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my name is Hannah and this is my no by year

so I'm calling this video my no by year by the numbers and I thought of the idea for this video a couple of months ago I've been planning to do it for the past couple of months and I've been excited about it because I think it's pretty interesting information and it was interesting to kind of calculate it all out add it all up but what I really really wish is that I had thought about this video at the beginning of the year so that I could have kept track of all the numbers in a more precise way from the beginning and so that I could be absolutely sure of all of the numbers but I didn't really think to do that I didn't really plan very well for what my channel would be like at the end of the year and what I would want to do at the end of the year because I started my youtube channel in my know by year at the same time so I didn't know that it was going to grow this much the channel I mean and I didn't really have a sense of how invested I would be in it at this point and how much I would wish that I had kept more careful track of the actual nitty-gritty of how the know by year unfolded in terms of money numbers of products amount of stuff etc I didn't even have the presence of mind to take a picture of my vanity at the beginning of the year so that I could show you guys a before and after of what was a very cluttered and overstuffed space in my house and what is now a relatively organized and not at all overstuffed space in my house I also really wish I had taken a picture of my bathroom shelving before the beginning of the year because there's been an incredibly dramatic change I used to be taking up like two shelves and one of them had this basket that was overflowing with Bath and Body stuff and now I'm down to taking up like half of one little shelf in the bathroom and everything's pretty clear and organized and it doesn't feel so overflowing and claustrophobic anymore it just it feels very tidy and lovely and pleasant and a lot of spaces in my house have changed in that way and I did try to track down some of the numbers that explained those changes but I'm trying to say that taking these numbers trying to track them down and collect them retroactively Lee was not an exact science but I did do my very best and even though I as many of you already know I'm truly terrible at math I double and triple-checked the numbers I used the calculator on my phone and I feel pretty confident that even though I don't think any of these numbers are probably exact down to the one some of them may be but even if they aren't all of them are at least in the ballpark of their reality so we can get a pretty clear sense of the general shape of the way that the numbers of my know by year have shaken down and I was able to come to some pretty interesting numerical conclusions so let's go ahead and get into the meat of the video

so the first thing I did when I sat down to make this list was to go back through all of my empties videos and add up all of my empties and the grand total of the number of empty is that I showed on screen during my know by year is 242 I also went through my declutter videos and I added up the number of items that I decluttered on camera and I pretty much decluttered everything on camera and showed all my empties on camera there might have been a couple here and there that I missed but adding those two totals together my total number of shed items during my no buy year is 319 things so there are 319 objects beauty objects pretty much in my house at the beginning of the year that are now gone either because I decluttered them or because I used them up then I went and counted the number of makeup items that are actually left I counted up every single piece of makeup that I currently own and the total of those items is 212 so I have 212 individual pieces of makeup in my collection I counted palettes as one thing 212 the number of skincare items left in my collection is 37 that's more than I would like it to be I'm still working on whittling that down but that's what it currently is that includes literally every item like every little deluxe sample size of a mask that I'm still trying to get through every single thing it adds up to 37 although I counted all my sheet masks as one I believe the number of bath and body products left in my collection is only three I have used up all of the body washes that I had during the no buy year all of the body soaps with which I entered the year and I repurchased one thing into that category which was a big the biggest size of a lush body wash so I have that body wash and then I have two bottles of lotion with which I started the year both of which are almost finished and I'm trying to get through those so I only have three and that was a pretty bloated category at the beginning of the year that was really interests to add those up and that's how I like it I'm really glad that I only have one body soap and I would like it to stay that way I'm gonna use up this bottle and then I'll buy another one a number of hair products that I currently have though is much bigger it's 20 I counted every single little spray bottle spritz sea salt random tube of stuff that I have and I have 20 things so that's kind of a lot I have been receiving some for some reason a lot of people have given me hair products during the course of the year so I do have kind of maybe more hair products than I would have if I hadn't been receiving gifts this year but for whatever reason for a plethora of reasons I have 20 things in the hair category so the total number of beauty products that are currently in my house that I currently own makeup skincare haircare and bath and body stuff it all adds up to 272 individual items so over the course of the no buy year I shed 319 individual beauty items and I kept 272 so the total all of those items would be 591 which means that my current collection of 272 things is 46 percent of what the total would be if I had for some reason kept all of those items during the course of this year it's a little bit hard to extrapolate what would have happened if I hadn't been on a no buy year and if I hadn't been on YouTube so I did receive some of those things as gifts and some of those gifts came into my life because I'm on YouTube so that skews the numbers a little bit also if I hadn't been on a no buy year I probably still would have finished up some of the things that I finished up but I don't think I would have had nearly as many empties I don't think I would have even come close to having 242 empties in 2018 if I hadn't been on by year because the main reason that I had so many empties was that I was forcing myself to use what I had instead of buying new and exciting things that I would have used in lieu of like the dregs of all of my old stuff so if I hadn't about a no-buy most of the things that were in my empties would still be here it would still be right here in front of me half empty and I would probably also have bought things so I would have added stuff so for all of those reasons it's hard to calculate the exact number but I think that it's safe to say very safe to say that the number of beauty products in my house has shrunk by over 50% of what it was at the beginning of my no by year over 50% of what it was and well over 50% of what it would have been if I hadn't been on a no-buy I wasn't able to calculate the worth of all of my empties this is a question that I've gotten a couple of times over the past month and it's simply because I mean I I was technically able I could have done it but I chose not to do it because looking up the exact price of all 272 products that were in my empties and then adding up all of those numbers together would have honestly taken hours and it's hours that I don't have during this incredibly busy holiday season but we can have some fun extrapolating we can have some fun guessing let's say that the average was $10 like the average empty was worth $10 if that had been true then I would have gone through two thousand four hundred and twenty dollars worth of stuff during my no buy year so some of my empties were minis and deluxe sample sizes and some of them are even little sample packets but overall the ones that weren't were worth way way more than $10 as my stuff my skincare tends to be much more expensive than that so I think that $10 as an average is probably a pretty conservative estimate so if we were to double that and say that the average MD was worth $20 and that means that I would have gone through fourth thousand eight hundred and forty dollars worth of stuff during my no by year and honestly knowing myself and knowing my skincare and knowing kind of the ratio between minis and deluxe samples and full-size products that was in my empties over the course of the year my guess is that it's it's actually more than that but I feel like just looking at what it would have been if it was ten dollars an item and looking at what it would have been if it was twenty dollars an item is quite enough for me I'm ready to stop there I don't have to know the exact number to know that whatever it is it's staggering so let's talk about money and I think my video about what I would have bought during my know by year and these numbers that I can be absolutely sure I saved based on those items I think that that video should have already gone up and I actually think that my skincare video will have already gone up as well so some of this is rehashing information from those videos and kind of putting it in context with itself oh actually this is new information for you guys the amount spent on replacements this is the total amount spent on replacements so I looked at my total spend at Sephora and then I subtracted what I had spent on gifts for other people at Sephora but then I actually went through all of my other purchases I went through my inbox I went through my Amazon order history I hope I got everything but I calculated that the total amount that I spent just replacing my staple items within the confines of my rules during the no buy year was 1135 dollars and what's really interesting about this is that the vast majority of that amount of money was spent during the first half of the year because when I filmed my video about how I had already made the IB Rouge I had spent I think around 700 or 750 dollars on myself at Sephora and then the rest of the way to the thousand dollars that you have to spend to make Rouge had been spent on other people so I know that at the very least by halfway through the year when I filmed that video I had spent around seven hundred dollars then I also know that I had placed a bunch of Amazon orders I had replaced other things that didn't come from Sephora at that moment during the course of the year as well so I'm guessing that at the very least $800 if not closer to $900 of my replacements spend had already been spent at halfway through the year and what that means if you look at my total spent on replacements over the course of the whole year was that I went on during the second half of the no buy year to only spend 250 maybe 300 dollars on replacements so my behavior changed dramatically in terms of what I was willing to spend on my replacement items so I'm throwing in a number from a different video which was the one where I look at all the makeup that I would have purchased the minimum amount that I know I would have spent on extraneous makeup items over the course of the year was eight hundred and sixty six dollars the amount that I would have spent on skincare that's also coming from another video from the video about skincare and in that video I calculated what my skincare routine was worth per year at the beginning of the know by year if I had continued on with that extremely expensive skincare routine I would have spent an estimate of two thousand six hundred and thirty four dollars on skincare during the year of 2018 and if you look at the roughly nine hundred dollars that I had spent by halfway through the year you can see that I was actually kind of on track to do that so the numbers do make sense with each other so if you add all of that up the total minimum amount I'm sure I wouldn't spent on beauty and I say minimum amount because I'm sure that there are things that I didn't know that I would have bought if I hadn't been on a no buy but the total minimum amount that I'm absolutely sure I would have spent is three thousand five hundred dollars and if you subtract what I did spend from that that means that the absolute minimum amount I can confidently say that I saved just on beauty products over the course of the year is 2000 three hundred and sixty-five dollars so also in that video about what I have bought I ran through a quick list of things off the top of my head that I remember wishing that I could buy over the course of the year and then I feel pretty much confident that I would have purchased during 2019 if I hadn't been on a no buy things other than beauty so the minimum amount I'm sure I would have spent in other categories besides beauty namely clothing and home wares is one thousand five hundred and forty dollars so if you add that to the amount that I'm sure I would have spent on beauty that means that the total that I would have spent on all categories at the very least is five thousand and forty dollars now I didn't spend any money on other stuff I didn't have a replacements provision for clothing or home wares so the total amount that I spent on clothing during my no buy year is zero dollars and the total amount that I spent on home wares is also zero dollars so if you subtract the total that I actually did spend this year on beauty from the five thousand and forty dollars that I would have spent altogether then the minimum total of what I saved on all stuff all categories because of the no buy is three thousand nine hundred and five dollars so almost four thousand dollars saved for sure so those are all the numbers that I calculated and recorded and fast out in regards to all of the stuff that I bought and didn't buy and all of the stuff that I'm sure I would have bought and the number of things that I had in my house and that I kicked out of my house and that I used up during the course of the no buy here again it's not an exact science and again I want to say that unfortunately and humiliatingly I feel like I'm being quite conservative with these calculations and at every turn if I had a chance to overestimate or underestimate how many things I had or how much money I would have spent or all of that stuff I always underestimated because I want to make sure that what I'm reporting is something I can be sure is true but I'm equally sure that those numbers the reality of those numbers and the reality of what they would have been in a different year are all higher it's it's all higher than what I'm actually saying so so I think it can be sure and feel glad that I saved a minimum of four thousand dollars this year on stuff but I'm also aware that I'm I actually saved more than that and even more importantly than that perhaps I saved myself from credit card debt because as I said in my video about skincare I don't have four thousand dollars right now I didn't make a lot of money this year we have a small business that we just moved to a big city and I don't have much spending money so where would those four thousand dollars have come from it wouldn't it would have it would be debt I would be that far in debt right now and I would have four thousand dollars worth of stuff that I couldn't afford to buy in my little apartment right now surrounding me I absolutely would I've never thought about it that way until just now know by year for the win so for the last part of this video I thought I would do something that I actually don't see very often if ever on YouTube which is to share with you the numbers the behind the scenes numbers of my youtube channel over the course of this year this was my first year on YouTube and I was able to monetize my channel about halfway through the year you can monetize your channel I think when you have 1,000 subscribers or more and I think it's something like 4,000 watch hours and when I got to that point I monetized my channel and I started making Adsense revenue now it is extremely difficult if not impossible to predict or track or even to understand Adsense revenue and how it works and that's because advertisers pay to put their ad in front of the video and they basically vie for position it's kind of like an auction system so for example when I've looked into the behind the scenes the back end of my YouTube channel I've looked at individual videos and looked at how much those individual videos have made in Adsense revenue and even though Adsense is related to views so youtubers get paid according to how many views each video gets it has nothing to do with subscribers it's all about the views so even though that's true I have some videos that have more views than other videos but have made less money in terms of Adsense even though they were posted on my channel around the same time and that's because for some reason advertisers are willing to pay more for that second video so for some reason I made more per click on that video than I did on the first video even though the first one got more views and I have no idea what those factors are I don't understand the algorithm I don't understand what advertisers do and don't want to pay for it also has something to do with time of year what day of the week it is maybe what time of day it is I don't know there's all of this mystery surrounding how the money comes through on YouTube and for that reason it's really difficult to sort of talk about how much a youtuber in my situation is making and why but I'm gonna do my best to break down some of the numbers for you and to kind of give you a general picture of what it is like to start a YouTube channel that goes relatively well or that grows at the rate that mine grew this year and what that actually looks like in terms of hours of work and what that actually looks like in terms of investment and pay just warning you it's a little grim but it will be looking up in 2019 for me so before I start this is definitely not how it is for all youtubers during their first year some youtubers do spectacularly better than I did some don't do as well and there are so many factors are so many variables that it's really hard to know it's don't take what I'm about to say and apply it to other people because it just doesn't work that way you can't say Oh Hannah's made X amount and therefore Jacqueline Hill probably makes X amount it's much more complicated than that I'm just telling you about my channel and my experience so I started my channel halfway through January and I've gone for the whole year I was monetized about halfway a year and I committed to posting two videos a week I posted consistently I also often posted a third video especially during the second half of the year so I posted more than two videos per week the total number of YouTube videos that I will have posted by the time this video goes live will be 133 now I'm saying that the average number of hours that I work on each video is 5 it takes me some time to get ready and to get everything together I rarely end up with less than an hour of footage this is just the sad truth for a 20 minute video if I'm ever able to edit it down that short I've almost always filmed for over an hour and that is pretty unique to me a lot of youtubers don't film for that long I'm a talker I'm very careful about the language that I use I am very thorough and I tend to kind of over film and make sure that I have all of the footage that I want to make the video that I'm trying to make if I film for an hour that means that my first pass at editing is at the very least an hour because I have to watch all of that footage but it's longer than an hour because it takes time to kind of cut and paste and chop and do all of the work that you have to do so if I film for an hour then I'm probably taking my first pass through all of that footage for about an hour and a half if not an hour and 45 minutes or two hours then I always take a second pass through my footage and that pass will be longer than whatever the length of the video is so my videos tend to average out around a half hour I would say that second pass is probably going to be 45 minutes to an hour and then I have to do all of the post work so after I upload I'm going through and putting in all of the links for all the things that I talked about in the video putting in the endcard the end screams putting in the cards often I watched the video again one or two times through in order to add in all of that information accurately so five hours per video is actually a pretty conservative estimate and as you know I frequently have videos that are a lot longer than twenty minutes my empties videos for example many of them had two hours of footage when I sat down to edit my hair videos that was like four hours of footage so if it's five hours per video then the total number of hours that I spent working on my videos this year is 665 hours then I had to calculate out my time spent on comment and at this point I'm still answering all my comments and I'm gonna talk about this at the beginning of next year but I'm afraid that that policy is gonna have to change soon because I spend more than an hour a day answering comments and with my life and with my ambitions it's getting to be too much I will still read all of the comments and I will still respond to a lot of them but I think I'm gonna have to change my policy in 2019 but for now I'm seeing it out I'm gonna see you guys through to the end of the year I'm gonna make sure that I respond to every comment through to the end of the year and at this point I'm I'm spending maybe an hour and a half every morning on comments but that has obviously grown over the course of the year I wasn't spending an hour and a half in January February March it got to be about an hour around the middle of the year and then it has kind of incrementally increased since then so this is one of the most gessie of all guesses but I'm kind of guessing that the average number of hours spent on comments per day if you average it out over the whole year is one one hour per day and so I'm putting it out there that I've spent about 350 hours responding to comments and doing other kinds of like maintenance stuff on my youtube channel over the course of this year so if you add that all together the rough total of the amount of time that I've spent working on the channel creating content and responding to comments is 1015 hours in 2018 my total Adsense revenue which I just looked up you can look at your lifetime total of Adsense revenue at this point in the year and today is I'm actually filming this before I'm posting this video so today is December 17th and my total Adsense revenue is one thousand four hundred and sixty eight dollars which a lot of money it's way more than I expected it to be at this moment in the year I had no idea that it would add up like this and Adsense does go up over the holidays because advertisers are paying more to advertise on YouTube videos during the holidays so there's been a little bit of a boost in that over the last yeah like months it's just gotten higher than I expected to be at this point however as much as one thousand four hundred and sixty eight dollars seems to be for a little youtuber in her first year on YouTube if you apply that number to the 1015 hours that I worked over the course of the year to make that money then my hourly wage for work on YouTube this year has been one dollar and 44 cents an hour now of course for the first half of the year my channel wasn't monetized and I was working for for free for nothing and in the second half of the year I started out making much much much less than that per hour and then my hourly wage just technically in terms of when and how I'm getting paid has grown over the course of the second half of the year so it hasn't been one dollar and 44 cents an hour since the beginning but if you're looking at the year as a single unit of work and you're looking at my year on YouTube and my income on YouTube that is about the measure of things however we have not yet taken into account the startup cost for the channel the amount of money that we had to invest for me to even be able to get on here and start doing this in the first place so the total startup cost of the channel and I bought a ring light I bought a camera and then I bought all of the accoutrements Airi to make it work it all added up to one thousand two hundred and sixty nine dollars so so you can see that that one thousand four hundred and sixty eight dollars is really really not gone very far beyond just paying off what it costs for us to and I say us because Joe Joe and I both paid for me to start this channel he's really supportive but you can see that my youtube channel basically only just paid itself off so if you subtract to the amount that we had to invest to start the channel from the total of my Adsense revenue then the actual profit that I've made since the channel paid off its startup costs is 199 dollars and if you divide that out over the 1015 hours that I worked then my net pay has actually been 19 cents an hour for the year now it will obviously look up next year it will get better because now that the channel has paid itself off everything that I make in Adsense is income but it's not going to go up to more than a dollar or two an hour for quite a while yet and again it depends on the video the nature of the video the timing it depends on all these factors over which I have no control and and I actually don't really have all that much understanding about it I do know some I've done some research but it would be too much for me to try to account for that and worry about it and I definitely don't want the knowledge of that to affect my content or to influence the way that I run my channel so I'm just chugging along continuing to post at least two videos per week on my own schedule for my own reasons with my own content but I thought it made sense to share some of these numbers with you guys just to demystify it a little bit and also I don't know it I feel like from the other side YouTube can sometimes seem kind of glamorous and it is very exciting and in many ways very fulfilling but it isn't really glamorous in terms of pay like it just doesn't pay well and I was adding up all the numbers of the year and my no-buy and my no buy on youtube and it seemed like it made sense to add that in it's a passion project and I'm actually very very lucky I feel very very lucky that my channel paid itself off this year I think that's actually probably rather unusual and I'm very surprised that it happened I thought it was going to be well into 2019 before my channel managed to pay off its own startup costs so make what you will of all of that and if you have questions about that please feel free to ask me down below speaking of YouTube I can't helped it close out the video by reporting that as of this filming I have eight thousand four hundred and twenty eight wonderful subscribers which is really exciting all I want for Christmas is nine thousand subscribers and I wrote down the number of subscribers who have emailed me over 50 over 50 of you guys have reached out with beautiful sweet messages to me over the course of this year I went through my inbox counting and I got 250 and I was like I'm just gonna say over fifty because you know it was taking time to go back and go through and that's already an amazing number to me you guys are so wonderful and some of you I think I still have to respond to but don't worry I will get to your emails it's just been such a busy time number of subscribers I've met in person one the wonderful Jennifer and was so lovely number of subscribers who have sent me mail of some kind actual snail mail in the mail I counted it up in my head and I counted the notes here on my mirror and I got to ten but I think I might actually be 11 or 12 so at least ten subscribers have sent me something in the mail which is really special and then the number of other youtubers that I have actually gotten to know whose channels I watch and with whom I have messaged and chatted in some way collaborated with I off the top of my head started adding them up and I I was able to think of more than 20 new friends who are also on this platform and I always used to be a little weirded out when youtubers would say my friend so-and-so and what they would mean was other people on YouTube who they'd actually never met in real life but at this point I can't think of those beautiful people in any other way they are friendships and they are friends and that has all all of it all of you all eight thousand four hundred and twenty eight of you all of you who have emailed me all of you who have sent things to me and all of you who are other content creators with whom I have been able to talk all of that is completely priceless those are numbers that are so much more than the sum of their parts and in spite of the shock of learning that I've been paid 19 cents an hour for a job that I poured over a thousand hours of work into this year it has all been worth it and worth it and worth it a bunch of times over because of those people the people that those numbers represent the know by year has changed my life to the tune of thousands of dollars and a lot of space in my house that I'm able to account for by the numbers but being on YouTube and bringing my note by year to YouTube has changed my life to the tune of thousands of people who I've been able to connect to and that is something that you absolutely can't put a sticker price on or a number on you really can't it's been overwhelmingly wonderful I wouldn't have it any other way I would go back and do it all in a second and I will continue to do it into next year and hopefully beyond that is it thank you so much for watching I hope my math was okay I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope that you will remember to take extra good care of yourself this week so that you can be the most effective version of yourself as you do your work in the world

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