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he's running he is Oh what good job welcome back eh if you remember we just fell from the cross right here oh I need to find bandages right now waiting gotta me to open your eyes okay so I think last time I said that ooh oh hello sir I don't even have the camera I need some bandages though stay over there sir nice knife threats pick it up stitch it up come on Rob fuck bro really was like this like I said you know it hurt I know it hurt now what I was going to say was I think last time we have played this I said that her Meg who is not a Meg its Vera and tor I think that's just a name y'all corrected me that's all I was thinking of originally so let's go let's go it's not wasting time hello sir stay over there tyre okay hold up and it is real quick I don't know what bro is doing back there but he needs to stay over there it's my gamma to low I can barely see anything oh a backpack sir do you getting some rest what are you okay you're a woman you got breast out so this whole area I'm in right now is not the inheritance this is called the scale and basically I might've missed a note I might have missed a note but these are followers of Nod who were infected with like some type of HPV I'm thinking heartbeat basically not kicked them all out to this just like section of the world and said wait on your scaled Messiah her Mac fare and tour I'm going to keep calling them er mag you know what I'm talking about now they were waiting on the scale Messiah and they thought it was me and they believed it Oh row row your friends here hello friend whoa whoa they see me oh my gosh get that big machete you guys just still a little scared I can tell you're still a pussy he want to fight he es problem Oh Thank You cousin too much noise you're gonna give me card where the do I go crossword three is he gonna give me is your boy on his way over here where does where is he walking to I need I need to go wherever he's going right now this dude's stupid I feel like I need to crawl up that little tube right there he is in the way I'm scared of that do with the knife but fuck it I gotta get packed nigger to me you got enough yeah now I had to look it up but I've seen somebody go through here and then I click it off let's just see what's going on in here I think I missed another bandage back there well there you go there you go I gotta get that real quick I gotta get there real quick okay okay okay I'm not another stay back here what's going on back here here we go here we go okay good progress my lord I was really about to get angry at this game yes yes what is that yeah I can't get my dick in my back all right come on what's that side of my Australian oh oh they're looking for me oh they're looking for me let's keep going they said where's Phil Messiah oh my gosh okay save me let's go all right Becca murse I'm vacuum air cynic okay okay okay okay okay okay we need we need to make moves we need to make moves get it we need to make oh shit Oshin okay okay okay okay okay okay let's get in here let's get in here you don't see us you don't see a thing hopefully you don't look in here if you look in here I'm getting up and getting so goes he look dirty he skills here skill he definitely got hit with some aids like like hello sir like hello sir huh you're not getting me I know is she touched you see his hands he's going through it oh I should have locked myself in here I should've locked myself in here let's get about here right now look it up at Oh block the door he's coming lock the door yes sir don't need it never needed it where's bro at robot to be so pissed I locked him out his own shit oh my gosh hide right here oh oh oh my you'll see his eyes you'll see his eyes his eyes we're a little bit different okay let's go let's go we overstayed our welcome we overstayed our welcome we overstayed our welcome yes sir yes sir oh no oh no no no no oh no no no no no where he quit with it maybe maybe he lost I lost him I lost them no no easy he's an adventurer he's here to find me now was this job give up go back over there chicken chicken little nice nice there you go there go my Pat out of here right there like ll M alright that's enough fun I really is enough of that I don't know I'm gonna say it again later okay let's keep it going good job so far Blake you stayin alive that's what's most important okay second round second round let's climb up and get out here uh-huh don't look down don't look down get up there to safe ground up over I hear a monster belite he probably in his water let's take it Oh Oh get down is he coming over here get down do you need to make water Nick I can hum if you're filming what we all hear the voices come on our Messiah is waiting for us I'll hurt you if I must Nick let's go okay so he saw her max he is really like waiting for me to drown Oh get some air nice yep there go our mech right there

so we read a note last episode about who let's go let's go we don't have time to wait for him to turn back around bandages yes can't carry more okay crooks Oh No here we go with Jessica again coming back earlier what the fuck earlier as in earlier before Jessica's death blade bitch are you talking okay no okay you want to play more hangman um don't don't let me go I'm already knowing I'm a hangman Pro but you want me to find another projector Oh I hit my funny bone with that one that's Martin I'm not gonna lie smart it um why am I playing this game I'm starting to listen to row in that comment like huh this is even fun is it fun is it fun to watch is it I hope good man sniff my ass no say safe suffer suffer the children can you take it with you or you're just supposed to read it read every note okay it left just enough for me to understand what's really poppin you're nice shut up is this door open it's open now it was it was closed earlier okay okay yeah record all of this yup record all of it you're gonna need it for later oh my gosh put on with this room the pregnant get out get out get out run down this hall okay okay okay now and it seems very dark all right Sutter milk lunar Milch still near planning on Wolfenstein 3d get you a new floppy and a game is not for you okay here a cellphone I mean I have a phone where I got to be a cellphone I'm nervous I'm nervous who calling me and the night vision for battery we can get to the phone into second chart we don't get to the fall in another room and this is stupid a little bit hello okay so it's just straight ahead sit in the bathroom madam phone what oh the door this can kind of weird anomalous a real quick hold up so the phone is out here open the door okay oh wow that's another hallway yeah it's definitely down here but let's see if there's batteries my eyes are peeled okay okay we're coming up on it coming up on it I mean I'm gonna need you to do better with your camera hey there hey fellas oh my gosh whoa what the fuck is that y'all hold up oh there for you in fact I don't know you like that I need you to run a lot faster oh my god it just feels oh oh no oh no it's going down right here like this it's going down right here like this y'all I need to find out how to leave because he's terrifying whatever he was I don't need it never needed it but I'm gonna run back to him sir sorry sir it's just not the exit sir I will put these moves on you you dirty ass alien bastard oh my gosh so I got to go back in here and fight him again sorry sir this is terrifying I'm gonna be real and then he's tired okay I still got to answer the phone though I got to answer that phone and he's back here with the phone did y'all see him did y'all really take a good look at him no hello hello hello pick it up hello hello oh thank god you're alive I know to stay calm we're going to get you help we'll get you out of there calm dog Linda I'm the place to hide someplace safe where you can remember the taste of her kiss when you felt her neck break you diseased cocksucker whoa take me out of this world that's all I wanted was just taking out of his world oh oh my gosh oh my gosh what what hello sorry sir sir sir sir you locked every door in the facility sir sir sir oh oh oh he's writing he's writing he's running he is - oh my

he is oh I have to be him I have to be him oh my god this is a boss he is the boss you look around he's the boss II don't look around Oh My lordy Lord here if you yeah yes he is okay he got me he got me a kid he got me a kid did me you got me again she plays your heart oh my he's coming at you like this oh he come neck you like this he coming at you like this can you imagine what do you do what do you go in your inner corner like it's like a look everybody who plays this game start starts to start shitting bricks they start shitting bricks right here oh go up in here

there's multiple there is multiple what is the correct path not so what is your Bible say about these creatures and they don't say nothing I've been every scripture in your Bible talk about eating kid booty that's all you're good for sick sick bastard there's literally nowhere I can go oh I go over I go up and over no I don't I get I just I I die there's the damn Locker there's a damn locker get your shit open get it on look out look at watch that you see how that you switch up oh my gosh it's your wife's inside and I exactly can y'all believe that and then it's safe so watch me action and I'm back out here in this world dirty ass country ass town with big ass not not are you not you haven't even loaded yet you dirty pistol oh my gosh this new this dude not so fat he don't load on time hi you're fat don't low layer there's nothing okay so Laird I also heard the comments Laird was the dude on the very top of her Mac okay so her match clearly isn't who I was talking about I was talking about Farrah and toward Laird is that dude sitting on top and then that big-ass like big Brock he lookin dude I don't know I don't know I don't know what his name is but Laird is him but that's on the very top there's nothing so wretched among the afflict afflicted as self-pity so this is from not okay so this is not - Laird talking shit about him because lair got STDs and I trust you not to allow your satisfaction in such a woman Lee sin is so pity ooh disrespectful if the disciples I have entrusted you to lead are hungry and in pain and afraid it's a necessity of their physical sin in the will of God Wow if you're hungry and in pain and afraid it's necessary because of your sin and it's also the will of God not you're not led by the Almighty you know I send to you all the food and wine that God wants you to have and no more wow I've had visions of this plague worsening of all our suffering reaching a point out which none of us will be able to further endure so rejoice pain comfort that we will soon reach the sender of the suffering and emerge into paradise everlasting if you cannot control your people by your tongue then do so by the fist of your mount old layer-2 mouth ok so you don't have you don't even have a name this is layers mount popa loves you God loves you God will deliver you out not PS I've included a satchel of the salted crickets Nick love Nick so love please see that he gets them and knows they're a gift for me so maybe Nick is a maybe nick is the actual mount and nothing is on the other side I'm guessing ok set us free ad inferi per aspera a bunch of languages I don't know ok let's keep going oh my god close the back let's keep it moving let's keep it moving whoa Nelly whoa Nelly whoa Nelly this game does not let you calm down that's why I hate this bullshit whoa whoa is that Marta Marta Marta Marta if it's the bow and arrows that's usually glares layered and Nick we need to get moving oh my gosh what hit me that he's from oh I'm going to trap I was trapped just now bitch

come on come on we gotta keep moving though we gotta keep moving though oh no no no no I don't even know where I am no this whole house is locked up ruff go back inside go back inside there is no there is no back inside okay I'm learning there is no back inside so let's just we're running all across the edge of Macs we're running across the edge of math because that's what fear does to you you got to find it before thermicon that markiplier bitch you need to do you need to hide you need to hide don't know why you I really don't know why yet come on come on come on whatever happens - it's gonna happen it's gonna happen whoa whoa they're really they're really shooting out here but like they're really firing off oh and then I'm not the window dude for real I think if you go bad I'm out the window oh my god hide hide hide no you can't you can't get under are you you're so such a bitch

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reloaded we're not moving

I don't have the time I don't have the time oh oh my gosh huh you're really trying to track you out here breast breast breast breast set them right there can't L can't tell can't tell let's make moves let's make move let me move let's make move oh my gosh oh my gosh whoa nice slide nice slide nice slide get up stop sliding Jerry there you go there it is there it is there it is oh my gosh Blake let's go they're still shooting they're still shooting they got range they got plenty arrows reload Oh run can I get a second is it breathe that's what they want me to do next oh my gosh sir if I'm supposed to be the scale Messiah why are they trying to kill me so bad a messiah comes to deliver you look you look sick and gross okay okay okay get the bandages though the finish on top is 30s out like some moves on her max back her max back max back yeah her mats back her max back yeah come on come on come on come on make moves make moves if it comes to just okay okay okay

Noemie trip okay okay okay okay keep keep an eye on the prize oh oh oh somebody catch me give you hey hey hahaha the couple is until yesterday the lecture complete and their soup hey hey boarding me up thank you all will have a few new late why are you making all that noise in there so please don't they're completely burying me alive

so so if I'm understanding learning these people are believers or not but not that convince them that the scale Messiah is going to come and tear them up their nasty-ass dirty ass diseases and these motherfuckers think I'm a guy and then come back to life like Jesus himself and save them and up and run get up and run place you have done that for like ten seconds I mean take your ten seconds without air it's a long time it's a long time I'm not trying to downplay him a little bit I was a little bit all right

it record that her Mac is still around he's still around I'm a common by his name Larry is still around because I'm sorry confusing y'all I'm confusing myself what you got to say about this like pieces of my skin stuck in the barbs it was too late to hold her up and I was just a king Oh what are you talking about you like you mix and shit nah no I'm not doing it no he like mixing two two timelines right now you just you just got caught up your skin is still on the bar but you worried about Jessica in your dream world keep up I know I know I know the story confusing but keep up bitch if I have to you have to okay I was buried right here I didn't want me to get up and run this way who would know this here my brother broken okay we're not gonna waste battery on that let's keep going we're gonna be done in a second what a Fathead that's up in here in these woods yeah yeah yeah here we go here we go mr. Pat this is Pat right here I hear him I hear him make moves may move somebody angry you're here you're gonna stand right here inhale Oh ro what the hell is that you are nasty witted get up under there that was my only bandage you dirty ass Oh like I kind of want to go in on people but I can't judge it you clean one woman OH more Scripture more scripture Oh

Oh I need a bandage you don't know who Landis is that we needed we need to preach so are creeps yeah I don't want to get go here we go here we go stand up stand up heel okay so the only the only heal is when mike is really going through oh don't stop Brad crossed off for that that's a setup that's a setup we'll have to set up set up what's not talking about okay okay

what okay I'm like huh you can make that let's see what you got Blake nice nice with ease with ease and grace I like that sorry I had to take the rope off from this pulley because I needed to climb to heaven haha if that bloated easy heal won't give you no more rope you can cut me down and take it back because I expect I'll be he hung himself he hung himself to climb to have and that maybe hung himself um a rope I just need a rope okay let's see what that other notes that rope down that hatch finally wrote me without hope or something yeah I'm sure there is and you need me to go run back and get it and get chased and scared more none of the corpse this here's my brother broken and killed by the tyrant layered in his mount Nick I knew it for wine he spilled because of his missing fingers and no real fault of his own it is terrible unjust and I hope I'm merciful God treats him better oh my gosh everybody lost a damn cotton pickin mine and they asking me to go out here find the rope bring it back drop down okay so how do I get out you want me to hop back across is there a path down you think Blake can make that jump back do you know what we're playing with there we go here we go okay


he knows he knows who I am everybody is calling me Messiah they all know what the deal is I need to hear I need to hear bro coming yes found him found him found the culprit John the culprit no go go go go - okay okay okay be quick with it the quick with it nothing in here for me nothing in here for me but to leave nothing here for believe oh my god oh my god get back in there get back in there get back in there

bro really hop out the window like I'm right here with you this was so I'd like to see this is kind of get this a kind of game play I like to see niggas on edge but to shit bricks look at bro look at bro that's this examine let's examine he's hungry not only is he hungry how is he hungry he's a little disrespectful each other he is kind of scary let me in position I'm trippin he's pretty scary I'm not gonna live where somebody has dirty and scrawny at him he quit he quit he has absolutely nothing to live for but the Messiah he's willing to die for his cause he's an extremist soulless let's go let's get a little extreme let's get a little extreme hello sir hello sir oh there's multiple sir there's multiple service ok ok ok ok ok there's multiple service there's multiple surge that's good there's definitely multiple third that's excellent to know that's excellent enough that's excellent enough no no no no not down now diva is the female version of Osler of a hustler alpha hustler [Music] what the what does that mean what does that mean what did you do that bored go get the rope go get the road from where sir you asking me to run back down past all of them okay now let's see what's going on down here in the city yo y'all got the city lit tonight y'all got the city lit tonight just set the world on fire tonight y'all doing y'all shit just doing y'all shit I'm just hitting at the Rope not doing y'all shit though I'll support it I'll support it good morning oh you better get do who you want to get to you gotta get these moves you better get these moves oh shit he was by the game with these moves till you hit me with his move row if you don't hop over why did why did why did he let that rope swing across the world it's probably back here out last one come on that shit went flying come on what you thought now let's think about this real quick we need to get to that rope we need to get to it regardless of what we're all us of what that do may feel like I need to get down that rope and see what's going on this isn't Marta it's not like you know it's not like it's one-hit-kill I can take a couple punches I know bitch I know bitch I'm not no bitch watch out watch out watch out watch out watch out I was to get the Rope up there what's up there we go give me the rope thank you watch out watch out I matter you Wow let's go let's go watch out watch out I wasn't ready for the move I hate you with the most hate you with the move hey Moe let's go get your Tarzan on Gidget are there not it's a Tarzan on Gidget hard than on come on don't touch me pick up your hands stop me just discuss out of you know

what's going on is that Laird is that later

yes Laird y'all real over please if you go back into dream world i'ma bleep I'm gonna be hot bitch hey thank you

replicas dreaming again wake up keep your eyes open moron listen because I don't know what's out here take a look around observe your environment climb up don't be a dumbass I'll be how do we get over that do we just hop over yes sir open side okay you can't go inside there what's going on on this side of the water and more lights all of the lights uh-huh there we go up in there really get your rest something's up with life I know for a fact like something has to do with life light has like been the theme of this whole game so far when light happens events happen and then when it gets real dark like this uh-huh openness is openness and we're back into school yep you know well Blake I'm gonna buy you some Bulger's do you need some coffee whoa whoa whoa

whoa oh whoa you lucky I'm lucky I'm nice with it you are so lucky I'm nice with a game y'all be tryin to set make this up I swear with it rest for a second they can't come out here they're literally just figments of your imagination Blake when are you going to win you well it can't be with a kandi thickness because they really out here bodying okay you wanted me to run down here okay yeah we got we got to get into school somehow we got to get into school somehow but they're asking me to okay who I was not about to do it I would know what I had to I would have had to what's this right here okay so they're asking me to go through the sewers of the school right now Blake did you want to be a t-shirt for real did you ever graduate no you can't leave the school alone so they're giving me more batteries to stay alive keep to keep my light down here open longer oh my gosh so it's blocked so that was for battery cool that means that there might be another one around here that I can climb through to give me an actual school oh oh here go here go I know it was smart sometimes you just need to validate yourself and nobody has gone validate you which also like yourself I mean I'm ready for whatever okay so I'm not no I'm not no I'm not I'm not ready for whatever I'm ready to make moves I'm ready to make move okay okay is somebody chasing is somebody chasing okay nobody's chasing cool when there's chase I transform that's where I can put it Eggman let's do it don't don't let me go got you whoa whoa is the one time I wish I was I'm gonna be real oh it's getting really cold report it little girl little girl Jessa kosumi Jess all manjar Hey

where the fuck you going Jessica can you hear me and chick um I'm following her do that do that microphone need not uh-huh so artsy sure I'm following into that microphone I can't I can't look I can't look forward

first punch by the one right a flight Jesus came and should my camera is about to die little girl stop running away she means either now she disappeared she disappeared y'all I mean you're sweating like a mug sweating like a mode

like you need some fresh air so bad bitch find a battery though did she lead to anything good she didn't she didn't she all not good at much so I'm gonna be rogue I'm a for air Mac come grab you out this tunnel

yes sir some stairs yes sir like the other side of link got to get to the other side of the leg exactly that's your only purpose right now Blake into the other side of the lake shut up there go there go what is that who is that fucking total water what was that hopefully could row play ugly I got you the perfect angle to start recording that everything else you record it was dead you just saw a man walked into the water so willingly now you want to record what you're recording the still waters what did you just record I'm so curious the lake smelled like chemicals and dead seeds this motherfucker documenting his smells how do you get to the other side of the lake why did that man just go he run across this Beach are we looking for okay I'm not getting in that water they're asking me to get across the lake yeah I just seen you I just seen you you have something you want to share with me problem you got a boat do you have a bow whoever you where I saw you come open up a little door for me no that's not like that's sound like straight Marta

what what their city is that what is that that's a big-ass building ha ha finally you record something useful what's up buddy what is that tower a radio tower or microwave really civilization maybe for a second I was dumb enough to think I might not die huh

Blake what does that even mean you finally found some civilization and you think you don't die now now we got to get down there we've got to go down there to them and say we'll say hello okay okay this is what we slide down this is what we slide down right here okay okay okay okay oh yeah

oh my god the shadows terrifying now sir okay they are they already know they already know to run for their lives why are they running for theirs oh that's Marta that's Marta what listen what do you what did you just record all the town wrestle don't give a damn about the town let's get it let's get it you Zell up the paddle left and right to steer the rack wade in a walk you really think they don't let me just okay this is crazy how they do in this game look at how soft paddle I'd be in there rolling for my very soul watch out it's a lot of ominous behavior this is very ominous behavior if they somehow let me get all the way over there I'm in for it I'm in for it I'm gonna be real okay the fog is here the fog is here and I'm a little lost the fog is here and I'm a little lost we just can't we just don't keep on rowing way you look behind you wade in the water I wait it's getting brighter okay look you're all more light more like watch me go right back why should we go right back to Jessica with all this light ah ha ha oh yeah yep and it's their go-to light they're going to light what am i what is that okay whoever it I bought it was wise be in the water licking look at all the fish he just killed their signs your pocalypse hope it god I'm just losing my shit you need to stop using the Lord name in vain I'ma be honest not gonna do a lot worse whoa whoa who is that get off of me get off of me give me a ride get to your rack please your wrap who is that okay that's my legs customized oh let me help you

get up there get up there we don't need help sir play he said let me help you no get back whoever that baldon is likes to help he wants to help me what can you do for me like put your camera down and get to rowing don't be a dumbass I'll let them help you you don't need it don't act like you need it am I even getting closer lay I'm telling you to steer right steer right okay I can't steer left or right anymore so it's got to be a scare coming up put your camera down and start rowing where's the camera down and start rowing what are these these boulders these boulders yep get through get through them Lake row right row right you're a dumbass stop embarrassing me on my channel row left there we go roll left a little bit more there's got to be one of the more Dumber parts of the game I'm gonna be honest it's don't even feel fun it is not even a scare in sight this is a simple gameplay mechanics I'm not trying to point crash bandicoot simply outline you know don't put platformer mechanics in the game where my only objective is a run oh I got me come on come on hop shit disk come on this large is what do you see coming oh my gosh oh no no oh if you love if you'll eat okay

even one basic win closely okay we're back there dig we're militarily an upscale thank you I've had enough of the scale good Christian could talk that she had to die heresy click you want her to have to be my god you on there's no baby I have to would

I'm so glad you said that because I've been trying to put that in the words this whole time I don't know what you're doing anymore I'm glad you get it use up their city yep you got a stick up his butt that's up his butt all these dead corpses okay come on we got to get there though so tell me something Blake you really think that Lin don't have a baby in her stomach even though she told you she had pain not clearly said she had something in her womb and you think when the heretics have hurt that child nothing's going to come out you actually should just let her have the child they won't know they're just going to see a baby what's really the where it's like a happen if not gonna be pissed and you know he got a fight Vail that's let's let's go ahead for right bailing off one on one okay we would picking up speed right now he's picking up speed right now

okay we got to be careful we got to be careful make a goal a blonde cold laugh oh gosh that was clearly supposed to happen shit shit the rest fucks around we'll be there fuck the rap oh you always trying to catch it rap correct oh and you think and you think jumping off and swimming there you'll get you there okay I was about to say that shit going way too fast downstream

motherfucking No what is that how can you look at that and already know what that is like huh Gilda's warning welcome we're all welcome eventually you're weird like you're changing it is so clear you're changing yeah but you aren't the same you are the same motherfucker I used to know bro you're somebody that I used to know ah I said it fun for days nope don't need any more scriptures got enough Scripture yeah I only take so much outlast I'm not coming back to this game until like maybe a movie next week Oh Lin is probably gonna have have this baby because just think about it like not got her pregnant and then everybody who was against not wants his daddy to come out Blake going through his own thing right now like he's dealing with Jessica and like the death of Jessica which I don't understand like why do you have such like why are you crossing over two plots like that like you have not heretics in the scale over here then you have women who got captured but then you have Blake who was after Lynn but Blake and Lynn both are worried about this girl Jessica but even in all of that Blake and Lynn are still trying to solve the murder mystery of Jane Doe so it's like how am I supposed to follow all of these stories and then like they got all these documents aren't supposed to read all these scriptures bro like I didn't I didn't pick up this game to just still be in school I think what I'm enjoying about this game the most is the scares and like how how immersive the environment is not so much to plot cuz like this one is like they take it to a whole nother level so it's gonna be a while before I return to this but I will finish it within next week for sure because I think we're almost done anyway what what what else can happen Lane will get pregnant she gonna had a baby and then uh yeah yeah yeah tada hey knock I'm here that's what the beach yo you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up if you are new please subscribe for daily videos I apologize for not uploading these guys two days I'm here to do this right in the very beginning no I apologize for not uploading these past two days that's not a habit that I want to continue because I really do enjoy uploading every day and I love seeing how it started y'all for my uploads - it's a give-and-take thing right but with that being said how would you feel about double uploads every day because I don't want to flood your timeline which is video game video game video I don't want to feel like I'm doing too much but at the same time I have a lot of free time and I you know between diver Lizzie and releasing people I release you live I don't enjoy having to roast cartoons forever i'ma do goes occasionally but most of my time I would like to stand over here with talkin you know it's just a different vibe over here I'm not even gonna lie to y'all like YouTube definitely playing with every youtubers money so this is just my way of covering my own tracks so I'm able to pay my bills and keep things going in the real world so I can continue to produce content for y'all on here so let me know what your thing it may be like it maybe like a PSN game or like a little filler game earlier in the day and then whatever story where we're continuing would be like around like 5 p.m. PST so like a p.m. on the East Coast for like 5 o'clock out here and it's just a way for us to like like like have a story that were that we're continuing together but then like for newcomers like there's to that game earlier in the day it is probably is gonna be like a random like a crazy taxi typing video we're like I just play whatever and it just brings in a new audience but then like those of us who are like really in this with me the stories that we played through would be later on the day let me know what they are with that being said I love each and every one of you and I'll see you in the

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