops thing that is so awesome and weird a little bit okay by second for walls in youtuber USA stand touch to remove your hats by Dennis what did I tell you guys I knew he was gonna be here what up Dennis what's going on broski um hey Dennis can I join the pals I can yes I am gonna skyrocket to stardom now guys you you guys were the first to watch me and now that I am joined the pals Dennis oh actually a bird asks for me as Allah sir me Allah can I can I join could I join the pals what does he do meow meow meow meow meow meow yeah okay yeah sweet nice one bro yeah that's pretty sweet okay so I'm proud of the piles now guys that's pretty awesome I'm gonna be doing videos with them all this week grab a juice what's going on bro you you're just crazy you just put stuff in bathtubs all the time yeah that's that's pretty cool a true so plays I don't know Rousseau I don't know him at all okay this what's your select character can I actually become Dennis or what's going on there is that how it works Oh Dennis no I'm Dennis daily I've got sir me as a lot on my shoulder oh my goodness this is okay we'll do what Dennis us hey stir me a lot do you want to go play with sketch and the boys okay sweet bro and look I think I'll go back to being rope oh oh no I can't what nah man okay what is this I didn't even read that yeah by Jeff chorus okay this these are other people this guy's from Poland awesome okay where's oh whoa this dude's from Poland as well I didn't realize Poland have lots of youtubers where are these guys from they're all from Poland what how do you become all of these are you just become the main dude okay cool yeah I like his outfit this guy's awesome I don't know any of these obviously cuz I don't speak Polish but that's pretty cool I didn't know there was lots of Polish youtubers go them go team go team Poland good job okay more crates the grace don't do anything they just sit there and look nice there's three floors oh my goodness okay we're just buying everything is that the second floor complete now as well we are crushing it here today guys this is sick okay let's go down and see what kind of money we've got built up I'd imagine it's good oh we are on Sep okay let's get this 80,000 80,000 sane okay so it's good that I've joined the piles like I mean I'm gonna get so much more views now it's it's gonna be awesome I can't wait and buy another floor what does four floors okay this is getting out of hand our stuff is starting to get expensive as well expert weapons stand a green laser oh yeah that thing is like a one-hitter that's insane what is this buy wings oh my goodness alright it can be fry with these know they're just oh we can fly can we fly no we can't can we no it's just they kind of flap with them they don't really do it and I kind of want to go back to being rope oh okay so I'm doing this I'm doing it there's not many people I can fight in here either I wish it was more people like a fight where does it where does it leave me bring me back to my house bro seriously my hips all the way over there and I have to walk that's devastating seriously okay fine do coming over on his I'm the duck 'mobile what's he doing hey yo Duggar what are you doing man okay I need Windows for my second floor as well guys and I only realized that now we need some windows but I we're flying through this it's really good and also the most amazing news is that Dennis sensor meows Allah told us that we can join the pals so guys we're gonna hit 100,000 subscribers probably in the next day or two which is gonna be amazing that's that's awesome I wish okay let me see second floor windows boom okay that is definitely the second floor done soon let's get back up let's get to the third floor we've got ninety two thousand big ones we're gonna buy some lights we're gonna over here we're gonna buy stairs to floor by walls and buy some windows where's the windows where's the windows yeah what's waste about money's on these crates man there's so many crates I don't want them and by youtubers stand oh there's more youtubers and by Atlanta games don't know who that is brush up on my youtubers scene is there my AK colleagues this guy's from Brazil this dude is from Brazil also these guys are pretty awesome and is this dude from Brazil ah what this is sweet okay there should be an Irish one because there is a lot of us we've got jacksepticeye we've got da he got ahold heart I don't really know how to pronounce his name then you've got like me you've got everybody in the little probe your little Kelly you got a little lizard gaming you got shaggy you got a little dotty with this lots of Irish youtubers but you should definitely put them in here okay Canadians stand okay well is Mitch gonna be in here I know Mitch is a Minecraft youtuber but I suppose okay we were that's it just one who was it pink sheep dude you look awesome you really do I've gotta admit he looks pretty awesome bullet oh and Singapore neon flame good job sir Singapore that's awesome YouTube crates again lemon blur the Philippines youtubers sad or a studio roblox production nice good job sir a lot of my views from my minecraft channel come from the Philippines so thank you sir and and thank you to all your followers cuz a lot of them probably follow me to am Irish out so it's pretty awesome okay so the Netherlands I don't know what is this dude yeah he looks like he's from the Netherlands he's got a funny hat but did whoa his tears got three heads and he's dabbing on his t-shirt he's a hero laser one seven eight five nice he's pretty cool this is awesome and get to learn New Zealand youtubers get to learn all about youtubers right now who is this guy nice job dude you're at your glowy thing is it's lacking you need to sort out your roblox character I don't know if you play roblox but you need to sort it out this guy's just nice he's just like hi I'm wearing an orange sweater and I'm today I'm going to church and then afterwards I'm gonna go have Sunday lunch with my family that's what he loves it okay what else we're running low on cash now super tone Cape I'm putting that on good that's insane I like it yeah what is this oh that's a vicious-looking sword look at that thing whoa that's like something that a demon would have wronged whoa whoa hey Oh makes you like odd it drops swords everywhere that thing is sick oh I have it twice I didn't mean to have a choice okay so what else is in here a radiation wanna and grab it a gravitational radiation hammer what a gravitational what is that thing I don't know what it is but I love it what is insane okay we gotta go back down and we gotta go back down and collect money I'm presuming it's gonna be pretty good okay yeah No thank you sir yeah we've got what do we got 78 70s what was that team doing it's insane I have to put that away for a second okay we've got eighty thousand let's get upstairs and see what 80,000 gets us I really want to finish this dropper now because we mean gone we've got so far I really did not expect to get this far because this is a gigantic tycoon and I suppose because they spent some row books at the start it's what kind of got me going bike very free wait give me a freaking bear now 25,000 for a silver play button look at these things you're insane they're gonna make us lots of money rainbow up creator for 25k oh my goodness we've only got 14 left we're gonna have to go back downstairs in a minute eight thousand four walls will take we definitely don't have enough money okay there's a lot of o+ eight-tails and four crates no we don't want rights by conveyor by YouTube creates by Denis leaderboard what is that I don't know but it's got Dennis's name on it so it must be good okay so yeah guys this is pretty sick I'm gonna wait I think for the money to build up till I have loads of money so I can finish this Tycoon because it's gigantic and we're pretty close so I'd hate to leave it here without finishing so guys I don't let that money build up and I'll be right back ah guys I am back and as you can see in the top corner here I've got three hundred thousand in cash and over here I've got another eighty-five built up six so we've three hundred and eighty-five thousand bucks right now which is pre colossal an insane amount of money so we should be able to I'm not sure I don't have to I don't even know if this is the last floor but surely it is the last floor if it's not we're probably application okay but I okay twelve thousand for some windows very nice what's over here we have Gus and by a silver play button for $25 play button for 300 diamond play but um that's just so expensive I've got to do it though oh nice a diamond play button ten million subscribers oh my goodness okay bye some walls very good and some more windows and we are running out of money there's another floor notice the roof Oh what was that that is pop I don't even know what we just bought there okay whatever and by floor teleporter oh that's pretty cool a teleport to the second floor nice okay and buy some crates wasting money buy some rugs pretty much a waste of money to Denis leaderboard what what is this it's just just a board with Dennis's face on it that's pretty cool cool man that's that's nice more crates wasting money by another conveyor it was it more dollar than we're gonna be making oh well I underestimated this completely this is this is costing a fortune this is costing a lot of money our money is gone already guys it is God check it out okay but this is the top floor so I'm presuming we are pretty much nearly finished we just okay what's this an obvious HD leaderboard hello mister obvious HD how are you sir you must be the creator of this wonderful place okay a bike or a leaderboard oh he's one of my pals buddies cuz I joined the pals a minute go with Dennis it really happened it did promise okay at floor teleport let's go oh this brings me to the roof there's a roof dish what there's so much I thought I was gonna be able to finish this place is gigantic teleport to the second floor that's it the second Florida it's the roof this place is huge it's humongous I can't believe I really wanted to finish this book come on I mean this is just colossal it's gigantic money is building up pretty quickly but I'm innocent only forever okay eighty thousand I'm not gonna might be able to finish the top floor but not the roof okay well I'll finish the top floor and I see what's going on in the roof and see if we can see if we can finish okay and over here we have to spend thirty five thousand on a super dropper my goodness hey that should mean our money should we let going flying up right now okay and is this the last thing by a coral leaderboard hey Carl what's up bro Ana guava juice leaderboard hi guava there you are in real life looking good brewski and this dude so that is this place is totally finished bar the roof which I'm pretty proud of but at the same time kind of want to finish the roof now - this is a long video guys I hope you're still watching yeah and is it YouTube tower in the middle I definitely should have made this into two videos yep now that I think of it I should have done that interesting is still time can I make this into two videos cuz we're about 25 minutes in so far if I could have back maybe to 20 I'm gonna keep going no it's one video I can't do it okay so let me see what's up top 25 there's so much money no just more leaderboards an alux leaderboard a Jake leaderboard okay it's Ethan granny big granny who's big granny huh never heard of a big granny oh my oh yeah you can take that tower in the middle as well that's pretty sick let's do it up there and it's very Shuman face where'd it go oh that's gonna hit him oh that's right on Oh a little bit further oh yes got him ha ha ha got him yeah what about this dude is he gonna walk right into that no oh but he's a serious jump going on there that's gone again oh that was close I got him ha ha ha getting some cool Sun okay nice buy a hat stand one I don't need any of these things boy next floor oh it's so should have made this into two videos oh my goodness okay but guys I am gonna leave it there for today this place is gigantic and I suppose if you want me to do a second part of this video because they think this does save and you want me to do second part hit it open the comments below and smash that like button let us go for some crazy likes let's get like five hundred to a thousand likes I know that's crazy but just try for me if everybody hits that like button it's do it is doable and also I'm part of the plat piles now so that's awesome it's also a lie but you know well guys please do leave in the comments below if you want me to do the next part in this video because I think there is still a lot to do even though we've done so much already but yeah hit the like button subscribe if you're new notification parenting all that fun stuff but from me from Robo in roblox for today it's a big piece [Music]


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